Chalkware Japanese lady lamp

Vintage chalkware Japanese lady lamp | H is for Home

We picked up this lovely lady yesterday!

Vintage chalkware Japanese lady lamp | H is for Home

She’s a vintage 1950s Duron chalkware or plaster lamp… and the best example we’ve ever come across. Not only the design, but condition too – they’re often chipped and a bit tatty. The painted decoration is all original. It has twin bulb fittings and works perfectly.

Vintage chalkware Japanese lady lamp | H is for Home

We tend to steer away from what’s termed as ‘kitsch’, but the occasional example sometimes takes our fancy. We like the classic Tretchikoff girl prints… and this Japanese geisha has a similar vibe going on.

Vintage chalkware Japanese lady lamp | H is for Home

The lamp can either stand on a horizontal surface or can be hung on a wall.

Rear view of a vintage chalkware Japanese lady lamp | H is for Home

Here’s a view of the maker’s mark for collectors.

Vintage chalkware Japanese lady lamp | H is for Home

We’ll be a bit sorry to see her go actually, but go she must. The lamp is heading to our antiques centre space tomorrow. Sayonara lovely lady!

Bevy of beauties!

'Bevy of beauties!' blog post banner

6 vintage prints of beautiful girls

Justin brought home not one, not two, but six girls last week!

vintage print of a dark-haired beauty

They truly are a bevy of beauties…

vintage print of a blonde, pony-tailed beauty

…blondes, brunettes and a rather gorgeous redhead.

vintage print of a auburn beauty

They date from the 1950s – very early Mad Men – Betty Draper and Joan Holloway spring to mind.

detail from a vintage print showing the artist's signature

We can’t make out the artist’s signature – any ideas out there?

detail from a vintage print of a auburn beauty

Oh, she’s here again – close up this time. You can stop photographing her now, Justin!

6 vintage prints of beautiful girls

They’ll look good hanging on the wall in our antiques centre space so that’s where they’re heading first, but we’re happy to post if your interested in buying them.

Atomic plant

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Vintage yellow plastic &amp black metal Atomic plant stand

Every home should have its own atomic plant!

Vintage yellow plastic &amp black metal Atomic plant stand

 We picked up this gorgeous vintage plant stand on Monday which has just gone into our webshop.

detailed view of yellow plastic &amp black metal Atomic plant stand

The frame is black metal and it retains its original bright yellow plastic ball feet and liners. Ideal for trailing house plants, a cacti collection or herbs in front of a window.

detailed view of the ball feet on a yellow plastic & black metal Atomic plant stand

The styling is perfect for mid century modern or bohemian vintage looks.

Charity Vintage: Chiquita 50s kitsch print

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'Chiquita' vintage 50s kitsch print(ends 13 Mar, 2014 15:43:16 GMT)

We’d say that our taste in art is – well – tasteful. However, we have a soft spot for vintage 50s kitsch prints. We have a few of Vladimir Tretchikoff‘s prints – Lady from the Orient, Balinese Girl, The Chinese Girl, Miss Wong and Zulu Girl.

CLIC Sargent: Caring for Children with Cancer* is currently selling this 50s kitsch print entitled ‘Chiquita’. She’s a beautiful, either Spanish or Mexican, senorita with a flirtatious off-the-shoulder blouse and rose in her hair. We don’t know who she’s by, but she is in the style of other artists such as H. Walker, J H Lynch and John Strevens.

*CLIC Sargent is the UK’s leading cancer charity for children and young people, and their families. They provide clinical, practical and emotional support to help them cope with cancer and get the most out of life. They are there from diagnosis onwards and aim to help the whole family deal with the impact of cancer and its treatment, life after treatment and, in some cases, bereavement.

Kitsch Kids!

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We bought this trio of ‘wide-eyed children’ prints this week – a bit of classic 1950s kitsch.

detail of vintage Dallas Simpson "Wide Eyed" child print of a boy with a string of onions

We often buy Tretchikoff prints from this era, but don’t normally go for images quite this cutesy.

They were such good examples of the type though – and they do certainly have their fans… Red or Dead founder, Wayne Hemingway famously. Check out his book on the subject, Above The Mantelpiece: Mass-Market Masterpieces

Detail of vintage Dallas Simpson print showing her signature

The artist of these three is Dallas Simpson. Simpson moved with her husband in the mid 1960’s from London to live in a mobile home in West Sussex by the sea. She had no children of her own and her husband used to prime either her canvases or more often she painted on board.

She was a prolific artist of big eyed urchin children and she used to sell the originals and reproduction rights as long as payment was immediate, to fund her simple life and her beloved gin.

She painted under a number of pseudonyms including Emma Louise and Kelita with subtle changes of style in the painting but with the same subject matter. (biographical information taken from Felix Rosenstiel´s Widow & Son Ltd).

vintage Dallas Simpson "Wide eyed" child print of boy sitting on a riverbank holding a fishing rod

All three are in excellent condition with original frames. So if you’re a fan, drop us an email and we’ll give you first refusal before they go into our pitch or listed on our website.

set of three vintage prints of "Wide Eyed" children by Dallas Simpson

If you’d like to do a bit more investigating, other artists in the genre include Maio, Lee, Betty Raphael and Margaret Keane.

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