Designer Desire: Jacqueline Groag

Mosaic of Jacqueline Groag designs | H is for Home

The day was sure to come when we were going to feature Jacqueline Groag in our Designer Desire series. We’ve blogged about her on numerous occasions in the past, so we won’t repeat ourselves here. Click here to read up and find out more about this wonderful textile designer!

These are just a taste of all the wonderful designs she produced in her lifetime. If we’ve piqued your interest in Jacqueline Groag there’s an entire book  available that’s dedicated to her work.

Jacqueline Groag

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Get their look: Melbourne mid century modern

Melbourne mid century modern sitting roomcredit

Although Australia is way over on the other side of the world, it’s a goldmine when it comes to sourcing great Scandinavian mid century modern designs.

This striking Melbourne mid century modern home is furnished with lots of classic pieces of furniture from the era, alongside mid-century inspired items such as the tabletop mobile and pebble patterned cushion.

  1. Vitra Noguchi coffee table, walnut
  2. Arched floor lamp
  3. Eames lounge chair & ottoman
  4. Original Danish design side table
  5. Vintage floral eiderdown quilt
  6. Custom metal table stabile: The Alexander
  7. Vintage teak sideboard

Get their look: Melbourne mid century modern | H is for Home

Get their look: Mid-century Modern-inspired crash pad

Mid-century Modern-inspired crash padcredit

We’ve chosen this Mid-century Modern-inspired crash pad for our Get their look post this week.

Lots of work went into transforming a rather staid 2 bedroom flat into this cool place which the owner uses 3 or 4 nights a week whilst working in Dublin. The whole family descends to stay from time to time too.

There’s a main open living, cooking, dining space – with separate bedrooms and bathroom. A small office/work area has also been incorporated into a recess. It’s quite masculine in style – pared back, clean lines, uncluttered. The colour scheme consists of layers of grey, black and walnut wood shades with pops of brighter colour.

It’s very functional, yet retains a relaxed feel – warm, secure & cosy too. We think that there’s quite a boutique hotel vibe going on. Ideal for a home away from home maybe.

  1. Edison Industrial Minaret Modern pendant light – amber
  2. Anthology Seri wallpaper, 110767
  3. Walnut and black faux leather barstools – Texas
  4. Chicago floor lamp, antique copper and gold
  5. The Cushion Factory pink & grey cushion 45×45
  6. Luigi sofa
  7. Chiva functional coffee table with storage

Get their look: Mid-century Modern-inspired crash pad | H is for Home

Stag Furniture

Pair of vintage Stag Furniture chest of drawers | H is for Home

We’ve just picked up a lovely pair of matching vintage wooden chests of drawers.

Pair of vintage Stag Furniture chest of drawers | H is for Home

They were designed by husband & wife partnership, John & Sylvia Reid, for Stag Furniture in the 1950s.

Pair of vintage Stag Furniture chest of drawers stacked one on top of the other | H is for Home

They have a strong mid century modern look with pared back, simple, clean lines.

Detail from vintage Stag Furniture chest of drawers showing a leg | H is for Home

They appear to be made from a combination of light oak and teak – with two large drawers and a slightly smaller top drawer standing on short, tapered legs.

Open drawer on vintage Stag Furniture chest of drawers showing the logo | H is for Home

We really like the subtle handles with their geometric influence. Having lived with the drawers for a couple of days, we noticed how nicely the light and shadow catches them. They’d look great with a background of a bold, mid century wallpaper picking up their geometric form – Minimodern’s Backgammon springs to mind.

Triangle highlights and shadows on a vintage Stag Furniture chest of drawers | H is for Home

They’re quite a useful, compact size; measuring 75cm wide, 70cm tall and 43cm deep.

Vintage Stag chest of drawers with drawers open | H is for Home

We’re going to keep them together as a pair – they’ve made it this long as a couple – we’d hate to split them up now. They’ll go into our antiques centre space – or perhaps our eBay shop, We’ll hang fire for a day or so in case any of our readers want first dibs. Drop us a line if they’re just the thing for you.






Get their Look: Mid-century Modern living room

Mid-Century Modern living roomcredit

This light-filled living room really lends itself to Mid-century Modern furnishings – and the owners have gathered some lovely pieces to fill the space. Scandinavian styling is much in evidence – the sideboard, seating, small table and lighting all look to have the touch of Scandinavian design – we could perhaps be even more specific and say Danish design.

Walls and ceilings are painted white to enhance the bright, airy feel provided by the large bay window and high ceilings. The wooden floor, leather sofa and textiles add warmth. There are some flashes of bright colour provided by art glass and a row of vintage pottery water jugs sitting atop the bookcase.

This Mid-century Modern living room looks the perfect place to socialise with family and friends.

  1. ‘Poolside Gossip’ photographic print by Slim Aarons
  2. Vita Silvia handing lamp shade
  3. Florence Knoll style leather sofa
  4. Adjustable eyeball table lamp
  5. Vintage Danish sideboard
  6. Vintage Fiesta ware water jugs
  7. Ercol Originals Windsor chair
  8. Arkana Tulip table

Get their Look: Mid-Century Modern living room | H is for Home

Mid century modern golfer

Mid century modern bronze golfer figure | H is for Home

Any golfers with a love of mid century modern style out there? We might have just the thing for you.

Mid century modern bronze golfer figure | H is for Home

We picked up this small bronze sculpture today and were very taken by the design. Long, sinuous limbs and strong facial features. We thought it had something of the Alberto Giacometti about it.

Mid century modern bronze golfer figure | H is for Home

You don’t actually need to be a golfer to appreciate this striking little object. A simple yet bold design – perfect on a bookshelf or desk. It will be available in our web shop soon.