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Pop Up! vintage desk lamps

Monday, November 11th, 2013

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screenshot of the H is for Home pop-up shop with a selection of vintage desk lamps for sale

This week we have a very illuminating set of items in our virtual pop up shop – a selection of vintage desk lamps. They’re all well designed, good looking & functional – and range in price from £22 to £50.

Light show

Sunday, July 7th, 2013

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collection of vintage industrial lights hanging in a row

A couple of weeks ago Justin bought one of these vintage industrial lights at Todmorden flea market.

collection of vintage industrial lights hanging in a row

As he turned to walk away someone who’d been standing next to him at the stall tapped him on the shoulder. He said that he had quite a collection of similar lamps at home, would he be interested in buying any more?

detailed view of vintage industrial light


pair of vintage industrial lights

He arrived the following week with a cardboard box full of these gorgeous vintage task lights. They’ve got such a great look – industrial & almost sculptural.

collection of vintage industrial lights hanging in a row

They’re well designed, robust and functional – and the grippers mean they’re very flexible with regards to positioning. Perfect in the kitchen, office, craft or sewing area.  Anywhere you need a good, clear task light.

Bookmarks: Illuminate – Contemporary Craft Lighting

Saturday, February 23rd, 2013

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cover of Hannah Nunn's Illuminate: Contemporary Craft Lighting book beside one of her Allium paper cut lamps

Today’s Bookmarks review, of Illuminate – Contemporary Craft Lighting, is the debut publication by someone we’ve blogged about in the past.

dandelion lamp handmade by Hannah Nunn

The book’s author, Hannah Nunn, is a designer/maker – specialising in beautiful & delicate paper-cut lamps.

cylindrical, handmade paper cut lamp by Hannah Nunn

She also owns and runs Radiance – a lighting & craft boutique – in Hebden Bridge where she’s based. All in all, a very busy lady!

glass feather chandelier

Illuminate’s chapters are broken down via materials – paper, glass, ceramics, wood etc…

large, rectangular ceiling light with multi-coloured glass drops in the shapes of leaves

…with sections within those chapters given over to individual designer/makers – a summary of their background & practice accompanied by lush photographs of their creations.

handmade floor lamps and floor-standing wooden cube lamps by Jane Blease

 Creations that are fun, colourful, wacky, delicate, whimsical and works of art – you’ll never make do with a bare bulb ever again!

sewing paper hanging wall lightshade above a vintage wooden chair

It’s lovely to see makers we know personally and admire including people like Manchester-based Jane Blease.

drum lampshades handmade by Helen Rawlinson from her silk-screened designs

And others who we’ve not had the pleasure of meeting in person, but with whose work we’re already familiar, such as Helen Rawlinson and Greypants.

trio of cardboard ceiling lampshades by Greypants

Equally, it’s great to be introduced by this book to talents such as Scabetti, Penelope Batley and Aline Johnson.

long pendant ceiling light with four different coloured glass shades

The lighting showcased represents an international pool of artistry. As well as the UK, makers hail from as far afield as Japan, the USA, New Zealand, Serbia and The Netherlands.

the beginning of the Paper chapter showing organic pottery vases with poppy heads inside next to a paper cut lamp by Hannah Nunn

In all, there are 43 individual lighting designers featured in the book – but owing to space restrictions Hannah has included an additional image gallery of work by other makers that she recommends you seek out.

selection of drum lampshades by House of Chintz on an antique Windsor chair

Perhaps this is a sign that there’s a demand for Illuminate II!

selection of lights

Illuminate is available from Bloomsbury the publishers, Amazon and Hive.

long neck light resembling a huge string of silver beads on a necklace hung over the back of a white chair

[Many thanks to Bloomsbury for the review copy]

Put in the shade!

Saturday, October 2nd, 2010

Put in the shade blog banner

collection of vintage lamps including a pair of olive green Poole Pottery cubes, one tall, teak Danish example and a lime green glass pear shaped base

We’ve bought lots of lamp bases recently and have been trying to marry them up with shades that we also pick up from time to time.

large white vintage geometric table lamp base topped with a vintage Genia Sapper "Heidi" fabric shade

We think this combination really works. We bought this original 1960s/70s white pottery base at a market last week. We already had the Genia Sapper Heidi pattern shade… and hey presto, a match made in heaven!

diptych image of vintage Danish teak lamp base with two different shades

We had a couple of options available for this vintage Scandinavian teak base. Both have natural tones in hessian type materials. Each works fine… but we’re not sure that either is the perfect shape & size.

detail from vintage Danish teak lamp base

The actual base is stunning though, with its tactile sculptural form – very Dansk Designs actually.

pair of small, olive green, cube-shaped vintage Poole Pottery lamp bases with geometric pattern decoration

We’ve just acquired two of these geometric pottery bases. They were produced by Poole Pottery in the 1960s.

detail from pair of small, olive green, cube-shaped vintage Poole Pottery lamp bases with geometric pattern decoration

The bases are the stars of the show here, so we’ll keep it simple for the shades. We’ve got some of those cylindrical off-white fibreglass shades, which are a pretty good fit… but a slate grey fabric would be perfect.

vintage pear shaped lime green glass lamp base

…and then there’s this stunning lime green glass shade – possibly by Holmgaard. This base is quite tricky – we’re not even sure what we’re looking for – but it will jump out at us one day!!!

Strike a poise!

Friday, April 2nd, 2010

"Strike a poise" banner

multicoloured collection of vintage anglepoise lamps

This was an unusual buy at auction last week. A single lot, consisting of 21 vintage Anglepoise (and similar) lamps. We bought them untested – but amazingly all bar one worked perfectly!

white vintage Anglepoise lamp with Kathleen Major print in the background

We put some in our antiques centre pitch this morning….

vintage orange Finnish lamp

…the others will be finding their way into the H is for Home shop in the coming weeks.

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