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Meakin Applewood

Friday, September 28th, 2012

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J & G Meakin "Applewood" coffee pot and cup & saucer set

We picked up some of this fabulous vintage crockery this week. It’s one of our favourite designs with the sylised leaves & sliced apples.

J & G Meakin "Applewood" cup & saucer set

It’s only a part set, but that doesn’t really matter. We can either sell it as individual items or put it into our store cupboard to wait for the other pieces to complete the set. We’ve got lots of odd pieces waiting to make into sets!!!

J & G Meakin "Applewood" saucer

It’s the J & G Meakin Applewood pattern produced in the 1960s – isn’t it gorgeous?!

C is for…

Friday, April 18th, 2008

C is for coffee image

What makes that perfect coffee break?

photo of espresso maker, pottery cup and chocolate bar

Well designed machines to make it in…

orange Rowenta coffee machine orange Rowenta coffee machine

Striking pots to serve it in…

group of vintage coffee pots

Vintage Denby Arabesque coffee pot Vintage Pontessa coffee pot Vintage Meakin Aztec coffee pot

Beautiful cups to drink it from…

group of hand thrown pottery mugs

Vintage Thomas porcelain trio Vintage Staffordshire trio

Vintage Hornsea Bronte trio Vintage Stavangarflint June trio

Vintage Elizabethan Portobello cup and saucer Vintage Studio Meakin cup and saucer

And not forgetting… cosies to keep it warm!

collection of hand knitted cosy coasters

hand knitted cosy coaster hand knitted cosy coaster

Coffee time @ H is for Home