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L is for…

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

L is for... banner

Vintage stainless steel Lundtofte coffee set

We picked up this fabulous coffee set last weekend.

vintage stainless steel Lundtofte coffee pot vintage stainless steel Lundtofte coffee set

That made our minds up about what L should be for!

vintage stainless steel Lundofte ice bucket vintage stainless steel Lundtofte ice bucket

Danish company Lundtofte produced high quality, stainless steel pieces – predominantly kitchen & dining wares, but also some decorative household objects.

close up of Lundtofte manufacturer's label

They used top quality materials and manufacturing techniques – stainless steel often combined with teak and rosewood.

vintage stainless steel Lundtofte sauceboat

There are some fantastic, mid-century modern designs to be found by designers such as Tias Eckhoff, Eric Herlow and Lone Sachs.

vintage Lundtofte 'Opus' cutlery set vintage Lundtofte 'Opus" cutlery set

vintage Lundtofte chaffing dish

vintage Lundtofte salt & pepper set vintage Lundtofte salt & pepper pots

We have a few examples of Lundtofte for sale at the moment at H is for Home- have a look!

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Yahoo Japan (kealoha)

I is for…

Friday, May 30th, 2008

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Group of various vintage ice buckets

You’ve got your wine, your beer, your mineral water…

…or if you’re lucky, a bit of fizz.

You’ve got your ice to keep it cool.

Now all you need is something stylish to put it in.

Step forward ICE BUCKET!

Made from all kinds of materials including glass, wood, plastic, stainless steel & silver – with shapes & designs too numerous to mention.

Some are big enough to plunge your whole bottle in – like this fantastic, 1960s yellow Cathrineholm number…

Vintage yellow & white Ice-filled Cathrineholm 'Lotus' pattern ice bucket with pair of wine glasses and tea towel

…others hold just enough cubes to keep that G&T at the optimum temperature.

photo of a glass of gin & tonic, vintage wooden ice bucket with tongs on orange vintage blanket
Teak & stainless steel by Viners

Vintage stainless steel & teak Lundtofte ice bucket Vintage yellow plastic Crayonne ice bucket Vintage stainless steel Arne Jacobsen designed Stelton ice bucket
left to right: Lundtofte, Crayonne & Stelton

We always have a few designs in stock, so if your cubes need a good home, check out the selection at H is for Home

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