Price Points: Food graters

Selection of food graters | H is for Home

Justin has been complaining about our completely rubbish cheese grater this week. It’s quite basic and a bit ancient, to be honest. We use it almost every day for cheese or Fudge’s carrots (which he likes in his dinner!). Grating is currently an unnecessarily slow, slightly messy process so it’s an issue that needs addressing.

Here’s a short list of three we’ve identified, each with their own strong points. Number 1 is the classic grater – efficient, sturdy & robust – this one comes with its own collect & storage container. Number 2 epitomises form and function, a stylish addition to the kitchen with its copper detailing. And Number 3 is a clever collapsible model which folds away flat for storage – ideal for those with limited cupboard or drawer space – or perfect for camping or camper vans.

  1. OXO Good Grips box grater: £16.95, Divertimenti
  2. Copper tipped grater: £25, Trouva
  3. Fold Flat Grater™ Plus 4-in-1 folding grater: £30, Joseph Joseph

Charity Vintage: Avery scales

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vintage Avery scales being sold on eBay for Charity by & in support of Devon Air Ambulance Trust(ends 30 Mar, 2014 22:14:52 BST)

We’ve had a few Avery scales like these in stock over the years, they always sell well. They’re sturdy, accurate and look good too, especially in a vintage or industrial kitchen. We tend to only sell them in our space in Picture House Antiques as they’re very heavy and postage would be quite high.

These weighing scales for sale on eBay for Charity by & on behalf of Devon Air Ambulance Trust* have a very reasonable P&P charge of £12 on them. They’re in great shape with just a bit of discolouration to the marker display.

*Devon Air Ambulance Trust exists to relieve sickness and injury in the county of Devon by assisting in the provision of an air ambulance service

Sifter Success!

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Foley Sift-Chine flour sifter with bags of flour and tray of eggs

Having recently published a Gimme Five! flour sifters post, I tasked Justin with finding me one to use in my baking. It didn’t take him long to unearth a bargain, paying just £5 for this lovely vintage Foley Sift-Chine example.

Foley Sift-Chine flour sifter with a tray of eggs

And it’s a Rolls Royce of a sifter – lovely, aged, shiny copper with a triple sift mechanism. The flour comes out so light & airy, perfect for making melt-in-the-mouth Victoria sponge cakes.

Foley Sift-Chine flour sifter

He’s my sifting hero!!

Gimme Five! Flour sifters

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selection of 5 vintage flour sifters

Since featuring a flour sifter in Charity Vintage last week, I’ve gone vintage flour sifter crazy! I’ve come across some mighty fine specimens online that I wanted to share with you.

It’s a shame that the majority of them are over in the USA (they always seem to have the best kitchenalia) and the postage can make them uneconomical to buy. But, you never know, if I came across one that I just HAVE to have…

  1.  Vintage Androck one hand 3 screen sifter: $10.50, eBay
  2. Vintage 1940s Androck Hand-i-Sift 3-screen sifter: £21.46, RetrouverBiz – Etsy
  3. Vintage flour sifter – ‘Junior’: $10, eBay
  4. Vintage mod flour sifter: £9.95, Fox & Thomas – Etsy
  5. Vintage metal aluminum 3 cups flour sifter red handle: $12.99, eBay

Worcester Ware tins

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set of 3 vintage Worcester Ware storage tins with floral pattern

We treated ourselves to some new kitchen tins this week. Actually bought for us – intentionally bought with a specific purpose in mind – not stock that we’ve commandeered or filtered off to live with for a while!!

single vintage storage tin with floral pattern

These gorgeous 1960s tins with stylised flowers are our new tea, coffee & sugar receptacles.

base of vintage storage tin showing embossed Worcester Ware mark

They were made by Worcester Ware – another example of the lovely vintage metal ware that this company produced.

set of 3 vintage Worcester Ware storage tins with floral pattern with packets of sugar and coffee

We can now decant all our ugly refill packets into these pretty tins.

set of 3 vintage Worcester Ware storage tins with floral pattern with orange Kenwood kettle

We think the colours work well with others in the kitchen – slate, beech wood, cream cupboards & sink – and of course, bright orange walls.

Forthcoming Attractions: Late November 2013

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selection of recently acquired vintage homewares | H is for Home

Here’s a small selection of our recently sourced vintage homeware items heading to our webshop or antiques centre pitch soon.

selection of recently acquired vintage homewares including set of vintage headphones

We’ll start with a couple of pieces of modern technology. Well, modern for 40 or 50 years ago. The first is these rather cool 1970s stereo headphones. They were produced by Prinzsound & manufactured in Japan. We’ve just plugged them into our system and they’re working just fine – they’d look great with a vintage turntable or mid century modern room scheme.

selection of recently acquired vintage homewares including a green dial telephone

The second is this classic green telephone. It’s PO model no 746F. Modern ‘walk-around the house’ handsets are very convenient of course, but these vintage telephones have got so much presence & design quality. This model has a carry handle and long lead so it could almost be classed as a ‘walk-around’ itself!

selection of recently acquired vintage homewares including an Italian pottery ochre coloured horse figure

Next up we have a bit of a mystery. This gorgeous stylised horse dates from the 1950s or 60s, but we’re not sure who the maker is. It’s marked ‘Italy’ and it does have something of a Bitossi look, but a bit more research is necessary.

selection of recently acquired vintage homewares including a child's toy globe

These vintage toy globes are very cute – perfect for a child’s bedroom or indeed the shelves of a more grown-up lounge. A lovely flash of colour and it’s always interesting to look at the various country locations, name changes etc.

selection of recently acquired vintage homewares including a pair of Figgjo Flint mugs with Viking illustration

We nearly missed these mugs at a recent market. It was only on passing a stall for the second that we spied them amongst a huge pile of crockery. They were produced by Figgjo Flint of Norway in the 1960s and the Viking design is by Rolf Froyland. We have the same design on a pottery wall plaque, but we’ve never actually seen the mugs before.

selection of recently acquired vintage homewares including set of 3 orange enamel saucepans and blue boxed set of Prestige cooking utensils

And finally some wonderful vintage kitchenalia. The utensils are from the Sky-line range produced by Prestige. They have painted wooden handles and are in mint condition. These utensils are often a bit battered when we come across them, so to find a set boxed & unused with the original hanging rack is quite a rare find. The orange enamel pans are lovely too – they’ve got quite a Scandinavian folk art look. We’ve sold examples of this range in blue & green colourways previously, but this is the first time we’ve come across orange.

Charity Vintage: Prestige egg beater

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vintage Prestige egg beater for sale on eBay for Charity in support of St Vincent Support Centre
(Ends 8 Nov, 2013 15:06:49 GMT)

Like much of the country, we’re hooked on the Great British Bake Off. It’s done much to help bring about a resurgence in home baking. These hand whisks are a very useful bit of baking kit. It’s not always necessary to get a big electric food mixer involved in preparation. This Prestige egg beater being sold in support of St Vincent Support Centre* will add a touch of colour and vintage chic to boot!

*St Vincent’s is part of the international charity, the St Vincent de Paul Society, and exists to promote self-sufficiency by building bridges of support and creating opportunities that enhance the quality of life for those deprived of income, employment, education, social networks and community support. We offer a wide range of services to people who need it most, including free debt advice, counselling, free adult learning, and volunteering/training placements for unemployed and adults with special needs.