Palaset Treston storage boxes

Vintage Papaset Treston storage boxes | H is for Home

We picked up these fabulous red & white office drawers last week. They’re from the Palaset range designed by Ristomatti Ratia for Treston of Finland in the early 1970s.

Vintage Papaset Treston storage boxes | H is for Home

They come in individual units which slot on top of one another allowing you to customize your own larger system as required. They’re also available in brown, yellow and green colourways. For vinyl junkies out there, the open cubes are the perfect size to accommodate LPs. The modular range was very popular at the time, selling worldwide, but it’s increasingly hard to find these days. We think that there was a later re-launch, but the manufacturer used an inferior plastic and production didn’t last very long.

Vintage Papaset Treston storage boxes | H is for Home

Look out for the early examples. They have real solid weight to them – people often think they’re made of wood when first handled.

Lable on the bottom of a vintage Papaset Treston storage box | H is for Home

In addition to designing office products, Ristomatti Ratia worked on a variety of homewares – fashion accessories too – including spectacles and a best selling shoulder bag. Incidentally, he’s the son of Armi Ratia, née Airaksinen, the founder of Marimekko.

Our Picturehouse Antiques shop space | H is for Home

We’ve put the drawers into shop space number 2. The look of this space changes quite often, but it tends to mix mid century modern design with much older country antiques. It’s certainly quite eclectic at the moment!

Our Picturehouse Antiques shop space | H is for Home

These two stacking units are priced at £195 (ish!) for the pair – ‘collection only’ for these. Drop us a line if you’re interested and would like us to reserve them for you… or, if there’s anything else in the pictures that takes your fancy, we can advise on prices, shipping options if applicable etc.







Price Points: Office wall storage

Office wall storage | H is for Home

We’re currently… slowly… getting our home office spruced up, cleared out and fit for work. We’ll tell you a little bit more about that tomorrow. Anyway, like the rest of of the rooms in our house – we never seem to have enough storage in there.

In the kitchen and bedroom, storage needs are primarily big cupboards and drawers; office requirements are a bit different. Shelving is the main demand with rows of (matching) box files – the tax office demands that self-employed people keep records – bank statements, receipts, invoices and the like – for at least 5 years. Even with a lot being kept online, it’s still a lot of paper to store!

I’ve always liked a tidy desk, free from piles of detritus – it keeps me sane. The best way to achieve this is to keep everything in office wall storage; off the work surface yet still within easy reach. I’d happily give wall space to all three of the modular options above which range from £36 to over £200 for the combinations shown. I love having a visible place for everything, no opening and closing drawer after drawer searching for the paper clips or the stapler, the scissors or the tape measure.

  1. Mystic modular wall storage: £8.99 per module, AliExpress
  2. Urbio Perch Biggy magnetic modules: from £3.82 for a Bitsy Organiser (this combination £94.79), The Container Store
  3. Vitra Uten.Silo by Dorothee Becker from Vitra: £225.25, Clippings

Get their look: Shop owner’s home office

Shop owner's home officecredit

We don’t really have a dedicated work space here at H is for Home – the whole house gets used for various activities! The photo above shows another shop owner’s home office… they seem to keep things a little more contained. It’s the domain of Estela, a Spanish homewares blogger and owner of deco and living.

It is furnished with numerous items available for sale in her shop, all set out in a tidy and uncluttered fashion. There’s ample storage to neatly conceal those mundane requisites of day-to-day business such as paperwork and packaging materials.

The white String modular shelving and cupboards appears to merge into the wall behind it. Keeping the colour palette to white & wood gives the space a simplicity and calmness. The utilitarian trestle table triples up for working, packaging and dining.

With more and more people setting up their own cottage industries and working from home, this space is a real lesson in how a chosen area of your house can not only be multi-functional, but very attractive too.

  1. String shelving
  2. Orla Kiely Scribble pear scrapbook
  3. Bloomingville natural seagrass basket with handles
  4. Recycled demijohn bottle
  5. FLUNS magazine files – 4 pack
  6. KNUFF set of 2 plywood magazine files
  7. GERTON beech table top
  8. FINNVARD trestle table
  9. Wood storage baskets
  10. Hübsch grey chair

Get their look: Shop owner's home office | H is for Home

Essential items to include when designing your home office

All white home office

With the invention of internet and portable computers, working from home is becoming an ever more accessible and popular lifestyle choice. Whether you have decided to run your own business, having a baby or enjoy home comforts far too much, when deciding to work at home it is a good idea to set up a home office which will be your work zone. Below is a list of essential items which should be included when designing your home office.

Laptop, notebook & pen, mobile phone and coffee


Virtually all jobs which require an office environment will require a computer to write documents, access the internet and send emails to clients. A laptop is a good choice, because it will allow you to take the computer out with you if you need to meet clients etc. If you like working on a big screen but are short on cash, instead of splashing out on an expensive desktop computer, why not by a monitor screen which you can link to your laptop, doubling it up as a desktop computer.

