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We’ve been doing lots of potting on in the garden in the past couple of weeks. With all the dividing and repotting of our hostas and astilbies and moving seedlings up a size we’re running out of pots.

We have lots & lots of little pots – the ones that are perfect for planting seeds into. What we’re desperately in need of are a few large terracotta planters for the more mature plants. Ones that are about 2ft/65cm tall and wide.

We prefer our plant pots to be real terracotta – not terracotta-coloured plastic – and we like them with minimal decoration. The three different examples above are the best of what we found on the internet for our needs.

As you can see, there’s quite a range in price. Much as we love the shape and mellow colour of the Apollo (#3), we can’t really afford to splash out on a few of those! The cheapest, from Homebase, will have to suffice – and then let them age & weather naturally outside. They are frost-resistant which is a desirable quality – we’ve lost quite a few terracotta pots over the last few years due to the long cold snaps that can happen here in the Pennines.

  1. Rolled rim antique terracotta plant pot (62cm): £60, Homebase
  2. Ceramic terracotta plain planter (67 x 60cm): £163.99, Amazon
  3. Apollo terracotta planter (65cm x 65cm): £295, Pots and Pithoi

Atomic plant

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Vintage yellow plastic &amp black metal Atomic plant stand

Every home should have its own atomic plant!

Vintage yellow plastic &amp black metal Atomic plant stand

 We picked up this gorgeous vintage plant stand on Monday which has just gone into our webshop.

detailed view of yellow plastic &amp black metal Atomic plant stand

The frame is black metal and it retains its original bright yellow plastic ball feet and liners. Ideal for trailing house plants, a cacti collection or herbs in front of a window.

detailed view of the ball feet on a yellow plastic & black metal Atomic plant stand

The styling is perfect for mid century modern or bohemian vintage looks.