Get their look: Perfectly practical kitchen

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Of all the kitchens we’ve featured so far on Get their look, this perfectly practical kitchen is probably the one I’d most like to be in our home!

As an ex-chef and avid baker, I love the fact that the Gaggenau appliances wouldn’t look out of place in an industrial kitchen. I’ve always had a soft spot for minimalist stainless steel cabinets and work surfaces.

The background palette is neutral and calm – creams, whites and natural wood shades much in evidence. It’s livened nicely with small flashes of colour from flowers, fruit, herbs etc.

A vintage, wall-mounted Bakelite telephone and framed Tretchikoff ‘Chinese Girl’ print add a contrasting homeliness to an otherwise utilitarian-like space.

Real thought has gone into the design – the marble fire surround being picked up in the top of the Saarinen tulip table for example.

  1. Bamboo hanging lamp
  2. Serge Mouille six-arm ceiling lamp replica
  3. Vladimir Tetchikoff ‘Chinese Girl’ print
  4. Gaggenau VG 491 111 F – SERIE 400 – stainless steel controls front
  5. Saarinen tulip oval table Arabescato coated marble by Knoll
  6. Gaggenau BMP 250 130 microwave cm. 60 200 dx series – silver combined microwave
  7. Polacco stool
  8. Tolix Inox outdoor chairs designed by Xavier Pauchard

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Best kitchen renovation tips & ideas

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vintage industrial kitchen

Renovating your kitchen will add to the overall appeal, saleability and value of your home. And of course, it will add to your daily enjoyment of life. You’ll surely be more inspired to cook and prepare sumptuous meals for your family in an upgraded, more beautiful kitchen. You’ll feel much happier inviting guests and friends into the space. And, if you’re the type of person who loves spending time in the kitchen, what better undertaking than developing the perfect space to suit your needs?

Here are some helpful kitchen renovation tips & ideas:

built in kitchen pantry

Use high quality materials

A good foundation is essential, so it’s advisable to pick high quality materials for use in your renovation. There are lots of areas to consider – flooring, worktops, sinks, splash-backs and cabinets. Choose work surfaces that combine beauty with durability, floors that are practical and easy to clean and good quality drawers that slide smoothly.

open plan kitchen diner with bright yellow feature wall

Wall colour

The colour of the walls will dictate the overall atmosphere in the room. Choose a colour that will create the mood you’re seeking. Some people prefer white to make the room look clean and bright. But you may also want to use less stark neutrals such as creams or natural wood tones. Bold, bright colours can also work well – perhaps on a feature wall. Accessories such as kettles, pots & pans, textiles and storage jars can then pick up on these colours.

Kitchen countertop extension chopping board


As mentioned, quality is very important. So when it comes to a large expanse of counter-top, consider your materials carefully. There are many options – granite, marble, limestone and natural woods will all add to the feel of quality and permanence.

Colour block kitchen cabinet doors

Kitchen cabinet design

Kitchen cabinets play a very important role in the overall appearance and functionality of the kitchen. It’s one of the first things that you will notice when you go to the kitchen so make sure you’ve chosen a good design and appropriate style. Install as many cabinets into the kitchen as space allows without feeling claustrophobic. You can never have too much storage space in a kitchen.

Fire engine red door leading out of a kitchen

Dress up the door

If you’re going to revamp your kitchen then you might as well go all the way and include its entrance in the makeover. Doors are often overlooked – and stand out as an incongruous and rather ugly expanse of wood or PVC in the corner. Perhaps move away from the standard off-the-shelf door. Add character by painting it with fun highlight colours that compliment the rest of the décor. Glass panels will allow light to pour in if darkness is an issue. Be creative – don’t be afraid to come up with unique ideas or solutions.

Vintage industrial kitchen

Don’t overdo it

Decorating is fun but avoid overdoing it. When your kitchen starts looking too busy or crowded, then you’ve probably gone too far. The kitchen needs to be practical as well as beautiful. Furnish and decorate according to the space available. Stick to the essentials in terms of appliances on view and provide yourself with plenty of storage. Remember, simplicity is beauty.

Grey open plan kitchen with island

Finishing touches

Complete the new look of your kitchen with fresh flowers, artwork and, of course, some elegant tableware. Shop for the most beautiful and unique dinner set from Harris Scarfe. They have a wide range of designs and styles to suit any kitchen or dining space. The perfect addition to your new and upgraded kitchen!


3 Tips for Measuring Kitchen Cabinets

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vintage electric blue 1960s Geneva metal kitchen cabinets

image credit: Joe Wolf

Starting a kitchen remodel can be an exciting time – it can also quickly become a time you can’t wait to just be over and done with. Many home-owners don’t realise all that is included in a kitchen renovation, but with some additional knowledge, the task can actually turn into something that can be fun!

Here are some tips to follow when starting out in selecting new kitchen cabinets.

