Price Points: Eco-friendly bedding

Selection of eco-friendly bedding | H is for Home

Following on from last week’s feature on reusable coffee cups, eco-friendly bedding is another responsible way in which you can be mindful of the earth’s natural resources.

Investing in any of the following will make your dreams even more sweet!

    1. Nimbus Pearl Smartdown pillow + duvet: £45 + £129, The Fine Bedding Company
      “Created from responsibly-sourced raw materials, Smartdown pillow and duvet fibres are made from recycled plastic bottles, uniquely spun and blown in such a way that they simulate the handfeel and warmth of natural down. The pillows are wrapped in a soft 280 thread count, sustainably sourced cotton cover and finished by hand in our own Eco-Factory”
    2. High quality white eco-friendly linen duvet cover set with tie closures: from £101.70, Etsy
      “Made of 100% pure eco-friendly linen which is very soft and certificated by OEKO-TEX® and doesn’t contain any harmful substances. Linen fabric is made of European flax grown in Latvia and woven in a local mill”
    3. Camelhair plush blanket: £344, greenfibres
      Un-dyed and untreated, with band used for edging made from wool. 50% camel hair, 50% organic merino wool on an 100% organic cotton floor”

Price Points: King-size bolsters

Three king-size bolsters | H is for Home

I think I may have mentioned in the past that we both do a lot from bed. We write blogs, send emails, eat breakfast, watch television. So we spend much more than the average ⅓ of our lives in bed… that’s a lot of time!

Both the beds we use (we have one in our ‘den’ where we spend most evenings) are king size and both have an annoying habit. They each have a space between the mattress and the headboard through which, when we’re sitting up in bed, the pillows slide down. It’s a constant fight trying to tug the pillow back up through the gap.

I don’t know why we haven’t bought a couple of king-size bolsters – problem solved. They’d be much more comfortable and supportive than pillows when in an upright position anyway! I thought it would be a doddle finding them online. But no, most of the places you’d expect to find them – M&S, BHS, Debenhams, House of Fraser… none of them seem to sell them. I did however, manage to find three places that do have them in stock.

They’re all the same size, but it’s strange that the only one claiming to be orthopaedic is the cheapest – by at least 100%. Are the other two more expensive because you’re paying for ‘luxury’ or a brand name?

  1. RohiLinen orthopaedic king-size bolster: £7.97, Amazon
  2. Luxury 5 ft. bolster Bounce Back hollow fibre filled pillow – king: £16.99, Auravita
  3. Dorma Full Forever bolster pillow, £19.99, Dunelm

Asda Home

'Asda Home' blog post banner

King-sized bed made with linen from Asda Home

One of life’s little pleasures is getting into a bed with freshly laundered sheets. Even better is brand new bedding from top to toe!

New bed linen & bedding from Asda Home

We’ve been meaning to have a complete bedding revamp for a while. Everything was due a change. So this week’s delivery from Asda Home was much anticipated. New duvet, new pillows, new sheets, new duvet cover… bliss!!

Vase of sunflowers and antique mannequin with new bed linen & bedding from Asda Home

We chose memory foam pillows (recommended for side-sleepers like us!), a ‘Feels Like Down’ 10.5 tog king-size duvet, Monochrome Triangles king-size duvet set and grey, cotton rich fitted sheet & pillowcases. They’re all from Asda’s own George Home range. Replacing absolutely everything on our king-size bed came in at £113.75 which is great value.

detail of a king-sized bed made with linen from Asda Home

The duvet set is quite mid century modern in style with contrasting geometric patterns of squares & triangles in shades of yellow, grey & white.

Detail of a sunflower with new bed linen & bedding from Asda Home in the background

It works perfectly in our master bedroom, picking up on other yellow highlights in the space. We love it – and have been sleeping very soundly since the update!


Gimme Five! Pillows

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selection of 5 pillows

I feel like I’ve become a bit of a sleep wellness expert in the last couple of weeks – yes, there is such a thing! What with the post on duvet covers and all the research I’ve done on mattresses. It was this fact-finding mission that led me to realise how important pillows are to a full and restful night’s sleep.

We’ve been putting up with some rather ropey specimens for far too long. They’re lumpy (thanks to a few rounds  in the washing machine), they’ve lost all their bounce and are way past their expiration date. According to The Sleep Council, pillows should be changed every 2-3 years.

A couple of years ago, on a day trip to Huddersfield, we bought six feather pillows cheap from a shop that was having a closing down sale. BIG MISTAKE! The pillows were way too soft – even stacked three high your head just sank. And the non-stop jabs in the face and shoulders by the sharp end of feathers poking through made a bad situation worse. What a false economy – and that shop that was closing down? It’s still open!

Pillows, like a mattress, are worth investing in – and, something which I can personally attest to, you get what you pay for. We’re both side-sleepers who prefer firm, synthetic-filled pillows; so I’ve short-listed suitable examples fitting these criteria  – a selection of the best and highest rated by people that have bought, tried & tested.

  1. Sealy ‘Posturepedic’ cooltech gel pillow: £59.50, Debenhams
  2. Memory microfibre pillows: from £25.60, The White Company
  3. Dorma Tencel blend memory foam traditional pillow: £29.99, Dunelm
  4. Tempur Cloud pillow: £85, John Lewis
  5. The Fine Bedding Company dual support pillow: £36.50, Linen House

Wednesday Wish: Bananas quilt cover

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bananas patterned duvet cover and cushion covers from Kip & Co, Australia
Bananas: quilt cover $209-$229 AUD | pillowcase pair $59 AUD | cushion cover $65 AUD
Feather: quilt cover $209-$229 AUD | pillowcase pair $59 AUD | cushion cover $79 AUD, Kip& Co

We’re suckers for bright, bold-printed bedding and this Bananas quilt cover really knocked us out. It’s from the Kip & Co‘s autumn/winter 2013 Fruit Salad collection. The collection can be mixed, matched and clashed in an explosion of pattern & colour!