How to successfully sell your house for cash

How to successfully sell your house for cashcredit

You may, perhaps, have been faced with the situation where you’ve had to quickly sell your house for cash. Sometimes this is the best option for a given set of circumstances. If you’ve ever had to go through selling your house, you’ll be aware of how stressful it can be. There are a few basic principles to follow to make the most of the process of selling your property and keep anxiety to a minimum.

Here are some of the foolproof ways in which you can speed up the selling process and successfully sell your house.

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Have a realistic valuation

One mistake that vendors often make is setting the asking price too high and then lowering it later when they’ve failed to attract prospective buyers. What people often don’t understand when selling their house is the fact that this can ultimately lead to a slower sale and sometimes at a much lower price than first expected. The first 30 days after you put your house on the market is the optimum time that you’ll see most interest and activity. If you’ve initially set the price too high, buyers would choose to stay away assuming that your property is out of their price range or not good value for money.

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Improve your house’s curb appeal

You can improve your property’s curb appeal by adding a few touches here and there to make the exterior of your house more appealing to buyers. Mow the lawn and trim the hedge, put some potted plants on the doorstep, give the front door a wash or a lick of paint and make sure there’s no litter near your front gate. First impressions count and it’s especially important to bear this in mind when trying to sell your property. Prospective buyers are already beginning to form an opinion before they even enter a house. However, curb appeal is just the start.

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Clean and de-clutter

This one should be quite obvious but you’d be surprised how often it’s overlooked. The fewer things there are in an interior, the larger it will appear. Therefore, remove unnecessary things and any excess furniture. Store away things that you’ve added for that personal touch such as family snaps on the mantelpiece, knick-knacks on shelves and children’s artworks on the fridge door. Fold up the laundry and tidy away clothes & shoes into drawers and wardrobes. Make sure the bath and shower are spotless. Creating as blank a canvas as possible is important so that the buyers can envision themselves, their family and their possessions in the house.

If your property really needs help, hire a professional to do a deep clean of the house. If you have an appointment with a viewer, make sure any pets are kept out of the way – take the dog for a walk and make sure the hamster, guinea pig or rabbit is secure in its cage. And, if you do have pets, be aware of any odours that may be present to which you have become immune. The same goes for cooking smells; baking bread and freshly brewed coffee are said to be good for helping to sell your house – not so fry ups or kippers… ditto tobacco smoke. Counteract these by opening some windows, spraying air freshener or lighting a few scented candles or incense.

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Ensure your listing is on all the property portals

Finally, when you’ve decided to sell your house, make sure that it is listed on all the major online property sale portals. Also ask your estate agent to showcase your house on their social media channels. This would increase the chances of your house being noticed and thereby getting sold. Most estate agents have Twitter accounts and Facebook business pages where they publicise their listings.

In addition to all of the above, get all the necessary repairs done before the house goes on to the market. Make sure that your house is as presentable as possible and doesn’t appear to buyers that too much work would be needed after the purchase. This will attract more buyers and your house should sell more quickly and for a better price.


Why selling fast doesn’t mean selling for less

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When we put our homes on the market, we’re met with a mountain of administration to tackle, estate agents to wrestle with and a never-ending cycle of anticipation, offers and fall-throughs. But what if you could speed up the process? And what if you could do so without losing money? It’s certainly possible…

The majority of us sell our homes using estate agents. However, estate agents can cost sellers a lot of money, charging anything from 0.75% to 3.0% of the agreed selling price, plus VAT. So, using the national average charge, selling a £250k home could result in you owing an average fee of £5,400 – all going directly into your estate agent’s pocket.

But, is this a bad thing? Not necessarily. A good estate agent with strong local knowledge, effective communication skills and an ability to negotiate could mean that their fee is money well spent. But, sadly, that’s not true for everyone. Many sellers report feeling dissatisfied with their estate agent’s services, finding that communication often breaks down and that their processes are frustrating. If you feel this way or want to avoid the cost of using a traditional estate agent, there are a number of other routes you could can go down to sell your house fast without losing money…

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Using an online estate agent

Firstly, new homes, old homes, small homes, flats (or any other home for that matter), can be listed on sites such as House Simple, an online estate agent. Due to the fact that online providers like this have fewer overheads than traditional agents, they tend to charge much smaller fees. They’re also able to tap into a huge number of potential buyers, promoting your property across a large marketing network including sites such as Rightmove and Zoopla.

If you’re happy to show potential buyers around your home yourself, and are able to answer questions directly rather than relying on an agent as a middle man, you might be able to sell your house fast, and at a high price. House Simple currently helps sellers achieve 99% of their asking price and find that properties listed through their services take an average of 25 days to sell. Just be sure to research this option thoroughly by reading the small print and using a reputable online vendor – not all online agents are professional or able to secure you a good price.

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Becoming a DIY agent

Alternatively, you could sell your house quickly and cheaply by acting as your own estate agent. Use your local knowledge and take advantage of advertising, social media and word of mouth, photographing your home professionally and listing it on websites like Tepilo or Gumtree before showing prospective buyers around your property. It’s a more labour-intensive option than hiring an estate agent and involves lots of administration and paperwork, and requires excellent negotiation skills… but if you’re good at it, you’ll have full control over the speed of a sale and will be able to save yourself lots of money.