Tuesday Huesday: Sagittarius Astrology Pouch

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Sagittarius Astrology Pouch on the French Bull website | H is for Home

Sagittarius Astrology Pouch: $70, French Bull

What’s your sign? I’m not a big believer in horoscopes (I’m Sagittarius by the way) but I do love some of the art, symbols and illustrations that are inspired by them. In fact, I’ve started a little Pinterest board with ones that I’d gladly give house room!

Wednesday Wish: Decadent working bag

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decadent 104a bag in cognac

Decadent working bag with one pocket in cognac – €382.20

This bag would be my perfect everyday, everywhere bag. The permanent holder of my keys, phone, purse, pen, notepad, sunglasses and all those other myriad ‘necessities’ that lots of women seem to have.

It’s a gorgeous colour; immaculately restrained in its design; not too big… not too small… just right!

It has a hefty (to me anyway) price tag, but looks like it’s built to last a lifetime. I think it would be a great fashion investment!