Palaset Treston storage boxes

Vintage Papaset Treston storage boxes | H is for Home

We picked up these fabulous red & white office drawers last week. They’re from the Palaset range designed by Ristomatti Ratia for Treston of Finland in the early 1970s.

Vintage Papaset Treston storage boxes | H is for Home

They come in individual units which slot on top of one another allowing you to customize your own larger system as required. They’re also available in brown, yellow and green colourways. For vinyl junkies out there, the open cubes are the perfect size to accommodate LPs. The modular range was very popular at the time, selling worldwide, but it’s increasingly hard to find these days. We think that there was a later re-launch, but the manufacturer used an inferior plastic and production didn’t last very long.

Vintage Papaset Treston storage boxes | H is for Home

Look out for the early examples. They have real solid weight to them – people often think they’re made of wood when first handled.

Lable on the bottom of a vintage Papaset Treston storage box | H is for Home

In addition to designing office products, Ristomatti Ratia worked on a variety of homewares – fashion accessories too – including spectacles and a best selling shoulder bag. Incidentally, he’s the son of Armi Ratia, née Airaksinen, the founder of Marimekko.

Our Picturehouse Antiques shop space | H is for Home

We’ve put the drawers into shop space number 2. The look of this space changes quite often, but it tends to mix mid century modern design with much older country antiques. It’s certainly quite eclectic at the moment!

Our Picturehouse Antiques shop space | H is for Home

These two stacking units are priced at £195 (ish!) for the pair – ‘collection only’ for these. Drop us a line if you’re interested and would like us to reserve them for you… or, if there’s anything else in the pictures that takes your fancy, we can advise on prices, shipping options if applicable etc.







Etsy List: Plastic Fantastic!

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'Plastic Fantastic' Etsy List curated by H is for Home

Plastic is oft maligned – even we were highlighting the negative side of the material in our post last week about reusable shopping bags. But there are many positives too of course – plastic is an incredible material. It’s versatile, lightweight, comes in an almost unlimited array of colours and can be moulded into any shape. Here are some favourite finds on a trawl through Etsy.

Plastic Fantastic!
Curated by H is for Home

Charity Vintage: Guzzini picnic set

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Orange vintage Guzzini picnic set for sale on eBay for Charity by Kiveton Park & Wales Community Development Trust(ends 12 Apr, 2015 18:42:32 BST)

This Guzzini picnic set (or Pic Boll to give it its proper name) epitomises the 1970s! It’s orange, it’s moulded plastic and it’s a perfect space-saving bit of design. It was designed in 1977 by Carlo Viglino, here’s a great vintage ad from the time. This example is for sale by Kiveton Park & Wales Community Development Trust* with a starting bid of £9.99. They generally sell for between £20 & £30.

*The mission of Kiveton Park & Wales Community Development Trust is to provide the means by which the communities in Wales Parish can play an active part in the regeneration of their neighbourhoods so as to improve facilities, increase opportunities and enhance the quality of life of all residents.

I is for… Ice

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Group of various vintage ice buckets

You’ve got your wine, your beer, your mineral water…
…or if you’re lucky, a bit of fizz.
You’ve got your ice to keep it cool.
Now all you need is something stylish to put it in.
Step forward ICE BUCKET!

Made from all kinds of materials including glass, wood, plastic, stainless steel & silver – with shapes & designs too numerous to mention. Some are big enough to plunge your whole bottle in – like this fantastic, 1960s yellow Cathrineholm number…

Vintage yellow & white Ice-filled Cathrineholm 'Lotus' pattern ice bucket with pair of wine glasses and tea towel

…others hold just enough cubes to keep that G&T at the optimum temperature.

photo of a glass of gin & tonic, vintage wooden ice bucket with tongs on orange vintage blanketVintage teak & stainless steel ice bucket by Viners of Sheffield

Vintage stainless steel & teak Lundtofte ice bucket Vintage yellow plastic Crayonne ice bucket Vintage stainless steel Arne Jacobsen designed Stelton ice bucket
left to right: Lundtofte, Crayonne & Stelton

We always have a few designs in stock, so if your cubes need a good home, check out the selection at H is for Home