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Habitat kitchen cards

Tuesday, April 7th, 2015

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Vintage uncut Habitat kitchen cards

We bought a batch of 1960s & 70s posters at auction recently. Amongst them was this little gem – well, big gem really! :-)

kitchen cards by Juliet Glynn Smith

It’s a whole set of vintage kitchen cards designed by Juliet Glynn Smith for Habitat. She illustrated their very first catalogue in 1966.

Rear of vintage uncut kitchen cards

They were produced on a big sheet, but as you can see from the back, it looks like they were intended to be cut with a guillotine… then used as individual cards. We wonder how many survive as postcards – and how many still exist as one big sheet. We can’t find any other examples online at all, so we guess not many. Well worth sharing with our readers we thought!

'Feeding swine' vintage Habitat kitchen card 'Hawking' vintage Habitat kitchen card

'Bow and arrow' vintage Habitat kitchen card 'Gathering herbs' vintage Habitat kitchen card

The colours & illustrations are absolutely stunning – part medieval, part 1960s!

Vintage uncut Habitat kitchen cards

The full sheet measures 90cm x 60cm so makes an impressive display… here it is in all its glory!

Charity Vintage: Denmark… a lovely land

Saturday, February 21st, 2015

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'Denmark... a lovely land' vintage children's book

We recently completed our World Dolls Series blog posts. Our series took us to Norway but it didn’t make a detour into any of the neighbouring Scandinavian countries.

Denmark… a lovely land, is set out as ‘a letter from Denmark’. It’s addressed to ‘Nina’ and gives her an insight into the country with the help of a music score, black & white photos and lovely colour illustrations. The book looks to date from the 1950s and was written by Inger Oppenhejm with illustrations by Laus Lauesen.

It’s up for sale by & in support of The Martlets Hospice* at a ‘buy it now’ price of £13.50 with free postage.

*The Martlets Hospice is an independent charity, caring for adults with a life limiting disease where a cure is no longer possible, in the Brighton and Hove area. Specialist palliative care is provided for patients. Support is given to families and carers during the patients’ illness and into bereavement.

World Dolls Series: Norway

Tuesday, January 6th, 2015

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World Dolls Series 'Norway' vintage children's book

We’ve reached Norway in our World Dolls Series – a much-anticipated destination after a tough couple of weeks in Russia and a long trip over.

Front inside cover from World Dolls Series 'Norway' vintage children's book

 There are great illustrations by Frank Bird for this edition.

Asa and Karl, Norway national dolls from World Dolls Series 'Norway' vintage children's book

Our guides are Asa & Karl – a colourful, friendly pair with an unmistakable spring in their step.

Lapp and teepee in World Dolls Series 'Norway' vintage children's book

Karl is a Lapp and hails from the far North so we head there first – the coach has a few more miles to do yet!

Lapps in World Dolls Series 'Norway' vintage children's book

Karl shows us the traditional way of life in Lapland and we meet the lovely reindeer.

Lapp child with reindeer in World Dolls Series 'Norway' vintage children's book

Then it’s back down South…

Fishermen in World Dolls Series 'Norway' vintage children's book

…where we take in the picturesque fishing harbours and get stuck into some cod.

Fishermen and cod in World Dolls Series 'Norway' vintage children's book

Sightseeing in Oslo follows…

Asa, Norway national doll from World Dolls Series 'Norway' vintage children's book

… and some serious R&R in the surrounding forests and on the ski slopes.

Ski jump with reindeer in World Dolls Series 'Norway' vintage children's book

We’ll be naturals before long – we don’t want to get shown up by the local 3-year-olds!

Skiers with reindeer in World Dolls Series 'Norway' vintage children's book

The long, hard graft of that Russian farm is a distant memory.

Mountain village with reindeer in World Dolls Series 'Norway' vintage children's book

We just about squeezed the coach onto the ferry for a trip down the fjords. Simply stunning!

Fiords in World Dolls Series 'Norway' vintage children's book

Thanks Asa & Karl – our spirits are refreshed.

Asa and Karl, Norway national dolls from World Dolls Series 'Norway' vintage children's book

Hopefully we’ll make a trip to Norway in the real world one day – and we pray it looks like Mr Bird’s illustrations! 

Etsy List: Winter Walks

Monday, January 5th, 2015

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'Winter Walks' Etsy List curated by H is for Home

Yesterday saw the end of the Ramblers’ Festival of Winter Walks for another year. And what a glorious winter’s day it was too! Bright sunshine, blue sky and crisp & frosty underfoot. We’ve had a leisurely stroll through Etsy to look at the various representations of this simple pleasure – snow, woodland and dogs feature prominently – our idea of the perfect winter walk!

Winter Walks
Curated by H is for Home

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Maths Class

Wednesday, December 17th, 2014

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'Let's Explore Mathematics' children's book cover

We bet there are quite a few of you out there for whom the words maths class (or double maths!) strikes fear into your hearts.

Number 2 illustration Number 8 illustration

Number 3 illustration Number 6 illustration

Would a gorgeous text book like this have made it any better?

'Let's Explore Mathematics' children's book

How many houses? illustration

We picked it up at the local market recently and were really taken by the interesting exercises set by the author LG Marsh – and even more so by the fabulous illustrations by Chris Hoggett.

Who is the tallest? illustration

How tall? illustration

Let’s Explore Mathematics dates from the 1960s and has a distinctive style from the period.

How much? illustration

Spotting numbers illustration

The graphics are captivating, charming, clever and colourful (how many Cs is that readers?)

Looking for triangles illustration

How many bottles? illustration

 This is Book 1 of 4, so there’s a lovely series to collect. If we have 1 of 4 books, what percentage do we own (stop it now!!)

How many rungs on a ladder? illustration

Eight soldiers illustration

It’s published by A & C Black Ltd; if you’re looking to track down some vintage copies – we noticed that there are a few on eBay & Amazon at the moment.

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