Use all the free tools available

Many home improvement and cabinet stores have great cabinet materials that can help you start measuring your cabinetry and see what options are in stock that will fit your needs. This material is typically free and can save you a lot of time in planning. It’s important to keep in mind that unless you’re doing custom cabinetry, you’re fairly limited to the cabinets that are kept in stock.

In addition to brick and mortar stores, many companies have online tools that can be very helpful in laying out a new cabinet design. Often, they will then tell you exactly what cabinets you will need to finish off your new design. It’s almost like having a personal kitchen designer to help you from start to finish.

Use the measurements from old cabinets

If you like the general layout of your current kitchen, but want an updated look or wood, use the measurements from your existing cabinetry to give yourself a starting point for your design.

This can be especially helpful if you’ve lived with the existing cabinetry – you know what drives you nuts about the current layout and what improvements should be made for a better functioning kitchen. Use this knowledge to your advantage!

Another alternative is to simply refinish your existing cabinets with new hardware, stain, etc.

Often times home-owners are shocked that their existing materials can be refinished into beautiful, updated pieces to give their kitchen a whole new look. While this might not be for everyone, it’s definitely an option to consider.

Things to consider

If you decide to go with in-stock cabinets, keep in mind that some cabinets require an additional cabinet to sit next to it, or a separate trim piece needs to be purchased to make the cabinet have a finished look. Also, this might seem obvious, but most DIY-ers are surprised to find out that cabinets aren’t finished on the top. They are designed to have a counter top placed on top of them to finish them off. This is important to consider if you’re considering in-stock cabinetry for other uses besides traditional kitchen or bathroom use.

Also, have you ever noticed that in typical kitchens the cabinets above the fridge are actually deeper than the rest of the cabinetry? This is done on purpose. Many people learn the hard way that this isn’t just a style preference. The cabinets are designed to be deeper so that they are more easily accessible. Keep this in mind when designing your kitchen layout.

Additionally, you might want to consider adding electricity to your cabinets, especially if you’re adding in an island. This can save you a lot of headaches, and it allows you to use kitchen appliances on your island, adding to your overall available work space.


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Keep your kitchen stylish yet functional

John Lewis kitchen

Whether you’re building a new kitchen or looking to update and old one, settling on a design can be a challenge for many home-owners. As a potential space for entertaining, you want your kitchen to be stylish and comfortable, but you also want it to be functional when creating meals for your family. Don’t sacrifice style for functionality or vice versa. Create your dream kitchen by following these insider tips:

1) Cover your walls in cabinets

retro kitchen storage designed by Wayne Hemingway and available at John Lewis

Your kitchen’s number one most important feature is its cabinets – no appliance or piece of kitchen equipment can compete with them. That’s because in order to keep your kitchen looking organised and stylish, you need a place to store all of the pots, pans, utensils, gadgets and dry goods you’ve accumulated to keep your kitchen running smoothly and your family fed. As well as being practical, cabinets are a good way to hide your refrigerator, freezer, tumbler dryer, and other appliances so that they blend more seamlessly with your kitchen’s overall design. What’s trending in 2013 is to mix cabinet colours – a cream or grey shade for the upper cabinetry and darker woods for the lower cabinetry.

2) Add an island

modern kitchen with large, oval kitchen island

A kitchen island provides you with two very important features: more counter-top and cabinet space. Unlike other counter-top areas, an island provides you with uninterrupted space where you can do your mixing, chopping, beating, grating, etc. when preparing a meal. You can design the cabinetry portion of the island to suit your individual needs, adding a sink, overhead lighting or trash compost if it will be your main prep area, or bar stools and chairs if the island will function more as a table and informal space for socialising. Keep in mind that turned legs can give your island the look of furniture, and a bold colour choice can help punch up the kitchen’s overall design. If you’re short on funds or space, a wheel-based butcher’s trolley provides a similar function to an island for a lot less money, and can give your kitchen a nice contemporary feel.

3) Get creative with the storage

butcher's trolley on castors with wicker basket storage, drawers, under shelf and horizontal metal bar for hanging utensils or tea towel

Not everything needs to be hidden away in cupboards and drawers in order for your kitchen to look stylish and uncluttered. If you’ve got an exposed wall above your stove or sink, consider adding some hung storage to give your kitchen a more homey and inviting ambience. Instead of buying a pot to store your kitchen utensils, add a rack above your stove where you can hang your spoons, mixers, and spatulas upside down to free up some counter space and provide you with easy access to them while you cook. Likewise, pots and pans can be hung above your kitchen island to help save space, and the family wine rack can be incorporated right into the design of your new kitchen island. Rather than keeping your kitchen items shut behind dark panels, you may choose instead to add a glass window to some of your cabinetry to give your kitchen a more open feel. These creative storage ideas look especially great on a contemporary or country kitchen.

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