Broadband speed test result | H is for Home

High speed internet connection

There is nothing worse than spending hours waiting for web pages to load or media to buffer. Not only can this be frustrating but it is also a huge waste of time which could be put to more effective use. When looking for an internet connection ideal for a home office, wireless, fiberoptik internet is a wise choice for that high speed connection which will allow you to use multiple devices simultaneously. This is ever more important if you have a large family with many people connected at once. Virgin media boasts being one of the fastest internet providers currently.

Ergonomic chair in a home officecredit

Ergonomic office chair and desk

If you are taking working from home seriously, it is likely you will be doing a good 9-5 or similar shift in the home office. Therefore, it is important that you have comfortable, ergonomic working conditions to work in, to increase comfort and reduce physical damage to your body through excessive straining over time. A good place to start is spending some cash on a good quality ergonomic office chair. This will prevent back strain and aches which develop from excessive straining. A large desk, tailored to your height will also prevent hunching which can be bad for posture over time and prevent the development of back problems as you age.

Storing office papers and pens

Organisation equipment

One of the most important tips when running a home office is to ensure it is tidy and organised. A messy environment can be both mentally and physically stressful. Not only will you waste precious time finding important documents and files in a heap of items, but a cluttered work place often leads to a cluttered mindset and therefore you may become less efficient in your job. It is therefore important to install lots of storage units within the office for different items. A few simple, cheap storage units you can buy are filing trays for all your important letters. Ring binders for all your important documents and an online storage account for all your important virtual documents. Dropbox is an online storage provider with a good reputation.


Get their look: Shared office nursery

Shared office nurserycredit

We all have multi-function rooms in our houses. Perhaps it’s a kitchen-diner, kitchen-laundry room or bedroom-study. The room pictured above probably isn’t one that at first you’d think is a good combination, but this shared office nursery works for its owner – and it looks great too.

It’s bright and welcoming; there’s a skilfully achieved, unified look despite the two functions being very different. The colour scheme is calm and natural with subtle flashes of brighter colour for added interest. We love the child-friendly twist on the current trend for taxidermy with the wall-mounted soft toy animal heads. It looks like a very comfortable space for all concerned.

  1. Giant 1 Light Shell pendant
  2. Decorative animal heads
  3. STUVA changing table with 4 drawers
  4. Vintage Kay Bojesen wooden monkey figure
  5. Premium quality New Zealand sheepskin
  6. 3-piece basket set
  7. John Lewis Luke chrome task lamp
  8. Vercoly – Windsor-replica Ercol-style white wooden chair
  9. Baby & Jr. bed, white
  10. Merina glazed white plant pot (H)18cm (Dia)19cm

Get their look: Shared office nursery | H is for Home

Want a home office but have no space? No problem!

bedroom home officecredit

Whether you work from home full time or you’re simply trying to get some extra work done after-hours, a home office can be a perfect solution to balancing your laptop in your knees in front of the TV. But with a severe lack of space in many of our homes, just where can you put one?

Minimalist home office with bookshelvescredit

Maximise the space

If you can’t stretch to occupying one room in your home to transform into your office then keep an eye out for any nooks and crannies that can be the perfect place to get your work done.

Simplicity is key so look for a spot where you can fit a table, your laptop and a couple of drawers. Consider the natural light in a room too – you want to have plenty of natural light whilst you’re at work so look for a space where this is possible.

Eclectic home office with painted grey wallscredit

Build up

Once you’ve identified a spot, build up starting from the walls. Hanging shelves to keep files and folders can help to keep your room from getting cluttered whilst also drawing the eye’s attention towards the walls. Mix it up and hang some decorative objects too, to create a pretty and inviting atmosphere.

To try and use the space effectively think about what you’ll need. If you need a printer and scanner – consider buying a two-in-one to save on space. If you need a filing cabinet – consider wall storage such as magazine racks or display shelving. Do you need a bookcase? Again, consider an attractive bookshelf and only keep the books that you’ve used in the last few months. Any others should be placed in storage, sold or donated to a charity shop. Do you need a table and drawers? Why not consider getting a desk with built in drawer space?

Boho styled home officecredit

Get comfy

Every home office needs a comfy spot – no matter how small. If space allows, try and invest in a super-comfortable, statement armchair to step away from your workload. Having a small space where you can take yourself to is great for concentration and productivity levels.

Plus, it gives you an excuse to take 10 minutes to kick back with a coffee, a book or even a light snooze!

Home office alcove decorated with artworkcredit

Personalise it

Whether you’ve found a space under the stairs, a spot in your bedroom or even an underused corner of the kitchen add some personalisation to your office by hanging a noticeboard on the wall surrounding it to keep any important clippings, events or even your favourite drawing done by your little ones.

If this is your permanent spot, paint the wall in front of your home office with a bright colour. Shades of green, for example, are good for people who work long hours as the colour does not cause fatigue and can help you to remain calm whilst yellow can help to stimulate creativity and encourages optimism.

Don’t forget to add a plant or two. Plants help to increase the air quality around you and can even help to boost your productivity levels. Choose a low maintenance plant such as a spider plant or philodendron as they require less care and attention than others (perfect if you’re too busy!).

How have you incorporated an office into your home? Be sure to let us know and get in touch!