Home Tones: Indigo

Indigo living roomcredit

While wondering what colour to feature in this week’s Home Tones, I glanced down at my T-shirt… Indigo blue.

One of the seven colours of the rainbow, indigo is a deep, dark blue. It’s the traditional dye used to colour denim or serge de Nîmes to give it its correct term. It’s also used to colour wool, silk and food.

Indigo’s got real impact when it comes to interior decoration – intense and rich. It seems to work very well when it sits against a crisp white in the form of skirting boards, ceiling etc. It also looks fabulous when combined with layers of grey tone or natural wood shades. Successful highlight colours include yellow, pink, gold and other brass like metallics.

Stairway painted in Sanderson Indigocredit

Minimalist home office with indigo painted wallcredit

Indigo kitchen islandcredit

Industrial styled kid's room with indigo painted wallcredit

Traditional styled home office with indigo painted wallscredit

Wet room tiled in indigo mosaiccredit

Indigo kitchen cabinetscredit





Etsy List: True Blue

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'True Blue' Etsy list

We went out for a meal at the weekend with a couple of friends. When they turned up, one of them said to me, “I’ve never seen you wearing blue before”. I thought about it a second and realised that even though we’ve known each other for about 15 years, it was probably true! Other than jeans, I don’t own that many blue items of clothing.

The following day, I thought about it a bit more. I’ve never had a blue interior either. No blue-painted rooms, no blue towels, no blue bedding, no blue pottery or glass, no blue pots & pans. Granted, blue isn’t one of my favourite colours – like purple or orange – but I’ve nothing against it. I love turquoise, royal blue and indigo… sky blue and baby blue, less so.

Perhaps I’d better make up for lost time – there’s so much fabulous blue vintage and interiors stuff out there!

True Blue
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