Tasty treats from Webbox

Collection of treats from Webbox from their natural and Christmas ranges | H is for Home

When it comes to most things H is for Home, Fudge shows little or no interest in proceedings. However, the arrival of a box of tasty treats from Webbox, meant that he suddenly wanted to get involved!

Fudge enjoying some of his treats from Webbox | H is for Home

We started by asking for his feedback on their premium fresh chicken with garden vegetables. He was too busy eating to talk, but we got the distinct impression that he approved. It’s made from 100% natural ingredients  – easily digestible protein, vegetables, beneficial herbs, mineral rich seaweed and slow-release carbohydrate energy in the form of brown rice – a complete food that provides just about everything required for a well-balanced diet.

Fudge enjoying some of his treats from Webbox | H is for Home

A sample of the little snacks followed. The flavour combinations are very exciting – for example, the healthy treat bars – chicken with pea & blueberries and chicken with duck & cranberry. Something a bit out of the ordinary for our canine cousins. Delicious was the verdict again!

Collection of treats from Webbox from their Christmas range | H is for Home

We’ve held some of Fudge’s hamper back so he has something to enjoy on Christmas Day. He’s got a three bird roast turkey kibble, pork chipolatas and ‘pigs in blanket’ treats too. A glass of wine and he’ll be sorted!

It never ceases to amaze us the speed at which Fudge can demolish a bowl of food. You’d think we starve him, but we can guarantee that’s far from the case. We always get the, “is there any more please?” look. Thanks to Webbox there’ll indeed be more to follow in the coming days!


Gimme Five! Dog food containers

"Gimme Five!" blog post banner

selection of large dog food containers

We’ve been on the look out for a dog food container to decant Fudge’s kibble into. His food comes in a 15kg bag and takes up quite a lot of space, so we want something attractive seeing as it’s going to take up a large space in our larder area. We favour metal over plastic but really like the look and colour of the fibre drum.

  1. Simplehuman pet food bin – £99.99, Occa Home
  2. Dog food storage container – £65, Mungo & Maud
  3. Extra large cream enamel storage bin & scoop – £41, Amazon
  4. 75 litre Fibrelok drum – £18.70, FDL Packaging Group
  5. Clay pet food bin, large – £45.00, Amara Living


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