Chalkware Japanese lady lamp

Vintage chalkware Japanese lady lamp | H is for Home

We picked up this lovely lady yesterday!

Vintage chalkware Japanese lady lamp | H is for Home

She’s a vintage 1950s Duron chalkware or plaster lamp… and the best example we’ve ever come across. Not only the design, but condition too – they’re often chipped and a bit tatty. The painted decoration is all original. It has twin bulb fittings and works perfectly.

Vintage chalkware Japanese lady lamp | H is for Home

We tend to steer away from what’s termed as ‘kitsch’, but the occasional example sometimes takes our fancy. We like the classic Tretchikoff girl prints… and this Japanese geisha has a similar vibe going on.

Vintage chalkware Japanese lady lamp | H is for Home

The lamp can either stand on a horizontal surface or can be hung on a wall.

Rear view of a vintage chalkware Japanese lady lamp | H is for Home

Here’s a view of the maker’s mark for collectors.

Vintage chalkware Japanese lady lamp | H is for Home

We’ll be a bit sorry to see her go actually, but go she must. The lamp is heading to our antiques centre space tomorrow. Sayonara lovely lady!

Designer Desire: Ryohei Yanagihara

Mosaic of Ryohei Yanagihara designs | H is for Home

It’s taken us a whole 5 years to revisit the work of graphic designer and animator Ryohei Yanagihara (1931-2015) – 柳原良平 in Japanese. His most famous work was his Uncle Torys character for Suntory Whisky. The other main brand for whom he produced work was shipping company, Mitsui O.S.K Lines. They even have a virtual museum and shop on their website dedicated to his work.

He also illustrated several children’s books including The Sorcerer’s Apprentice and Babies Onomatopoeia.

It goes without saying that you’ll mainly pick up examples of his work in Japan. However, you can occasionally find his designs popping up internationally on sites such as Amazon and eBay.

Ryohei Yanagihara portraitcredit

Here’s a selection of Yanagihara’s animations from YouTube

Additional image credits:

Flickr | Pinterest

Grandad mug

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green vintage Grandad mug

We spotted this vintage Grandad mug amongst a sea of crockery today. It dates from the 1960s/70s and is very reminiscent of something John Clappison might have designed for Hornsea Pottery. It actually originates from Japan and we’ve seen other pieces from this company – soup bowls etc. We love the graphic interlocking typeface pattern and the soft green colour too.

green vintage Grandad mug

It’s big enough for a nice cup of tea or milky coffee. Have you got a special Grandpa that deserves a treat? Or someone who’s old before their time and might suit the ironic Grandfather reference?

Tuesday Huesday: Ryohei Yanagihara

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Uncle Torys character by Ryohei Yanagiharaimage originally found at Randy’s Bamboo Room blog

What a fantastic character – so of the era! He’s ‘Uncle Torys’, a real good time guy, designed by Ryohei Yanagihara back in the 50s to advertise Suntory Whisky. This is his dapper gent persona, but he can also be found parading as a Wild West outlaw, bedecked in a loud Hawaiian shirt, golfing attire and even martial arts garb!

There are lots of different little Uncle Tory figures to collect. Here’s a Flickr group paying homage to the designer. And there are a few vintage TV ads staring Uncle Torys to be found on YouTube – here are a few!

Wednesday Wish: PAUMES Books

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"Ateliers London" Paumes book from Boudie & Fou"Ateliers Stockholme" Paumes book from Boudie & Fou"Ateliers Paris" Paumes book from Boudie & Fou
"Paris Brocante" Paumes book from Boudie & Fou"Home Offices" Paumes book from Boudie & Fou"London Vintage" Paumes book from Boudie & Fou

London Ateliers | Stockholm’s Ateliers | Ateliers de Paris
Bureaux à la Maison | Paris Brocante | London Vintage
All at £20.50

I first spotted these recherché PAUMES books a couple of years ago on the Yvestown blog. They’re published in Japan and I couldn’t find anywhere that stocked them.

I’ve just found out that they’re now available right here in the UK from the wonderful Boudie & Fou. There are 31 titles in total available on their website – one for each day of the month!!