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Tuesday Huesday: Rice melamine

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2012

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yellow dishwasher with a collection of colourful Rice melamine plates, cups etc available from Huset

What a lovely lot of bright, cheerful Rice melamine dishes! And I’m in love with the yellow dishwasher. I’ve looked on the internet to see if I could find it but the closest I came to it is this compact model available at John Lewis.

This photo makes me almost look forward to tackling the washing up… almost!

Campervan Collecting

Friday, June 24th, 2011

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vintage yellow and orange Primus stove

We picked up this fabulous vintage camping stove last week.

vintage yellow and orange Primus stove

It was produced by Primus of Sweden in the 1960s/70s.

vintage yellow and orange Primus stove

It’s a great colour and design, folding up to form a handy carry case.

We mentioned in our recent Bookmarks review of My Cool Campervan that we’re hoping to get our own campervan sometime in the not too distant future.

vintage orange enamel kettle and green patterned melamine plates

We’ve actually started doing some campervan collecting… starting a campervan ‘bottom drawer’ – or ‘hope chest’ – to our American, Canadian and New Zealand readers.

The stove’s now been added to it.

vintage orange enamel kettle

It contains all kinds of stuff – well designed, cheerfully decorated and unbreakable (or at least exceedingly robust).

vintage white enamel kettle

We’ve got kettles and teapots…

vintage enamel kettle, coffee pot and teapot

…and lots of melamine plates & bowls.

vintage green patterned Tefal melamine plates

detail from vintage green patterned melamine plate

There are drinking vessels in all sizes & shapes.

collection of vintage melamine cups

We reckon there’ll be lots of tea drinking…

collection of vintage pottery mugs

…and with all that tea we’ll obviously be eating lots of cake.

vintage three tier cake tin

…and when we run out of cake we’ll have to resort to mere bread!

vintage orange painted metal bread bin

We’ve got lots of cosy blankets for when it’s a bit chilly…

collection of vintage blankets and throws

…and deck chairs for when its sunny.

collection of colourful vintage garden and camping chairs

Will there be any space left in the campervan for us?

H is for… Holiday

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

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funky vintage armchairs in our sunny garden

We’re in the middle of a long, dry, sunny spell … by Pennine standards at least!

vintage orange sun lounger

And here’s the ideal thing for this perfect summer holiday weather.

vintage collapsible picnic table & chairs

This fantastic, French 1950s picnic table & chairs has just gone into our pitch at Picture House Antiques.

vintage collapsible picnic table & chairsvintage collapsible picnic table & chairs
vintage collapsible picnic table & chairsvintage collapsible picnic table & chairs

The wooden table collapses to form a carry case – and the metal & canvas chairs fold up inside – great for picnics, camping or in the garden.

And of course you’ll also need picnic blankets, coolers, baskets, indestructible crockery, sun loungers and stuff for the beach.

Check out the Great Outdoors section in our H is for Home web shop for similar stuff.