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Charity Vintage: Hornsea mug collection

Saturday, November 30th, 2013

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vintage Hornsea mug collection
(ends 1 Dec, 2013 20:04:48 GMT)

At the moment we have 1,300 images uploaded to our Flickr photo stream. Currently holding at #6 in popularity is our photo of a collection of Hornsea mugs.

When we saw this collection of Hornsea mugs being sold by and in support of British Heart Foundation* we knew we had to share it with you. The lot is currently at £68, which we think is still a very good price for 8 mugs. There isn’t much time left to bid – just over a day – so if you’re interested you’d better hop to it!

*British Heart Foundation is the nation’s heart charity. They help save lives with information, patient care and pioneering research. With your support, they’re beating heart disease for good.

Forthcoming Attractions: mid June 2012

Sunday, June 17th, 2012

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selection of vintage items to be shortly added to the H is for Home shop including triangular corner shelf unit, desk lamps, bright yellow Habitat floor lamp, 1950s cream coloured storage tins, blue Hornsea ashtray, Hornsea "May" mug, red thermos flask, white Metamec wall clock, stainless steel tea strainer, "Gaybox" wall fitting, orange-handled aluminium colander and Scandinavian salad servers

Here’s a selection of recent vintage homeware purchases heading for our shop.

set of 1950s cream coloured kitchen storage tins with an orange-handled aluminium colander

We regularly come across these vintage aluminium colanders, but not often with groovy orange handles.

detail from a set of 1950s cream coloured kitchen storage tins

There are seven of these vintage metal containers. We think they’ve been repainted at some point – a long time ago and rather expertly it has to be said. The cream & dove grey colour combination is lovely.

vintage op art, red & white Thermos flask and vintage black & white Metamec clock

Next we have this drinks flask produced by Thermos.  So famous are this company for producing vacuum drinks flasks that most people actually call them thermos flasks – in the same way people call vacuum cleaners ‘hoovers’. This is a lovely example dating from the 1960s with a bold, graphic pattern in red & cream.

The clock dates from the same period. It was produced by another famous maker – this time Metamec. They produced this type of clock in many different colourways. They’re also well known for their sculptural starburst clocks.

vintage stainless steel tea strainer

This stainless steel tea strainer was made in Denmark. It’s neat & well designed – ideal if you’re a regular leaf tea drinker.

The Hornsea mug is one of a set celebrating the twelve months of the year. Each one features a couple occupied in typical activities for the month in question e.g. celebrating bonfire night in November, building snowmen in January, dodging rain showers in April and so on. This one’s for March and they’re being blown about in the wind.

blue vintage Hornsea Pottery ashtray

The ashtray‘s also by Hornsea – but a much simpler, geometric repeating pattern this time.

unmatching pair of vintage metal goose necked desk lamps

We have little & large of the desk lamp world. Well, the larger lamp isn’t that big, it’s just that the smaller one is very dinky indeed. They both have a really good mid century modern look. The larger of the two was produced by Anglepoise, the smaller by Tensor.

vintage "Gaybox" wall fitting in its original box

This wooden shelf system is so 1950s…

detail from a vintage "Gaybox" wall fitting in its original box

…not only the shape with its interlocking squares, but also the packaging – and its name of course – the “Gaybox”… wonderful!

vintage triangular corner shelf unit and bright yellow "Bobby" Habitat floor lamp

This corner unit also dates from the 50s – it would sit very nicely with blonde Ercol furniture. The bright yellow floor lamp is a much more recent product. It’s called the ‘Bobby’ lamp and is sold through Habitat.  We bought a pair in a recent house clearance auction. We like the colour, styling and functionality – in fact, Adelle’s been using it all week as her task light of choice for sewing.

set of vintage Danish teak & stainless steel salad servers

Finally, we have these salad servers in teak & stainless steel. These examples date from the 1960s, but are boxed & pristine. Great styling & quality materials – just a lovely piece of classic Danish design for everyday use.

