How to achieve an industrial style in your home

Tripod search light beside a cast iron spiral staircaseAvailable at

Industrial style is a genre that we love! It draws its inspiration from factory and work spaces. It’s is a look with striking accents without the fuss. Features to be found in this type of interior include factory furniture, large lamps, enamel light shades, sturdy iron staircases, practical metal cabinets and bare brick walls.

The basis for any industrial style starts with simplicity; think cool, natural colours such as black, white, grey, army green and brown. Materials such as concrete and stone fit perfectly in an industrial-styled interior and create a more functional, utilitarian space.

Collection of industrial style hexagonal table lampsAvailable at

Anything considered natural or rustic  can complement an industrial-style space. Cast iron, leather, brick and wood would all be suitable. Juxtapose the different elements – a stainless steel dining table against a rough brick wall, a reclaimed wooden kitchen worktop with a concrete splash back or stone flooring with a large, worn leather armchair. Bringing these colours and materials together delivers an exciting and stylish place.

When it comes to pulling this style together, aim for a more Spartan  look. You really can’t go wrong with this, it’s simple and minimal.

Bare brick walls, exposed pipes or wooden beams are the starting point of an industrial space. Not every house can boast rough-hewn brick walls; fake it with textured wallpapers that can imitate the appearance you desire.

Eye-catching, statement pieces of furniture bring together the overall effect. Perhaps a large well-worn Chesterfield leather sofa or a dining table constructed from used scaffolding boards. Remember, the furniture shouldn’t look pristine; the more weathered, battered and patinated the better!

Industrial style copper cage pendant light fittingAvailable at

Complete the transformation with industrial lighting. Picture large, robust lights such as factory lamps hanging from the ceiling – these are instant statement makers. Enamel or brushed metal lamps suspended with chain or thick rope cables are perfect within an industrial-styled interior.

Complement and contrast with the lamps using beautiful and decorative LED filament bulbs, these bulbs are not only energy efficient but they also have a longer life span… and are really on trend at the moment.

Hard surfaces and clean lines will dominate, so perhaps soften spaces with rugs and textiles – or introduce a bit of natural life with indoor plants or fresh flowers.

With all of these tips you can’t go wrong when it comes to creating an industrial style and décor! Once again remember, less is more – and be daring and bold.

Bundle of books giveaway

Bundle of books offered as a competition prize | H is for Home

We’ve got an H is for Home give-away for the month February. It’s been a bit grey, misty and chilly of late – just the weather for hunkering down indoors with a good book. So, we decided to put together a small bundle of books as a competition prize. They’ll be of particular interest to lovers of vintage and home interiors.

Animation of books being given away in H is for Home's February 2017 competition

The books have been sent to us by various authors and publishers to read & review, which we’ve done over recent months and years in our Bookmarks series. There are five books in total, they’ve been well looked after and are all in excellent condition.

You can have a sneek peek of the books we’re offering in the photos and links to the reviews below.

To win the bundle of books, let us know in the comments section at the end of the post how you found out about this competition.

page from The Homemade Home book | H is for Home page from The Homemade Home book | H is for Home
The Homemade Home

page from 'Design Bloggers at Home' book | H is for Home page from 'Design Bloggers at Home' book | H is for Home
Design Bloggers at Home

Page from 'Flea Market Chic' book | H is for Home Page from 'Flea Market Chic' book | H is for Home
Flea Market Chic

Page from 'The Comforts of Home' | H is for Home Page from 'The Comforts of Home' | H is for Home
The Comforts of Home

Collection of interiors books offered as a competition prize | H is for Home

Hopefully, the lucky winner will be able to light the fire, curl up a comfy chair, grab a glass of wine or hot cup of tea… and allow themselves a few moments to browse these lovely books. They should last a few sittings. Good luck!

Bundle of books

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Get their look: Traditional yet modern living room

Traditional yet modern living roomcredit

This is a fairly traditional yet modern living room. It’s look is easily achievable as many of the fixtures and furnishings are available from the high street or retail park. A calm, neutral palette runs from one room to the next. Geometric patterned textiles provide interest and lift to the space.

