Price Points: Kitchen trolleys

Stainless steel kitchen trolleys | H is for Home

You may have read a post earlier this week in which we talked about a vintage stainless steel hospital trolley we’d bought – and its potential to make a great kitchen work station. So, for this week’s Price Points we’ve included it in our list of kitchen trolleys where it sits very nicely indeed. A cleanable work surface, storage areas for ingredients or equipment and manoeuvrability are the key requirements.

  1. FLYTTA kitchen trolley, stainless steel: £100, IKEA
  2. Vintage hospital trolley: £135, H is for Home
  3. Kitchen island with cook stainless steel counter top by Hahn: £495, Wayfair

Get their look: Minimalist industrial kitchen

Minimalist industrial kitchencredit

We love this minimalist industrial kitchen. There’s a wonderful sense of space with a double height ceiling and internal glazing that divides spaces without closing them in. Huge windows let light flood in, the white walls and polished concrete reflect and enhance it.

Open shelves mean everything is easy to hand for cooking and cleaning. Lots more white is introduced through crockery and kitchenware. Softer wood tones balance out the harder industrial materials, herbs and plants naturalise and soften the space. The room works so well – practical and unfussy yet full of interest.

There is a variety of ways, large and small, to introduce an industrial feel into a space. From up-cycled scaffolding poles and boards, rubber flooring, wire baskets, vintage factory pendant shades and task lighting to banks of drawers, pigeon holes and lockers in distressed metal or wood.

  1. Vintage circular dough boards
  2. Heavy duty industrial shelving
  3. Antique wooden masher
  4. Vintage enamel bread bin
  5. Large black enamel jug
  6. Vintage industrial floor mirror
  7. Vintage industrial lab stools
  8. Vintage zinc metal dolly tubs

Get their look: Minimalist industrial kitchen | H is for Home








Get their Look: Vintage industrial kitchen

Vintage industrial kitchencredit

We love the interior photography work of Chris Snook, much of which you can find online, and this vintage industrial kitchen is no exception. It’s full of the type of thing we have in our own kitchen. The vintage tin food canisters & containers, mix & match Prestige Skyline utensils, upcycled storage solutions and old enamel signs.

If you love this kitchen, take a peek at the rest of the cottage – it’s just fabulous!

  1. Mini milk bottle
  2. Pod coffee maker
  3. Large vintage enamel ‘Beware’ sign
  4. Vintage enamel bread bin
  5. Vintage Tala pastry cutters
  6. Yours and mine mugs
  7. Pyramid electric kettle
  8. 2-slice toaster
  9. Vintage Worcester Ware food canisters
  10. Wire egg holder

Get the vintage industrial kitchen look | H is for Home

Get their look: Swedish kitchen-diner

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White kitchen-diner in Swedencredit

We’ve chosen this lovely bright and airy space for this week’s Get their look post. It’s very clean and contemporary with touches of vintage industrial here and there. It’s predominantly decorated in brilliant white with lots of indoor plants and natural wood finishes. It looks like such a practical and relaxing place to live life. As this kitchen-diner belongs to a house located in Sweden, you won’t be surprised that many of the items featured can be bought from that Scandi stalwart, IKEA.

kitchen-diner furniture & fittings

  1. Picture frame: £6, IKEA
  2. Pendant light: £27.50, The Conran Shop
  3. Coffee maker: from £1,440, John Lewis
  4. Olive tree: £24.99, WaitroseGarden
  5. Towel rail: £3.50, IKEA
  6. Dining table: £130, IKEA
  7. Chairs: £1,120, Voga
  8. Industrial stool: £154.99, Wayfair

Get their look: Eclectic kitchen shelving

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eclectic kitchen shelvingcredit

It’s a brand new year, so we thought we’d start a new blog series. Welcome to our first ‘Get their look‘ post. A fairly self-explanatory title, each week we’ll feature an image of an interior that has caught our eye and we’ll show you how and where to copy the style.

To kick off, we’re sharing this eclectic counter-top and kitchen shelving. They contain both practical and decorative items – many of which tick both these boxes.

stainless steel shelves contents

  1. White wall light
  2. Digital radio
  3. Cathrineholm fondue set
  4. Stainless steel shelves
  5. Glass storage jars
  6. Scheurich fat lava vase
  7. Breville Cafe Roma ESP8XL espresso machine

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