Forthcoming Attractions: Early March 2016

Collection of vintage collectables | H is for Home

Here’s a selection of this past week’s vintage buys – quite a blast of colour!

Two orange vintage West German fat lava vases | H is for Home

We’ll start off with the West German vases – in gorgeous, vibrant shades of orange. One has the classic bubbling, fat lava glaze and the other a more uniform pattern of impressed marks. We like both styles – and they look great together.

Full set of vintage English Ironstone 'Beefeater' steak plates | H is for Home

Next up, we have a set of psychedelic bull plates – not exactly subtle shades either! We do love this fun and eccentric range of dinner ware.

Vintage red & silver electric Metamec wall clock | H is for Home

This bright red clock is wonderful too – both functional and beautiful. Produced by Metamec in the 1950s/60s it would provide a real flash of vintage style & colour to a kitchen or office wall.

Three vintage metal waste paper bins | H is for Home

We’ve also picked up this trio of waste paper bins. The one with flowers is marked Worcester Ware – a company who produced some fabulous, everyday metalware. They’re perfect for kids bedrooms or nurseries.

Collection of vintage laundry and garden implements including wooden clothes pegs, washboard, watering can and hand fork | H is for Home

Less bright, but no less attractive, is this collection of garden and laundry items. Last week’s Get their look post featured a lovely traditional laundry area. It had a couple of the vintage washboards on the wall which looked great. We’re big fans of painted and galvanised metal, in general – our own garden is full of old dolly tubs, wash baths, florists pots, dustbins and watering cans. They look attractive, weather nicely – and don’t shatter in the frost!

Forthcoming Attractions: Mid August 2012

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selection of vintage homewares recently acquired by H is for Home including a bolt of vintage orange Draylon fabric, Metamec starburst clock, bright yellow camping kettle, Old Hall teak & stainless steel serving dish, red & white polka dot Kirkham Pottery lidded pot, 1950s footstool with red vinyl seat, vintage yellow glazed pottery lamp base

Some forthcoming attractions for mid August – these vintage homewares are all of a similar, mid 20th century vintage.

bolt of vintage orange Draylon fabric

We’ll start with a bolt of unused vintage Draylon fabric – unmistakably from the 60s/70s era

detail of pattern from a bolt of vintage orange Draylon fabric

It has a bold repeating pattern in burnt orange & white. Perfect for upholstery, curtains, cushions, lampshades etc.

vintage 1950s footstool with red vinyl seat

This is a lovely footstool with its two tone red vinyl seat and tapered wooden legs.

detail from a vintage 1950s footstool with red vinyl seat

It would sit very nicely in any self-respecting mid century modern pad.

vintage yellow glazed pottery lamp base

We’ve had a few of these lamps in various colours – green, brown or caramel like this one. A drum shaped teak or Hessian shade would be just the thing to finish it off.

bright yellow vintage camping kettle

This is just a simple little kettle, but we love its brightly coloured painted metalware – just the thing for the vintage camper.

vintage Old Hall teak & stainless steel serving dish

Onto a notable designer next – namely Robert Welch. He designed this stainless steel & teak hors d’eouvres set for Old Hall in the 1960s. This was just one of many pieces he designed for the company – the Alveston tea set being a sought after classic.

vintage red & white polka dot Kirkham Pottery lidded pot

We’re probably just in the 1950s for this storage jar with its lovely polka dot design in red & white. It was made by Kirkham Pottery and has a real vintage tea party or kitchenette feel.

vintage 1960s Metamec starburst clock

And finally, a real stunner of a clock. There are lots of mid 20th century inspired & reproduction starburst clocks on the market, but this is one of the true originals. It has teak & brass coloured rays and was produced by Metamec. It’s in excellent condition and is still ticking away nicely after 50 years or so.

O is for… Orange

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Original ink & wash painting by Geoffrey Key entitled Welsh Valley

This week’s blog is a small homage to a glorious colour. O just had to be for orange.

Vintage orange Metamec wall clock | H is for Home detail from orange vintage pop art fabric | H is for Home

Vintage 'Dolly Days' porcelain coffee set designed by John Russell for Hostess Tableware in the 1960s | H is for Home

Vintage orange floral metal biscuit barrel | H is for Home Vintage orange & white 'Lotus' skillet produced by Cathrineholm | H is for Home

We are big fans, and judging by our popular photos on Flickr and items that always sell well on H is for Home, so are a lot of you out there.

Vintage orange & white daisy patterned enamel lidded saucepan | H is for Home Vintage teapot with tea cosy hand-knitted from vintage wool | H is for Home

Orange has the wonderful ability to look warm & cosy in the winter or lively & fresh in the summer.

Set of vintage 'Gaytime' drinking glasses | H is fo rHome Vintage orange plastic 'Party Set' snack dish | H is for Home

Orange objects really catch the eye. It enables them to shout loudly in a collection of other brightly coloured pieces.

Collection of vintage art glass vases | H is for Home

Alternatively, it’s perfect as a highlight colour within a muted décor or against natural materials.

We’ve given a few different chairs the orange treatment!

We did a G is for… Garden blog post a couple of months ago having just planted out some annuals. Our French marigolds are doing well with all the sunshine & showers we’ve been having.

French marigold flowers | H is for Home

Till next week! x