  1. Large oval mirror
  2. Farrow&Ball Old White 4
  3. Brass and marble desk lamp
  4. Kensal console table by GillmoreSPACE
  5. Zinc: 4 seater sofa
  6. Zinc: pattern large footstool
  7. Zinc: pattern scatter cushion
  8. EKENÄSET armchair
  9. Cast Tec Verona carrara marble fire surround
  10. Cromwell small 16 inch solid fuel fire basket

Get their look: traditional yet modern living room | H is for Home

Updating your home style for the winter months

Winter exterior

A new season is upon us and with it comes the challenge of transforming the home. For a season with a reputation for being boring, winter is often viewed as a tricky month to bring into the home. The blues & greys usually associated with winter are cold and uninviting, but it is possible to emulate the warmth and cosiness and sparkle and glamour of winter. Here are two easy to do themes that are guaranteed to bring a touch of winter beauty and character into your home this Christmas without leaving you shivering.

Living room mantlepiece decorated for wintercredit

Winter wonderland

This winter theme is for those looking to inject a touch of class, sophistication and glamour into your home. It’s all about silver colours and sparkle, emulating the sparkle of the frost and the snow and capturing the sparkling beauty of the frosty winter months (not the cold, though!).

  1. The living room

Turn your living room into a winter wonderland by swapping your centre light for a beautiful chandelier. Get some gorgeous sparkly candle holders, light some scented candles and watch the light dance off the crystals. Silver scatter cushions with plenty of sparkles are great for creating a cosy, winter-themed sofa. Instead of bright lights this winter, use candles and lamps to create warmth.

  1. The bedroom

Snuggle into your very own winter wonderland. Swap drab boring furniture for beautiful mirrored furniture. There’s plenty of different styles to choose from – plain glass, or smoky coloured, depending on your style. Swap your bedspread for something glittering and beautiful. You don’t have to stick silvers and greys either; rich purples and royal reds also ooze winter sophistication. There are plenty of places to find bedspreads, including JD Williams.

Winter log cabin

Rustic log cabin

If you’d prefer a more home-made, cosy winter feel, the log-cabin theme is the one for you. It’s all about rustic colours, mismatched furniture, dim lights and rustic fashion.

  1. The living room

Swap heavy lights for lamps and candles to create a cosy, warm, rustic hue this winter. Snuggle up on a sofa that’s covered in comfy scatter cushions. There are plenty available this season in reds, greens and oranges – all with beautiful patchwork patterns or reindeer images. Nature themes are great for this time of year. The more handmade, the better. Drape a patchwork blanket over the sofa, ready to grab and snuggle underneath on those cold nights. Drape some multi-coloured lights across door frames and windowsills to capture the festivities of the season and add some much-needed colour and warmth to what would otherwise be a drab and cold winter.

  1. The bedroom

Carry on the theme of mismatched and rustic style into the bedroom by investing in a patchwork quilt, knitted throw and heavy curtains to block out the cold air. The best colours for the bedroom to instil warmth this season are reds and oranges. Candles and lamps create a beautifully warm and inviting glow. Christmas decorations are usually reserved for downstairs, but a couple of carefully draped strings of fairy lights will set off any bedroom. Swap modern furniture for antique pine to really create the feeling of a log cabin.


How to introduce a taste of the exotic to your home

Eclectic bedroomcredit

Who doesn’t love travelling, seeing the world and learning about other cultures and customs? When you’ve arrived back home you may want to incorporate your exotic experiences into your home décor. Here are a few of our tips for doing just that.

Have faraway dreams

You may have returned home, back to your everyday lives, but you can always go to sleep and dream about your past adventures. Envelop yourself in beautiful, bohemian bedding like this duvet set pictured below from Vaulia.

Exotic duvet set available from Vaulia

Turn your bathroom into a tropical rainforest

The bathroom is where you go to wash away the stresses of the day and recharge your batteries. Fill the space with lush, architectural plants. Many exotic, tropical plants will thrive in a warm, damp bathroom environment – even where there’s little sunlight. Try growing ferns, orchids and small bamboos to create your own tropical rainforest.

Roll-top bath surrounded by tropical plantscredit

Wall to wall paradise

Wallpaper is a great way of updating the feel of a room. Bold, bright, sumptuous prints incorporating exotic birds, flowers, plants – and in this case – palm trees introduce an equatorial ambiance.

Palm tree print wallpapercredit

Map the world

We all have a wish list of places we’d like to visit before we die. Hang a large world map on your wall and stick pins into the countries & cities where you want to holiday. You could also attach snaps, postcards, ticket stubs and the like to the places you’ve already been as a reminder of past good times. We love the idea of this DIY project below where a string of fairy lights has been used to illuminate spots on a map where the maker has been.

