Gimme Five: Yoghurt makers

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selection of 5 yoghurt makers

We both remember having yoghurt makers at home when we were children. We also remember them being used a couple of times and then languishing in their boxes at the back of the cupboard, never to be seen again. I recall home made yoghurt as being ghastly – little more than sour milk!

We eat quite a lot of yoghurt in this household. It usually forms part of breakfast, and sometimes dessert. Fudge has a couple of spoons in the morning too as it seems very good for his digestion in terms of reducing gas (we won’t dwell on details, but a good tip for dog owners that one). Our tastes have become a bit more refined since our childhood days. We like a bit of creamy richness, not too sweet & not too sour – blueberry, figs, strawberry and vanilla are favourite flavourings.

If you make your own, you can enjoy it plain & natural or squeeze over some runny honey, pop in fresh fruit, add it to cereal and even cook with it. I sometimes use it in my bread dough and Justin adds a few dollops to curries.

Yoghurt and yoghurt makers have come a long way since the 70s. We have a couple of favourites. The robustness of the Cuisineart and the flexibility it gives of making just one small jar at a time or up to six 125 ml pots + two 250 ml pots – as well as it doubling up as a cheese maker – makes it a real contender. The favourite though, is the cute Me & Yo; of course this was going to be the winner with it being bright orange and all!

  1. Cuisinart YM400E yoghurt and cheese maker: £69.85, Amazon
  2. Klarstein 1 litre Me & Yo: £22.90, eBay
  3. Steba yoghurt maker: £47.99, Wayfair
  4. EasiYo mini yoghurt maker: £7.49, Lakeland
  5. Vonshef digital yoghurt maker: £49.99, Domu

Gimme Five! Carbon steel woks

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selection of 5 large carbon steel woks via H is for Home

As you probably know by now, we love to cook at home. Indian, Italian and French dishes rub shoulders with traditional English classics. One of our favourites is Chinese; we currently have two large woks – one for veg and the other for fish and meat. Nothing beats a wok if you’re making a mixed stir fry or an egg fried rice. However, making the latter in our current woks is a horrendous experience, the rice sticks to the inside very badly.

We’ve had enough… we’re after a couple of decent carbon steel woks that makes cooking fried rice a pleasure, not a pain! We use them so often, we know exactly what we want – carbon steel rather than aluminium or Teflon-coated, a long handle so we can toss properly, a hanging hook to store it out of the way and finally, the higher the sides and larger the size the better.

  1. Typhoon® carbon steel signature wok, ∅36cm: £24.99, Lakeland
  2. John Lewis wok set, ∅35cm: £35, John Lewis
  3. Swift carbon steel wok, ∅34cm: £16.46, Divertimenti
  4. Ken Hom Tao Plus carbon steel wok, ∅36cm: £29.99, Argos
  5. Flat-based carbon steel wok, ∅36cm & wooden handled wok shovel: £17.50 eBay

Cakes & Bakes: Baking Hamper

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Fortnum & Mason's new baking hamper

We’re really taken with this fabulous new baking hamper from Fortnum & Mason. As well as the classic F&M wicker basket you get:

A perfect gift for a Great British Bake Off fan – or even better – treat yourself!

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