Get their look: Vibrant patio garden

Pink vibrant patio gardencredit

This vibrant patio garden may be pink, but don’t think it’s all girlie – there’s a fabulous BBQ installed which would please the most manly of grill masters!

The design makes great use of limited space with numerous spots to sit and separate cooking and dining areas. Again, space is used to the maximum by incorporating the vertical in the planting scheme.

To complete the look, the garden is almost completely white-washed to expand and bounce light around the enclosure. The pink of the seating is picked up in the choice of flowering plants.

  1. Handmade patchwork cushion
  2. Pink floral print cushion cover
  3. The Original Chaise indoor/outdoor beanbag
  4. Gardman Hampton candle lanterns (55cm tall)
  5. Napoleon LE 485 BBQ with side burner
  6. Re-Trouvé outdoor chair by Patricia Urquiola
  7. Re-Trouvé outdoor dining table by Patricia Urquiola

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Home Tones: Hibiscus

Hibiscus pink games roomcredit

Last week, in our Home Tones post, we discovered that my birthday colour is Dry Rose. This week, it’s only fair to talk about Justin’s birthday colour – Hibiscus – which is your colour if you were born on 14th April. If you weren’t born on this day, you can find out what your own colour is in Michele Bernhardt’s book, Colorstrology: What Your Birthday Color Says About You.

Those born on Justin’s birthday are supposed to be, “Determined | Persuasive | Sparkly”. It continues…

Swatch of Pantone's 'Hibiscus'You have a sparkly personality and the room lights up when you are in it. It is important for you to express your ideas with flair and gusto. Staying within the status quo and being average is not for you. Remain detached in regard to material ambitions and you will find that money and financial gain will come more readily to you. Your personal color gives you the staying power to follow through to completion. Wearing, meditating or surrounding yourself with Hibiscus helps you to listen better while improving your timing.

Dressing room with chair upholstered in hibiscus pink fabriccredit

Hibiscus pink, black & white bathroomcredit

Hibiscus pink decorated twin bedroomcredit

Sitting room decorated in hibiscus pink and white with turquoise upholstered armchairscredit

White bathroom with hibiscus pink painted feature wallcredit

White painted four poster bed with hibiscus pink headboard, cushions and blanketcredit

Glossy hibiscus pink and white fitted kitchen cabinetscredit

Home Tones: Coral

Coral feature wall in a passive house retreatcredit

Although natural coral is found in an array of hues, the coral that the colour is named after is red or ‘precious’ coral. It’s on the pink end of the orange spectrum and definitely has to be considered only a highlight colour. A room with wall to wall, floor to ceiling coral would feel really oppressive and overbearing.  The colour is stunning when used on a feature wall, painted furniture and in textiles. It’s often teamed with brilliant white and works really well with teal.

Eclectic lounge with coral coloured armchairs and chandeliercredit

Window seat with coral coloured upholstery and cushionscredit

Coral colourd sofa in front of a midnight blue wallcredit

Coral and teal painted hallwaycredit

Child's nursery with coral painted cot bedcredit

Coral sitting room wallcredit

Home office with coral painted wallscredit

Home Tones: Rose Quartz and Serenity

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Armchairs and cushions in Pantone's 'Serenity' colour of the year 2016credit

In the past week, ‘Rose Quartz’ and ‘Serenity’ have been chosen as the joint Pantone Colours of the Year for 2016. We’ve chosen to highlight various homes that use the two colours. Personally speaking, we’re not keen on using them together – it’s a bit reminiscent of 1980s coach seat upholstery.

They’re colours we think would be used to paint the walls in babies’ rooms – a little uninspiring – pink for girls, blue for boys. We have however found some interiors that use them successfully.

Scandi living room with pink painted mid-century modern chairscredit

Shower cubicle in a Victorian barthroom with Serenity painted wallscredit

Pink painted filing cabinet in a home officecredit

Harvey Jones kitchen with Serenity coloured central islandcredit

Rose-quartz kitchen countertopcredit

Serenity painted bathroomcredit

Rose quartz painted panelled wall with blue bed linen and headboard

Home Tones: Bubblegum pink

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bubblegum pink floor and stairscredit

Pink doesn’t have to be all girly or sickly. Some men can look very smart and sophisticated when they wear pink. The same goes for home interiors.

Team bubblegum pink with bright white, charcoal grey or ‘nearly black’ and the results can be stunning. Or how about contrasting it with tangerine or turquoise for a really tropical, South East Asian feel?

So banish those thoughts that pink may conjure up of Frenchie from Grease, Pepto-Bismol or pink-dyed poodles topiaried to within an inch of their lives!

Bubblegum pink desk chaircredit

Bubblegum pink bathroom shelf surface & backsplashcredit

Bubblegum pink kitchen counter tops, sink and kick boardcredit

Turquoise upholstered sofa with bubblegum pink trim and cushionscredit

Bubble gum pink radiator, toilet brush holder and hand towel on a cloakroomcredit

Bedroom decorated in shades of grey with bubble gum pink rugcredit

Young person's bedroom with bubble gum pink feature wallcredit

Etsy List: Pretty in Pink

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'Pretty in Pink' Etsy List curated by H is for HomeWhen choosing vintage interior items for this Etsy List post, I realised that we don’t actually have anything pink in our own home. I think the last time I had any pink interior highlights was when I was in my teens. My bedroom walls were painted pink… with a purple & grey zig-zag stripe – it was all very 80s!

I love the colour – at least the shades at the shocking, magenta and fuchsia end of the scale; the baby, powder or pastel hues – not so much. Think Elsa Schiaparelli, Penelope Pitstop… even Dame Barbara Cartland!

Are there any colours that you don’t use in your interior?

Pretty in Pink
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