Forthcoming Attractions: End-January 2016

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Vintage shop items | H is for Home

Here’s a selection of some recent vintage finds for you to peruse.

vintage leather luggage items | H is for Home

We’ll start with the vintage leather luggage items. They always prove popular in our antiques centre space and look great arranged in stacks and groupings. The different shapes and colours work really well together.

vintage metal corkscrews and vintage industrial task light

Moving on to a bit of vintage industrial styling. We love these hanging task lights with their cage bulb covers. They look fantastic hanging from the ceiling in a dark corner or above a dining/work table. The addition of a old fashioned filament bulb and flex finishes them off perfectly.

pair of vintage metal corkscrews | H is for Home

These vintage French corkscrews have an industrial feel too with their mechanical concertina-like action. They look good and are useful (very useful) too!

vintage metal exit sign | H is for Home

This next item caught our eye immediately as we really like old letters, signs & stencils. This ‘EXIT’ sign is made from what looks like zinc metal with a painted surface. We like the yellow colour and aged patina.

Red vintage goose neck desk lamp and vintage Fiesta biscuit tin

And a bit of classic vintage-retro now. We always have a good selection of vintage desk lamps available in the antiques centre. Having a choice of colours is ideal, so this lovely bright red example can join their number.

Vintage Fiesta biscuit tin detail

And last but not least, this gorgeous 1950s biscuit tin. It has colourful and playful decoration with a Spanish theme. Perfect for those home-made biscuits or cupcakes. All these items are being listed in our online shop or eBay this week so get in touch if you see anything you’d like.

Etsy List: Hell for Leather!

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'Hell for leather!' Etsy List curated by H is for HomeLeather is one of the few materials – much like denim – that looks better with a bit of use & wear. It’s a great material for use in the home. It’s warm tactile and beautiful. We’ve blogged before about our bargain pair of vintage leather club chairs – one of our best buys ever!

We also have a leather sofa – essential when you have a big (often muddy) dog who thinks it’s his own personal piece of furniture. A fabric-covered sofa wouldn’t be able to cope with the beating!

Leather homewares – especially if it’s vintage – can be pricey. But so long as it’s kept waxed, polished, buffed and loved, it will last you a lifetime.

Hell for Leather
Curated by H is for Home

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Heaven for Leather

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Our pair of vintage leather club chairs in front of the fire

These two vintage leather club chairs were one of last year’s best buys – they’re wonderfully aged and so comfortable.

detail of an arm of the leather armchair showing cracking

We’ve been on the look out for a good conditioner to feed the leather & enhance the beautiful patina.

bottle of Chamberlain's Leather Milk No. 5 with applicator pad

We were sent a bottle of Chamberlain’s Leather Milk 8oz Furniture Treatment No. 5 to try out.

Justin applying Chamberlain's Leather Milk to one of our leather armchairs

It was quick and easy to use. We applied the milk with the pad provided. Let it dry for about 10 minutes – then buffed it up with a clean cloth. Our chairs soaked it up – you could almost sense the relief from the old leather! Chamberlain’s milks are all made with natural ingredients and smell very nice – like almond essence.

leather armchair after applying leather milk

The results are brilliant – just what we’d hoped for. The leather has softened & looks superb – a colour like autumn conkers.

detail of an arm of the leather armchair after applying leather milk

Since Fudge arrived, we’ve insisted on having leather chairs & sofa because he’s under the impression that they were installed primarily for his use. Seating of any other material wouldn’t last 2 minutes with the mud & dirt that he traipses into the house under his paws.

Fudge laying on our vintage Danish leater sofa

Up until now, the cleaning regime for Fudge’s Danish leather sofa has consisted of a quick going over with leather wipes – much like those ones you can get for babies bottoms! This piece of furniture has really benefited from the milk’s restorative magic. It gives the leather a boost without taking away any of its character.

leather seat before using leather milk on it leather seat after using leather milk on it

There are 5 different recipes from which to choose, each suiting a different application. Whether it’s a quick clean & refresh for leather shoes and handbags; a deeper clean for more ingrained dirt; a protectant & water-proofer for walking boots; cleaner & conditioner for leather car seats or a cleaner & conditioner for leather sofas and armchairs. There’s a tailor-made treatment for the job. To find out which one (or combination) does what, go to the Chamberlain’s Leather Milk website. You’ll also find videos with advice & demonstrations.

bottle of Chamberlain's Leather Milk No. 5 with used applicator pad

Chamberlain’s is very proud of its products and you’ll find lots glowing reviews from satisfied customers online – you can add our names to the list. They’ve also been a great company to deal with – give them a try!

If you’re based in the UK, Chamberlain’s Leather Milk products are only available via Amazon from Leather Care UK


Wednesday Wish: Leather Chesterfield

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view of our sitting room showing our now flood dameged leather sofa

We’ve blogged a couple of times in the past fortnight about our flood. One of the water damaged casualties was our leather sofa. The current seating arrangements in our sitting room are a bit sparse, consisting of the circular wicker chair pictured and a vintage Ercol rocking chair we bought at auction recently.

The building work hasn’t even started yet, so we’re weeks away from being able to buy new things for the house – but we’re already dreaming of lying on a comfy sofa in front of the fire or TV.

By way of  a replacement, we’ve got two options in mind. We might go for a Danish mid century modern style sofa similar in look to the one we’ve lost – long & low with simple lines.

Heaton Leather Chesterfield sofa from the Chesterfield Company, Manchester
3-seater Heaton Leather Chesterfield, from £810.00 – The Chesterfield Company

We also love antique leather Chesterfields, particularly beautifully aged ones with that rich chestnut colour. These are hard to find and can be very expensive. We’ve just been checking out some of the new models on offer. The one above would be welcome – we’ll just have to age it ourselves!!

Wednesday Wish: Bianca leather cuff

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Marc Jacobs "Bianca" leather cuff

Pink Bianca leather cuff by Marc Jacobs: Zappos Couture: $98.00

What’s not to love about this? It’s pink, it’s leather, it’s a cuff! Unfortunately this pink version doesn’t seem to be available in the UK (PLEASE, PLEASE let me know if I’m mistaken!) but you can currently get the brown version from Selfridges for £85.00.