Adelle’s Christmas haul

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Adelle's Christmas haul

Justin bought me lovely presents again this year, so I thought I’d sing his praises and share a few pics of my Christmas haul.

Vintage industrial iron letter A

My presents were marked with this huge lovely old letter A – just in case I couldn’t find the large pile of gifts when I awoke on Christmas morning!

Tweed jacket

The first thing I opened was this gorgeous coat in Burren tweed. It’s made by Jack Murphy and has a modern country look. It’s perfect for all kinds of occasion – walking the dog on a sunny, crisp winters morning; browsing the shops in one of our Yorkshire market towns – or a day at the races all spring to mind!

Tweed jacket detail

As Justin knows, the shade of purple in this tweed is just about my favourite colour. He also bought me some cosy, fleecy pyjamas which carried on the theme. The purple ones have a sweet little heart design and the grey ones have festive snowflakes!

Pyjamas detail

Justin usually buys me a piece of jewellery at Christmas. This year he chose something from Element in Hebden Bridge. The stone is polished flint with a silver mount. I love the simple Scandinavian style and the fact that something beautiful has been created from such a humble material.

Polished flint ring from Element in Hebden Bridge

Next came some vintage fashion! Justin spends a lot of his time trawling for vintage loveliness, so I do quite well for handbags and the like. These two pieces date from the 1970s – a lovely pale blue, soft leather handbag and a roomy vanity case in yellow ochre.

Vintage handbag and vanity case

And what about this gorgeous little man! Well, he’s not so little – standing 16 inches tall. The robin’s breast is covered in Wiltshire Berry R Tana Lawn patterned fabric from the Liberty Art Fabrics Collection. I’d mentioned how gorgeous I thought he was when I was sourcing gift ideas for our blog. Then lo & behold – this wonderful splash of colour emerged from a simple brown paper package. He’s making me smile just looking at this photograph!

Large Liberty print robin figure and pair of bird books by Matt Sewell

There were more charming birds in the form of this little books. They’re produced by a favourite illustrator of ours, Matt Sewell. They’re entitled Our Garden Birds and Our Woodland Birds, so they’ll cover many of the birds I’ll see on our walks.

Pair of bird books by Matt Sewell

And Christmas just isn’t Christmas without a chocolatey treat! He bought me some luxury chocolate spread – perfect for the morning croissants.

Tin of fine chocolate spread

I think this girl done good!

George Him matchbook

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detailed view of a vintage George Him match-book front cover | H is for Home

We’ve tracked down another one of these fabulous & rare, vintage match-books produced for Liberty in the 1960s.

detailed view of a vintage George Him match-book edge showing words '150 CRON MATCHES MADE IN FINLAND | Designed for Liberty of London by vintage George Him

The last example we featured was designed by Miroslav Sasek – this one’s the work of another favourite illustrator, George Him.

vintage George Him match-book front cover

A row of guardsmen provides the inspiration – each with their own unique facial expression & medal collection.

inside view of vintage George Him match-book

The match-book is unused and in very good condition. They really are rare survivors and don’t appear often.

vintage George Him match-book rear cover

We actually had this one sent all the way from America.

collection of vintage London items including vintage Him match-book and London series ceramic tiles designed by Kenneth Townsend

We’ve added it to our collection of quirky London inspired design pieces – they really put a smile on our faces.

Christmas Countdown: Liberty of London

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selection of Christmas items from Liberty of London

These crackers from Liberty of London are some of the most exquisite things I’ve ever seen – almost too lovely to pull! And I’d happily share a home with that plump robin with his Liberty print breast. Liberty’s Christmas range isn’t the largest, but it makes up for that in the sheer quality of what it does have.

  1. Extra large Liberty print robin – £59.95
  2. Silver Astley Clarke Winter Skies charm – £135
  3. Blue knitted Christmas stocking – £16.95
  4. Christmas pudding felt bauble – £6.95
  5. Medium festive print angel tree topper – £19.95
  6. Heritage superior luxury crackers – £39.95

Miroslav Sasek alert!

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detailed view of vintage Miroslav Sasek matchbook designed & manufactured for Liberty of London

A few months ago, we blogged about this lovely vintage matchbook designed by Miroslav Sasek for Liberty of London. They’re rare survivors especially when in good condition.

Last week, we were contacted by Penny from the Rain Rescue charity shop in Sheffield. They had a similar one donated to their shop recently and were keen to get the best possible price for it. We said that we’d flag it up to our readers if they put it on eBay, so here’s a link to the listing. They do wonderful work caring for & re-homing animals in need.

The winning bidder will be receiving a lovely item and helping a great cause to boot. If you’re interested you’d best be quick – the listing ends tomorrow!

Christmas Countdown: Liberty London

"Christmas Countdown" blog post banner

selection of festive Christmas items available at Liberty London

Liberty London (in my opinion) is one of the most beautiful buildings in the city and has the most magical Christmas window displays in the world!

1. Liberty building bauble: £29.95 | 2. Liberty superior crackers: £45.00

3. DIY Christmas calendar: £16 | 4. Decorated Gingerbread book: £9.99

5. Christmas trees craft kit: £11.95

Miroslav Sasek matches

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detail from long vintage match book made in Finland for Liberty's and illustrated by Miroslav Sasek. Showing an illustration of a man being driven by a chauffeur in a Rolls Royce and a motorbike with a side car | H is for Home

Here’s something for all you Miroslav Sasek fans out there – there won’t be many of these left in circulation.

long vintage match book made in Finland for Liberty's and illustrated by Miroslav Sasek. Showing illustrations of different vehicles such as a London cab, motorcycle with side car and chauffeur driven Rolls Royce | H is for Home

It’s a vintage book of matches with cover design by the famous illustrator – unused and in pristine condition – what a rare survivor!!

detail from long vintage match book made in Finland for Liberty's and illustrated by Miroslav Sasek. Showing an illustration of a London black cab | H is for Home

Sasek depicts 1950s/60s London traffic in his unmistakable style…

red interior of a long vintage match book made in Finland for Liberty's and illustrated by Miroslav Sasek. Showing completely unused black matches with red heads | H is for Home

… and it’s a very long match book – 32cm, so plenty of room for Sasek’s wonderful drawings.

detail of the spine of a long vintage match book made in Finland for Liberty's and illustrated by Miroslav Sasek. Showing the text "150 crown matches made in Finland Designed for Liberty of London by M Sasek | H is for Home

They were manufactured in Finland for Liberty of London – just gorgeous!!