Get their look: Holiday houseboat

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We have a beautiful holiday houseboat for this week’s Get their look. The constant dreary weather and holiday ads being shown over & over again on television are certainly influencing our recent choices for this particular blog feature. I can’t stop dreaming about getting away to somewhere we’ve not been before… and if it coincided with some sunny weather, that would be a bonus!

Justin regularly says that he could live on a boat, but I always reply that I’d never do it, I need space and would feel trapped and claustrophobic. That was, until I saw this houseboat!

The 4-bedroomed, 2-deck houseboat – named Sturdy – is moored in Bembridge Harbour on the Isle of Wight and is available to rent. The interior is bright, airy and the view is just amazing.

  1. Multicoloured tumblers
  2. Double Paris pendant light, adjustable – glass
  3. Chicago floor lamp, antique copper and gold
  4. Racing green Rangemaster 110
  5. Nordal zinc dining table with mouse legs
  6. Downtown metal chair

Get their look: Holiday houseboat | H is for Home

H is for… Holiday

"H is for Holiday" blog post banner

funky vintage armchairs in our sunny garden

We’re in the middle of a long, dry, sunny spell … by Pennine standards at least!

vintage orange sun lounger

And here’s the ideal thing for this perfect summer holiday weather.

vintage collapsible picnic table & chairs

This fantastic, French 1950s picnic table & chairs has just gone into our pitch at Picture House Antiques.

vintage collapsible picnic table & chairsvintage collapsible picnic table & chairs
vintage collapsible picnic table & chairsvintage collapsible picnic table & chairs

The wooden table collapses to form a carry case – and the metal & canvas chairs fold up inside – great for picnics, camping or in the garden.

And of course you’ll also need picnic blankets, coolers, baskets, indestructible crockery, sun loungers and stuff for the beach.

Check out the Great Outdoors section in our H is for Home web shop for similar stuff.

Winter wonderland

Winter wonderland banner

footprints across a snowy field

Hope you all had a great Christmas.

close up of snow-covered red berries close up of snow-covered black berries

We’ve had picturesque, snowy landscapes in these parts…

cottage on Todmorden Edge in the snow

farm on Todmorden Edge in the snow

looking down on the railway line with grass in the foreground

…this meant lovely walks throughout the holidays…

flock of sheep in a snowy landscape

flock of sheep in a snowy landscape

..with crackling fires, hot tea & mulled wine on our returns home.

Statue of a bird and fir trees in a snowy landscape

It made this year’s Christmas very special.

snow-covered branches

snow-covered trees in Centre Vale Park, Todmorden

We remembered to take our camera out with us quite a lot and captured some of the stunning scenery…

Todmorden Town centre in the snow

snow-covered gravestones in Todmorden Unitarian churchyard

…and we even have a bit of action footage to share with you!!

Thanks for all your support & encouragement throughout 2009.

snow covered seed head and trees in the background

Wishing you all the very best for the year (and decade) ahead.

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