DIY illuminated mapcredit


This massive mural of Vladimir Tretchikoff’s ‘Lady from the Orient’ creates a striking, eastern vibe. Such a stunning addition needs plenty of space around it in order to appreciate it to full effect. Keep furnishings in muted colours and accessories to a minimum.

Wayne Hemingway in front of a huge mural of Tretchikoff's Lady from the Orientcredit

Display souvenirs from your travels

When you’ve visited exciting and far-flung destinations, a way of of keeping the memories of your trip alive is to bring back souvenirs. Anything from vernacular furniture items to unique trinkets & handicrafts, beach-combed finds to pieces of locally-made jewellery. Blow up, print, frame and display your favourite holiday photos. Having them in out plain sight feeds your wanderlust – you’ll be planning that next journey in no time!

Ethnic furniture finds with blown up photograph of an African girl in traditional dresscredit


5 Staircase ideas for small spaces

Wooden staircase to a compact home officecredit

We live in a tall, 4-storey house so flights of stairs are integral to our daily lives. They needn’t just be a way to get up and down. Here are a few useful staircase ideas for small homes or simply to make the most of an often under-utilised area of the house.

Save on space

Black spiral staircase from Fontanot Shop

If the rooms in your house are on the compact side, remove the traditional stairway and replace it with a spiral staircase such as those available at Fontanot Shop. A spiral staircase has a much smaller footprint than most other types of stairways giving you extra, much needed floor space for furniture and appliances. They’re also architecturally interesting and can give real impact to a room.

Stair treads on a narrow staircasecredit

Another great tip to reduce a staircase footprint is to install stair treads instead of conventional steps in narrow, steep stairways such as up to loft conversions. You walk up them in just the same way and you’ll quickly get accustomed to their slightly unusual structure. In fact, your feet probably only use half of your own traditional staircase as it is!

Storage cupboards & drawers incorporated into a staircasecredit

Storage solutions

When you’re furnishing a small house it’s all about making the most of the limited space. If you don’t need something constantly to hand, store it away. The stairs are a handy but often overlooked storage area with cupboards or shelves easily installed – perfect for cleaning materials, toys, coats and wellies.

Bookshelf incorporated into a staircasecredit

They’re great for display too, with lots of potential to show off your books, photos or collections of glass and pottery.

Storage drawers incorporated into stairscredit

Actual in-stair drawers are a really ingenious way to store all manner of items depending on which rooms the stairs link – for example, folded clothes and shoes in the bedroom area… a superb use of otherwise dead space.

On-stairs box tidycredit

If your stairs are wide enough, get yourself one of those specially shaped baskets that are kept on the stairs. If you’re anything like us you’ll often have things sitting on the bottom stairs downstairs waiting for someone to take them to their rightful place somewhere upstairs. An on-stair basket is a much prettier and neater solution to random piles of ‘stuff’.

Living stairwaycredit

Get green fingered

Often, a small house means that there’s also a small garden on the outside. Expand your growing space by cultivating plants, flowers or even herbs and vegetables in the blank areas such as beside and under the stairs or along the handrail and on the newel post. Common sense dictates that safety be the foremost consideration; don’t put things in the way of getting up & down the stairs in one piece!

Gain an extra room

Home office installed under a staircasecredit

Fit a home office into the angled area under your stairs. There are no legal restrictions on the width of a stairway however, they’re usually between 600mm and 900mm wide – plenty deep enough to fit a desk with a chair that slides beneath.

Larder built into an under-stair areacredit

If that awkward under-stair area is in your kitchen, how about you put up some shelves along 3 sides? Voilà… you have yourself a new larder area!

Mezzanine bed platform above a wooden staircasecredit

If you’re lucky enough to have a home with tall ceilings, install a staircase and create a mezzanine where you can fit a platform sleeping or lounge area. Getting a bed up off the ground frees up  6ft x 3ft of floor space (or even a 6ft x 6ft area if you have a king size bed).

Decorated stair riserscredit

Express your artistic side

Paint, stencil or wallpaper the stair risers. It’s a funky, unique option that doesn’t cost too much or take that much time to achieve. And you can probably use bits & bobs of leftover decorating materials that you already have to hand.

As you can see, the under-stairs space really is full of potential. We hope we’ve given you some practical ideas so that it will be a general dumping ground no more!