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'I'm Shattered!' Etsy List curated by H is for HomeI’m Shattered!
Curated by H is for Home

Mosaic is one craft that I’ve always wanted to try out but never got around to doing. It’s fairly easy to do – or so it seems to me – and the financial outlay on materials isn’t huge. Mosaic can be made using pieces of wood, plastic, glass, stone or the usual ceramic. It’s been around for thousands of years BC.

Remember I said that I thought it was easy to do? Well, I scoured Etsy for homewares featuring mosaic and there was a lot of it available. But so much of it wasn’t terribly good! It looks like it’s not that easy to master after all! Here are some of the items whose quality of craftsmanship I aspire to be able to produce one day!

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Mosaic tiled wall in Huddersfield town centre | H is for Home

We were out & about in Huddersfield the other day and took some photos of these amazing tiled mosaics.

Mosaic tiled wall in Huddersfield town centre | H is for Home

They’re situated in a 1960s-built precinct development in the town centre – they really capture the era.

vintage Platt tile depicting a prince on horseback with falcon on his arm | H is for Home

On the subject of tiles, we recently put this image on Flickr. It’s a 1960s tile by Platt depicting a prince on horseback with a hunting falcon – we absolutely love it! We’re planning on having it framed.

Vintage 1960s/70s raised relief tile depicting a bird on a branch | H is for Home

We got this vintage bird tile ready-framed which is very effective. We think it was made by Maw & Co. It reminds us of Lisa Larson in style. We bought it from Wowie Zowie in Chorlton. This shop is well worth a visit if you’re in Manchester – they have some lovely stuff, imaginatively displayed.

vintage 1960s/70s tile by Lisa Larson depicting Vikings in a ship | H is for Home

This large tile/plaque is indeed by Lisa Larson – she’s a real favourite of ours! It was designed for Gustavsberg of Sweden in the 1960s.

vintage Lisa Larson tile on our sitting room shelf | H is for Home

Here it is in its usual home on a shelf in our lounge.

vintage Italian tile on our bathroom shelf | H is for Home

Here’s another one of our vintage tiles in situ – this one’s Italian – it sits happily on our bathroom shelf. Here it is in close up.

vintage Italian ceramic tile depicting whitewashed buildings | H is for Home

The most recent addition to our little collection was picked up yesterday. It’s quite different to the others in the fact that it represents a real place – it depicts the Euromast in Rotterdam designed in the 1950s – we really like the modernist feel to it.

vintage 1950s ceramic tile of the Euromast in Rotterdam | H is for Home

The final item in our burgeoning tile collection is by Kenneth Townsend. We featured it before in our Z is for… Zoo blog post.

vintage lion ceramic tile by Kenneth Townsend from his Menagerie collection | H is for Home

The lion is an early piece from his Menagerie range. Hopefully, we’ll be able to find some of his other animals to fill our shelves!

Y is for… Yellow

Yellow – like orange – is another one of our favourite accent colours…

…a more gentle effect than the high impact of fiery orange, but perfect in some situations.

It has connotations of sunshine, freshness and spring. It was much used in 1950s design as countries emerged from the austere war years.

The mosaic at the top is made up of objects available from the H is for Home website.

Here’s a lovely little poem we came across recently… very fitting for today’s blog!

An omnibus across the bridge
Crawls like a yellow butterfly
And, here and there, a passer-by
Shows like a little restless midge.

Big barges full of yellow hay
Are moored against the shadowy wharf,
And, like a yellow silken scarf,
The thick fog hangs along the quay.

The yellow leaves begin to fade
And flutter from the Temple elms,

And at my feet the pale green Thames
Lies like a rod of rippled jade.

Symphony In Yellow, Oscar Wilde

Flickr Explore photos ’08

To mark the end of one year & the start of another, here’s a collection of some of our most popular photos we posted on Flickr in 2008.

Click on the links below to see them in more detail.

Happy 2009!

1. Recent purchases, 2. Vintage enamel teapot, 3. Vintage purple 1970s twin bell Westclox alarm clock, 4. 1950s biscuit tin (detail), 5. Vintage coffee pot collection, 6. Figgjo Flint ‘Daisy’ cup & saucer, 7. Vintage storage tins, 8. Vintage ‘Dolly Days’ coffee set, 9. Vintage painted serving tray, 10. Coffee for 2, 11. Still life in orange, 12. Vintage Denby Arabesque collection, 13. Hornsea mug collection, 14. Vintage Lundtofte stainless steel & rosewood coffee set, 15. Orange Felt Elephant, 16. Home Sweet Home, 17. Vintage dominoes, 18. Vintage pottery spoon rest, 19. This week’s haul, 20. Collection of vintage Staffordshire Pottery & Kiln Craft mugs, 21. On the line, 22. Cathrineholm ‘Lotus’ salt & pepper pots, 23. Collection of ‘cosy coaster’ mug cosies, 24. Vintage Cathrineholm enamel kettle, 25. Vintage hand crocheted bedspread, 26. vintage original silk screen print, 27. This weekend’s haul, 28. vintage pottery plate, 29. Glass Menagerie, 30. hand knitted ‘cosy coaster’, 31. Recent finds, 32. Vintage kitchen utensils, 33. Our vintage garden lounger, 34. Vintage Denby Pottery ‘Trees’ lidded soup bowl, 35. Collection of West German vases, 36. Picked up this week

V is for… Viners

Group of vintage Viners stainless steel items | H is for Home

Viners is renowned for its high quality stainless steel products.

vintage Viners sauce boat | H is for Home

The company was founded in 1901 by Adolf Viener.

Vintage Viners ladle | H is for Home

Sheffield is the home of British steel manufacturing and Viners grew into the biggest cutlery factory in the city.

group of vintage Viners Mosaic cutlery pieces | H is for Home

Ruben Viner, one of the founder’s sons, became the firm’s driving force, and it really prospered in the 1960s.

This period saw our favourite range of products with wonderful shapes & textures – by designers such as Gerald Benney and Stuart Devlin. Even the packaging looked great!!

vintage Stuart Devlin dish designed for Viners | H is for Home

Their cutlery ranges from this era such as Mosaic, Shape and Sable are now much sought after.

set of vintage Viners Mosaic cutlery | H is for HomeMosaic

set of vintage Viners 'Shape' cutlery | H is forHomeShape

set of vintage Viners 'Sable' cutlery | H is for Home

The stainless steel was sometimes combined with woods such as rosewood and teak…

vintage Viners teak & stainless steel ice bucket | H is for Home vintage Viners teak & stainless steel ice bucket | H is for Home

…as in this fabulous ice bucket…

set of vintage Viners Polynesian teaspoons | H is for Home

…or these Polynesian teaspoons.

The company invested in a modern factory in Sheffield with subsidiaries in Ireland, France and Australia. Unfortunately, this major investment was to be the firm’s undoing. Crippling loan repayments at a time of stiff competition from cheaper, Far Eastern imports saw the family-run business close in 1982.

vintage Viners ice bucket | H is for Home vintage Viners ice bucket | H is for Home

The brand is now owned by US-based Oneida, the world’s largest cutlery company.

vintage Viners Splayds spoons

There are some great vintage pieces out there – have a look at H is for Home’s current vintage Viners items for sale.