Etsy List: London Calling!

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'London Calling!' Etsy List curated by H is for Home

We’re back home after a long-overdue trip down to London and Brighton. The Big Smoke has inspired our Etsy List selection for this week!

There are some wonderful products in our selection, including designs by a couple of favourite illustrators Kenneth Townsend and Miroslav Sasek whose work we’ve blogged about before.

London Calling!
Curated by H is for Home

George Him matchbook

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detailed view of a vintage George Him match-book front cover | H is for Home

We’ve tracked down another one of these fabulous & rare, vintage match-books produced for Liberty in the 1960s.

detailed view of a vintage George Him match-book edge showing words '150 CRON MATCHES MADE IN FINLAND | Designed for Liberty of London by vintage George Him

The last example we featured was designed by Miroslav Sasek – this one’s the work of another favourite illustrator, George Him.

vintage George Him match-book front cover

A row of guardsmen provides the inspiration – each with their own unique facial expression & medal collection.

inside view of vintage George Him match-book

The match-book is unused and in very good condition. They really are rare survivors and don’t appear often.

vintage George Him match-book rear cover

We actually had this one sent all the way from America.

collection of vintage London items including vintage Him match-book and London series ceramic tiles designed by Kenneth Townsend

We’ve added it to our collection of quirky London inspired design pieces – they really put a smile on our faces.

Charity Vintage: Five vintage Kenneth Townsend tiles

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set of 5 vintage Kenneth Townsend tiles; cockerel, elephant, robin, hedgehog and mouse
(ends 26 Mar, 2013 11:55:43 GMT)

We’ve mentioned Kenneth Townsend quite a lot in blogs in the past – he’s one of our favourite designers. His “Menagerie” series of tiles are very collectable and much sought after. Here’s a lot of five Kenneth Townsend “Menagerie” tiles for sale on eBay in support of The Iain Rennie Hospice at Home*.

*The Iain Rennie Hospice at Home is a registered charity in the Chiltern area which offers specialist home nursing care, support and advice for patients with life threatening illnesses. The professional care offered by our teams of nurses enables patients to stay at home through their illness.

Marble Menagerie

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vintage Merit "Marble Fun" game with illustrations by Kenneth Townsend from his Menagerie range

We bought this vintage marble game last week. It’s a simple little game which involves rolling marbles down the wooden shoot aiming at archways with different scores. We’ve done a little research and found that the game is called “bridgeboard”.

vintage Merit "Marble Fun" game with illustrations by Kenneth Townsend from his Menagerie range

What makes this version extra special are the fabulous illustations by Kenneth Townsend.

monkey detail from a vintage Merit "Marble Fun" game with illustrations by Kenneth Townsend from his Menagerie range

The animals will look very familiar to fans of the artist’s “Menagerie” tile series that we’ve blogged about before.

O is for… Owl

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detail from a brown vintage pottery money box in the shape of an owl

These are the big eyes of our latest owl – in this case, a pottery money box.

pottery pan trivet / pot stand in the shape of an owl pottery pan trivet / pot stand in the shape of an owl

vintage tin money box with owl decoration vintage pottery mug with owl face in relief on the side

They never stay with us long as these feathered friends are consistently popular in our shop.

green glazed vintage owl figure produced by Lotus Pottery

Whether in the form of money boxes, mugs, pot stands, textile prints, pictures or book illustrations.

small vintage white lustre pottery figure in the shape of an owl small vintage Shelf Pottery owl figure

vintage white pottery mug with transfer printed owl figure brown vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with transfer printed owl decoration designed by John Clappison

We’ve blogged a fair few times about the great illustrator, Kenneth Townsend. He designed the cutest owl as part of his Menagerie series – apparently the owl was his favourite animal!

vintage Kenneth Townsend pottery owl tile

Another wonderful illustrator with a thing for owls was Celestino Piatti who once said, “You can draw an owl a thousand times, and never find out its secret”.

mosaic of vintage Celestino Piatti owl illustrations
image credit: Fishink

We’ve had a quick trawl on the web for some more owls – here are some favourites:

cover from vintage book, "A Book of Various Owls" by John Hollander, illustrated by Tomi Ungerer and published by W.W. Norton & Company in 1963
image credit: Vintage Kids” Books my Kid Loves

bright orange ceramic owl available from Anthropologie
Wise Ol’ Canister, Orange: £118 – Anthropologie

Happy owl open edition print by Matte Stephens on Etsy
Happy owl open edition print by Matte Stephens: $35 – Etsy

"day time owl" 3D art tutorial from mmmcrafts"night time owl" 3D art tutorial from mmmcrafts
image credit: mmmcrafts

vintage german matchbox cover with owl illustration
image credit: Shailesh Chavda

Mug Shots

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collection of vintage Hornsea Pottery mugs | H is for Home

We posted a blog recently featuring the ‘love mug’ series produced by Hornsea Pottery in the 1970s.

The company is famous for their mugs – so we photographed a few more examples whilst we were sorting through our ‘Hornsea box’.

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with newsprint toucans vintage Hornsea Pottery Libra mug

They feature a vast array of designs and commemorate all manner of events.

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with buildings vintage Hornsea Pottery World's Greatest Fisherman mug

The love mugs were the work of Kenneth Townsend, but the main name most associated with Hornsea Pottery is John Clappison. He’s certainly the name that collectors look out for.

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with fish

Some examples are quite rare and attract strong prices.

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug of knight with shield vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with witches

They’re now often kept safe as display pieces and you can understand why. The company has long since closed down, so the number of surviving pieces can only decrease. You have to be quite brave to use them for your everyday brew…

vintage Hornsea Pottery mug with newsprint owls vintage Hornsea mug with owls

…but if you do, they’re sure to give you a bit of pleasure with every sip.

vintage Hornsea Aries mug

Justin has his Aries star sign mug. He doesn’t take any notice of his horoscope, but he loves this fabulous design… and being reminded of all of his positive traits at the start of each day!!