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World Dolls Series: Wales

Sunday, May 11th, 2014

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World Dolls Series: Wales book cover

Our World Dolls Series has reached Wales – The Land of Our Fathers.

World Dolls Series: Wales

Illustrations are by J. Sirr – and they highlight the tradition, scenery & industry of the region.

Bronwen from Wales

Our tour guide is Bronwen, resplendent in her national costume. She’s rightly proud of her national identity & her country’s long history…

Welsh Eisteddfod competition

…and the Welsh tradition of poetry, music, song & dance -  celebrated at the annual Eisteddfod.

Welsh spinner in national costume and spinning wheel in Welsh cottage

She’s also equally proud of her little cottage where she spins wool…

Men and women in Welsh national dress

This is a lovely image – people gathered for a bit of a do – wearing their brightly coloured wools & tall hats.

Ancient Welsh soldiers and castle

The mining industry was still going strong when these little books were written in the 1960s. Alas, we fear it would be impossible to hear miners singing on their way home from work today.

group of Welsh miners

Wales packs so much into a small area. Busy cities, market towns & heavy industry – majestic mountains & ancient wooded valleys – farms & fishing harbours – river estuaries, historical buildings, seaside resorts & stunning beaches.

Welsh Beach

As with all the books in this series, the author Irene Dark and the various illustrators chosen from the Birmingham School of Design do such a great job of capturing the charm & spirit of the country.

Welsh Hills

We’ll be crossing the sea to Ireland for our next trip. See you there!

George Him matchbook

Thursday, March 27th, 2014

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detailed view of a vintage George Him match-book front cover

We’ve tracked down another one of these fabulous & rare, vintage match-books produced for Liberty in the 1960s.

detailed view of a vintage George Him match-book edge showing words '150 CRON MATCHES MADE IN FINLAND | Designed for Liberty of London by vintage George Him

The last example we featured was designed by Miroslav Sasek – this one’s the work of another favourite illustrator, George Him.

vintage George Him match-book front cover

A row of guardsmen provides the inspiration – each with their own unique facial expression & medal collection.

inside view of vintage George Him match-book

The match-book is unused and in very good condition. They really are rare survivors and don’t appear often.

vintage George Him match-book rear cover

We actually had this one sent all the way from America.

collection of vintage London items including vintage Him match-book and London series ceramic tiles designed by Kenneth Townsend

We’ve added it to our collection of quirky London inspired design pieces – they really put a smile on our faces.

Schweppes Christmas

Sunday, December 22nd, 2013

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vintage Schweppes Christmas advertising board

We’ve been digging out our vintage Christmas decorations this week – items that we’ve collected over the past few months & years. They add a vintage touch to the shop-bought baubles, home-made crafty bits and holly we’ve picked on recent walks.

vintage Schweppes Christmas advertising board

This one is a Schweppes advertising sign. You’d never guess – it’s only mentioned a hundred times!

vintage Schweppes Christmas advertising board

It was designed by Herbert Leupin in the 1950s/60s – and takes the form of a Christmas tree incorporating all the various Schweppes labels from the period. We’ll really enjoy having it on display for a couple of weeks.

Vacances Français

Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013

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selection of vintage travel maps of areas of France

We bought some vintage metal filing drawers at auction last month – these lovely vintage travel maps were stored inside.

vintage travel map of the Basque area of France vintage travel map of the Jura area of France
vintage travel map of the Est area of France vintage travel map of the Languedoc area of France

The covers immediately caught our eye, with illustrations by French artist Jean Colin. Born in 1912, he’s best known for his  advertising posters from the mid 20th century. In addition to Shell, he did artwork for many prominent companies such as Cinzano, Air France, Kiwi Shoe Polish, Marchal and Perrier  – and won many awards for his designs.

detail of a vintage travel map of an area of France illustrated with a stork

These Shell guides for various regions of France date from the 1950s/60s.

detail of a vintage travel map showing the area of Montpellier

The maps inside are very attractive too – colourful & detailed, but clear to read.

detail of a vintage travel map of an area of France illustrated with figures of a man and woman

We’d spied them inside the drawers, but a nice little bonus all the same!

Gimme Five! Vintage Yorkshire Moors posters

Friday, October 4th, 2013

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Selection of 5 vintage Yorkshire Moors posters

We live in the midst of the Pennines and the landscapes depicted in these vintage Yorkshire Moors posters surround us. Through the seasons, heather and bracken form an ever-changing carpet of colour – green, gold, purple, brown and yellow!

  1. Yorkshire Moors, LNER by Tom Purvis – from £49.99, AllPosters
  2. Yorkshire Moors, LNER, by Tom Purvis – from £9.99, AllPosters
  3. Moorland Holidays, Yorkshire, by J Symington – from £3.50, Travel Posters Online
  4. To The Moors, Yorkshire, LNER, by Tom Grainger – from £15.00, eBay
  5. LNER to the Moors, The Holiday Handbook – from £6.99, Art247