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Collection of small watercolour paintings by J A Hurley | H is for Home

These were an interesting little purchase recently.

small watercolour painting entitled, "Dales Road" by J A Hurley

This collection of watercolours caught our eye as we passed a second-hand shop in Clitheroe.

small watercolour painting entitled, "Bent Trees, Mitton Flats, Clitheroe" by J A Hurley

They were housed in a mish-mash of quite horrible frames, but we could see that they were in fact, original watercolour sketches… and very well executed.

small watercolour painting entitled, "Pots & Pans, War Memorial, Saddleworth Moors" by J A Hurley

They really capture the essence of the Northern country landscape with which we’re so familiar…

triptych of small watercolours by J A Hurley depicting trees

…moorlands, fells, river valleys, lanes, dry stone walls, farms and fields.

pair of small watercolours depicting "Knowl Top Farm near Pots & Pans, Saddleworth" (top) and "Farm, Clitheroe - Mitton Road - Longridge Fell in background" (below)

The artist is J A Hurley – who actually lives & works in the Clitheroe area. We’ve seen prints of his work in art galleries, so it was a nice to find a bundle of originals. Especially as we paid a very reasonable £40.00 for a total of 11 small paintings.

small watercolour painting entitled "Houses at Mitton, Ribble Valley" by J A Hurley

We’re planning to re-frame them and put them up for sale in our pitch in Picture House Antiques… after snaffling a couple away for our own walls!