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Forthcoming Attractions: Mid-October 2015

Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

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collection of various vintage homewares

This week’s buys have a distinct vintage industrial and haberdashery feel.

vintage industrial desktop perpetual calendar and vintage dome-faced Smiths wall clock

We’ll start with a couple of office accessories – a Smiths wall clock and perpetual calendar, both with a grey metallic finish. Very cool and masculine!

pair of vintage cane mannequins

Slightly more feminine are these vintage wicker mannequins – useful for crafters of course, but very sculptural as interior decor pieces also.

three pairs of vintage wooden shoe lasts

We always pick up these shoe lasts when we come across them. They come in a variety of styles & shapes which adds interest to a collection – the wood often has a wonderful colour & patina too.

two vintage wooden stools with painted legs and a set of green-painted ladders

Painted furniture is much in evidence this week. The aged duck egg blue of the step ladders is a lovely shade – perhaps a candidate for one of our Home Tones posts!

painted antique pine chest of drawers and vintage industrial Memlite lamp

This workbench light is a classic piece of vintage industrial style – the design, wear and colour all make it very desirable for fans of the look.

detail of vintage industrial Memlite lamp showing makers mark

It was produced in the 1930s era and the Memlite brand is well-regarded by collectors.

painted antique pine chest of drawers and large vintage leather trunk

This Victorian pine chest of drawers is a lovely size and simple style. It’s been over painted, but has aged quite nicely – and the cream colour isn’t bad. We could leave it untouched, strip the paint or distress slightly. Choices, choices!

large vintage leather trunk

No decision required for this vintage travel trunk. It’s going to look gorgeous with a simple bit of wax and leather cream.

large vintage leather trunk showing interior

Wonderfully aged leather, nice metal locks and stud detailing – the interior is so clean & tidy too. It’s a real beauty!

collection of various vintage homewares

Items will be available to buy in our online shop, eBay or antiques centre space in the next few days.

Duckydora dinner party

Tuesday, October 6th, 2015

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Salad and garlic bread served on Duckydora 'Sienna' tableware with 'Florence' tea towel

We’ve just received some lovely Sienna patterned tableware from duckydora.

Duckydora logo on the underside of a 'Sienna' side plate

It was put straight to use that evening as we were having pasta with some garlic bread and salad. It was absolutely perfect for serving.

Slices of garlic bread served on a Duckydora 'Sienna' plate

This range is pared back, clean and simple with a modern, rustic feel. The bowl & plates are glazed terracotta in a lovely, soft baby blue shade – hand decorated with a repeating raindrop pattern. It’s photographed here with the complementing Florence tea towel which adds pretty stylised flowers to the scene.

'Sienna' salad bowl with 'Florence' teatowel

This Sienna tableware is just one of a range of products available at the duckydora website.


Valued possessions

Wednesday, September 23rd, 2015

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Legal & General has published an interesting article on how and why people (under) value their possessions. It makes for interesting and informative reading. Is something of value because of its financial worth, sentimental importance or how useful it is? We’ve given it some thought and have come up with a list of some of our most valued possessions.

Brass vintage lion door knocker

Antique brass door knocker

You’ll see one of our first most valued possessions before you even enter our house. This antique brass door knocker was given to Adelle by her dad when she bought her first flat back in the 1990s. It has travelled the country with us and adorned the front door of every house we’ve owned since then.

Pair of antique leather armchairs in front of the fire

Pair of leather club chairs

We were on the lookout for a pair of vintage leather armchairs for years. It was a case of  ‘right place, right time’ when we eventually found them. We just happened to visit our local antiques centre on the day they came in. We had a budget in mind and the asking price was about one quarter of the figure, so it was an easy decision. We absolutely love them – their style & shape, the colour, the comfort – everything. They’ll be with us for life!

Collection of vintage West German pottery vases

Vintage West German pottery vases

We buy & sell vintage homewares for a living, so have to be strict with ourselves with regards to keeping hold of items. We do live with certain pieces for a while sometimes. Well, we can’t live in an empty house can we? We have small collections dotted about the place – some temporary, some a little more permanent. Mid twentieth century design is an important area for us in terms of collecting, retailing & blogging. We like these 1960s West German vases with their amazing shapes & colours. They went out of fashion for many years, but are quite sought after again these days.

Collection of antique candle dowsers

Antique candle dowsers

It’s not all mid century modern in our house though. We like to mix eras and go for traditional antiques too – their history and previous life is fascinating. This small grouping of candle dowsers look back to a different age when candles would provide the only lighting in the house. It takes a long time to accumulate these rare & unusual objects so they’re very precious to us.

Small antique table

Small antique table

We love country furniture – especially cute pieces such as this little 18th century side table with its richly patinated fruitwood top. They have so much character and their small size makes them very flexible to accommodate in different rooms – and easy to move!

Adelle's collection of vintage handbags

Vintage handbags

Although most of them aren’t worth that much in monetary terms, Adelle would be devastated if anything happened to her vintage handbag collection. You won’t find any of must-have, thousand pound ‘It’ bags here. Each handbag is valued because it was either a birthday or Christmas present, a visual reminder of a day’s shopping in a nice town… or the perfect match for a going-out outfit.

Fudge, our Weimaraner, leaning over a brown cord sofa


Probably our most valued possession – if indeed he would consider himself a ‘possession’. We rescued this handsome young man when he was one year old – and he’s now ten. He hadn’t been socialised with other dogs much when we got him, he acted as if every meal would be his last, he didn’t know that fast moving cars might hurt him, he had separation anxiety, the list goes on. Generally a bit barmy, but we love him to bits!