Vintage Micratex Catrina cups

Micratex Catrina mugs with chocolate digestive biscuits | H is for Home

You don’t come across these everyday, so we thought that they were definitely worth featuring in a blog post. We are, of course, referring to the cups and not the chocolate digestives!

Micratex Catrina mugs with chocolate digestive biscuits and cafetiere cover | H is for Home

This range of crockery is very hard to find – in fact we’ve been waiting for about 10 years to find a piece. The pattern will be very familiar to vintage fans – the unmistakable Lotus pattern designed by Arne Clausen – and famously used on Cathrineholm enamelware – kettles, coffee pots, saucepans et al – shapes designed by Greta Prytz Kittelsen. Here it’s being used in this range of vintage crockery made in England.

Adams Micratex Catrina mug base stamp

It was produced by Adams Pottery – a member of the Wedgewood group. Their range is called Micratex Catrina, but there’s no doubting it’s identical to Lotus. It was being produced way back in the 1960s. Did Arne Clausen give Adams permission to use it – or did Adams copy it? We’re not sure – it’s a rare oddity.

Micratex Catrina mugs showing 'Lotus' detail | H is for Home

We’ll enjoy drinking our coffee out of them whilst we investigate further!