Price Points: 2016 Diaries

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selection of 2016 diaries | H is for Home

2015 is almost gone – just a fortnight’s worth of sand left in the timer. I don’t know about you, but with the proliferation of tech gadgets and apps around, I still like having the physicality of pen & paper to record certain things.

Every year, I carry over everyone’s birthdays from the previous year’s diary to the following year’s. I love to flip through the pages to remind myself of what I’d been up to during the prior 12 months. The work I had on, the deadlines that I had to meet, the weekends away, the people who came to visit…

I’ve been searching for a bright one for next year – orange being my favoured colour. Here’s what I came up with for 2016 diaries – budget, mid-range and deluxe.

  1. Panama collection orange 2016 Portobello diary in cross-grain lambskin: £180, Smythson
  2. ‘Colour a Month’ daily planner: £31.99, Moleskine
  3. Letts Two Tone A5 week to view diary: £9.49, Filofax

Christmas Countdown: Selfridges

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selection of yellow gift items available from Selfridges

1. gift box | 2. wellies

3. welly socks | 4. satchel

5. candle | 6. notebook

Pantone 109, otherwise known as Selfridges yellow, is one of the most recognisable colours in luxury retail. We’ve assembled half a dozen items – many of them limited edition or exclusive to Selfridges – that would make fabulous Christmas gifts!