Galvanised Garden

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stacks of of vintage galvanised zinc florist's pots

We’ve just added a dozen of these galvanised metal containers to our garden – the tall shape is a give-away as to their original use.

vintage galvanised zinc florist's pot with drainage holes drilled

They’re actually vintage flower sellers’ tubs that once housed the long stems & blooms. A few holes drilled into the bottom and they were ready for their new role as garden planters.

vintage galvanised zinc florist's pot used to grow herbs

Over the years, we’ve replaced most of our terracotta pots with galvanised containers. We just love the colour of the metal and the small details such as seams & rivets. There’s a great variety in size & shape which makes a collection visually interesting. Dolly tubs, tin baths, water tanks and buckets all make great planters. Another huge advantage is that they don’t break or frost shatter like terracotta and pottery.

collection of vintage galvanised zinc florist's pots used to grow herbs

We decided to grow all our culinary herbs in this batch of pots – and they’ve taken very well to their new homes!

Growing our own

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flat leaf parsley and coriander growing on a windowsill

This year we decided to grow more of our own – and we’ve got no excuse, as Todmorden‘s the home of Incredible Edible.

strawberries growing in a vintage terracotta strawberry pot

We have a variety of crops to look forward to in the coming weeks.

homegrown beetroot in vintage enamel breadbinhomegrown peashoots grown in vintage metal bucket

Most of them are growing in containers as much of our garden is paved with stone cobbles. It also makes protecting them from the ubiquitous slugs & snails much easier.

tomato plants growing in a vintage mini greenhouse

We use lots of the old galvanised metal ‘dolly tubs’, buckets and bins.

courgette flowers in a vintage metal dolly tub

The plants seem to like it!

potato plants overflowing from a vintage metal dolly tub just outside the kitchen doorpink stems of rhubarb growing out of a vintage metal dolly tub

Potatoes, beetroot, carrots, tomatoes, rhubarb, strawberries, broccoli, courgettes, squash, peashoots, salad leaves, a variety of herbs – and yes, those are figs.

tiny fruits growing on a fig tree

There’s still a little room for some flowers.

lilac coloured osteospermum growing in a vintage metal bucket

pink lupins growing in a vintage dolly tubpink lupins growing in a vintage dolly tub

Perennials like the hostas, astilbes and lupins return each year like old friends. Although this year’s harsh winter saw a few losses.

purple lobelia growing in a vintage metal bucket

red geraniums just about ready to flower

To these we add a few annuals – osteospermums,  lobelia and the like.

hosta leaves

pink fox glove about to flower growing next to a giant ribbed terracotta urnyoung purple shoots of astilbe plants

We’ve enjoyed working in the garden this year. We don’t think self-sufficiency is here just yet – but hopefully we’ll reap some rewards!