Get their look: Industrial style utility room

Industrial style utility roomcredit

For most people, doing the laundry is a chore at the best of times. However, I’d do my washing, drying and ironing with a smile on my face if this industrial style utility room belonged to me!

It’s practical, light and roomy – you could swing a duvet cover, never mind a cat. If you have the space, a separate and – in the case above – matching washing machine and dryer are especially handy… especially if there are lots of people (and therefore, dirty laundry) in the household. It can halve the time that wash day takes!

The monochrome décor is lifted with copper highlights in the pendant lights, worktop planters and beautiful laundry basket.

  1. Hanging ball glass terrariums with airplants
  2. Premier Jasper wide pendant light in copper
  3. Ampersand print poster
  4. Roger Lascelles 36cm French château wall clock
  5. Large copper wire basket
  6. Artificial cactus in metallic pot
  7. Miele WMH121WPS free-standing washing machine
  8. Miele TMG840WP tumble dryer

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Get their look: Vintage laundry room

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vintage laundry roomcredit

We do love a nice laundry room – and this one is both functional and stylish. The sun-lit, neutral colour scheme works really well. There are lots of natural materials in the form of wood, wicker and hessian. Cleaning products and soaps are close to hand on open shelving – the attractive packaging makes them decorative additions rather than eyesores. There are plentiful storage cupboards, hanging rails and baskets – so a place for everything – there’s a real sense of order & calm. It looks a lovely place to sit & relax, never mind do the washing in!!

  1. Enamel canister
  2. Laundry liquid
  3. Hangers
  4. Stool
  5. Circular basket
  6. Washboard
  7. Set of lined baskets

Get their look: vintage laundry room | H is for Home