Get their look: Harry’s room

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We’ve probably said it before on here, children’s spaces need not be devoid of good design and décor; they can be quite discerning individuals too! A case in point is the boy’s bedroom as shown above. Harry’s room is decorated thoughtfully and tastefully in red, navy and grey. It’s furnished with design classics such as a red Anglepoise desk lamp and John Moncrieff’s balloon lights. A young person’s room that they won’t grow out of in a hurry!

  1. Seletti Suburbia wall storage solution by Design Note Studio
  2. Memory Balloon ceiling lights by John Moncrieff
  3. Lorna Syson Warwick ‘Red Sky’ fabric
  4. Casadeco Jules et Julie wallpaper
  5. Badger cushion, red
  6. Anglepoise Type 75 mini desk lamp – Signal Red
  7. Wooden train personalised with a name
  8. Phineas desk

Get their look: Harry's room | H is for Home

Get their look: Bright, colourful nursery

Bright, colourful nursery

We don’t often feature kids’ rooms in our Get their look series but this bright, colourful nursery deserves some attention. It’s cleverly decorated in such a way that it can develop as the child grows. There’s plenty of visual stimulus for a small child, but it’s never likely to look babyish as the years pass by. Simple tweeks and changes of accessories (and no doubt toys) is all it will need.

Their obvious challenge was to temper the industrial warehouse space with it’s large expanses of open brickwork, steel joists, hard wooden floor and high ceilings. They successfully achieved this with the large, soft pink area rug; the elephant print and graphic flash cards hung all the way up to meet the ceiling.

It’s a lovely, bright space with lots of natural light for various work or play activities – and looks easy to keep clean and uncluttered too.

  1. MARIMEKKO Karkuteilla print
  2. ‘Bob’s Your Uncle’ A-Z animal flashcard set
  3. DaVinci Jenny Lind 3-in-1 convertible crib
  4. Large 38L flexible tubtrugs
  5. Plan toy chalet doll house with furniture
  6. Legler doll’s high chair (white)
  7. DUKTIG play kitchen
  8. Zyana chevron pink rug

Get their look: Bright, colourful nursery | H is for Home

Get their look: Sophisticated kid’s bedroom

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Sophisticated kid's bedroomcredit

A kid’s bedroom can often be a tricky thing to decorate. Once a young one grows out of the Disney princess/super hero/football-themed stage, their room will need a complete overhaul. The room pictured above retains a sense of fun, but certainly has a touch of sophistication too.

We love the combination of mustard and grey in the bedding and the sharp contrast of the mint pineapple bedside light. A vintage alphabet chart and felt garland add further decorative interest. And finally, the glimpse through the door shows that there is a lovely flow between spaces – the kid’s room not a sudden, jarring shock when compared to the rest of the house.

  1. Vintage grey Krueger industrial drafting stool
  2. Pineapple light
  3. Star cushion
  4. French ABC poster
  5. Duvet set
  6. Braided jute rug

Get their look: Sophisticated kid's bedroom