All the items shown will be heading towards the website or antiques centre soon, but feel free to enquire about anything that particularly takes your fancy.

Mug Shots

Friday, May 27th, 2011

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collection of vintage Hornsea Pottery mugs

We posted a blog recently featuring the ‘love mug’ series produced by Hornsea Pottery in the 1970s.

The company is famous for their mugs – so we photographed a few more examples whilst we were sorting through our ‘Hornsea box’.

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with newsprint toucans vintage Hornsea Pottery Libra mug

They feature a vast array of designs and commemorate all manner of events.

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with buildings vintage Hornsea Pottery World's Greatest Fisherman mug

The love mugs were the work of Kenneth Townsend, but the main name associated with Hornsea Pottery is John Clappison. He’s certainly the name that collectors look out for.

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with fish

Some examples are quite rare and attract strong prices.

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug of knight with shield vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with witches

They’re now often kept safe as display pieces and you can understand why. The company has long since closed down, so the number of surviving pieces can only decrease.

You have to be quite brave to use them for your everyday brew…

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with newsprint owls vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with owls

…but if you do, they’re sure to give you a bit of pleasure with every sip.

vintage Hornsea Pottery Aries mug

Justin has his Aries star sign mug. He doesn’t take any notice of his horoscope, but he loves this fabulous design… and being reminded of all of his positive traits at the start of each day!!

Flavour of the Month

Friday, May 20th, 2011

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group of vintage month mugs produced by Hornsea Pottery

We’ve been sorting through a huge box of Hornsea Pottery that lives in our loft.


vintage "April" mug produced by Hornsea Pottery detail from a vintage "April" mug produced by Hornsea Pottery showing sweethearts  on a park bench

Amongst the collection are these fabulous love mugs.

vintage "July" mug produced by Hornsea Pottery detail from a vintage "July" mug produced by Hornsea Pottery showing a man and a mermaid sunbathing

There are 12 great designs – each corresponds to a month of the year and show a young couple in a characteristic scene from that month – bonfire night for November, rain showers for April etc etc.

vintage "November" mug produced by Hornsea Pottery detail from a vintage "November" mug produced by Hornsea Pottery showing a girl pushing a wheelbarrow holding a guy on Fireworks Night

They were designed by Kenneth Townsend for Hornsea Pottery in the 1970s.

vintage "December" mug produced by Hornsea Pottery detail from a vintage "December" mug produced by Hornsea Pottery showing a couple riding a reindeer

We’re adding to the set gradually – an even bigger box might be required… or more shelves!!

You can find out more about Hornsea Love mugs on the official Kenneth Townsend website. Oh, and if you have any Hornsea pottery items, we founded a Hornsea Pottery Collectors group on Flickr that you can sign up to!

X is for… Xmas

Wednesday, December 17th, 2008

Xmas… that’s worked out nicely…

Vintage children building blocks

Vintage biscuit tin

It’s a good job that Christmas is here as we didn’t have any xylophones or x-ray machines for sale!

Vintage 1960s Scandinavian ceramic wall plaque designed by Bjorn Wiinblad

1970s Bernard Buffet print entitled 'Nativity'

X is for Xmas gives us the chance to send all our blog readers seasons greetings…

Vintage 1960s/70s desk calendar manufactured by Park Sherman

Vintage 1970s Hornsea Pottery ‘December’ mug

Vintage Christmas baubles

…and with 2009 approaching, it’s also an opportunity to thank you all for your support & encouragement during our 1st year in business.

Detail from a vintage 1970s linen tea towel entitled 'Noel' by Jonelle

H is for Home is going really well and we’ve thoroughly enjoyed these past few months.

Tall Book of Christmas inside cover

'Christmas Surprise' story from the Tall Book of Christmas

So it’s a happy Christmas to you all – hope you have a fabulous time!

Charles Harper illustrated Christmas recipes

Bill Charmatz illustrated Christmas pudding recipe

Warmest wishes,

Adelle & Justin xx