Load of old bull!

Vintage Beafeater steak plates by English Ironstone Pottery | H is for Home

We thought that we must have written a post about this range of crockery before. Having looked through our blog archive, it’s had a few mentions, but never a dedicated post. Surely, it deserves one!

Set of 6 vintage Beafeater steak plates by English Ironstone Pottery | H is for Home

This set was featured in yesterday’s Forthcoming Attractions post – and as we commented on there, we love this eccentric, crazy pattern.

Detail from vintage Beafeater steak plate by English Ironstone Pottery | H is for Home

Psychedelic, multi-coloured, stylised bulls – what’s not to like?

Detail from vintage Beafeater steak plate by English Ironstone Pottery | H is for Home

Some of them just about manage a passable bull hide look, but then this guy just goes completely wild with his pink & turquoise daisy splodges. Fabulous!

Backstamp of a vintage Beafeater steak plate by English Ironstone Pottery | H is for Home

As you can see from the base marks, the range is called “Beefeater” and was produced by English Ironstone Pottery Ltd. They date from the early 1970s era. In addition to these oval main course plates, we’ve also come across side plates – and there’s also a more monochrome version of the pattern. They display really well and look great on a long shelf or mounted on a wall.

Forthcoming Attractions: Early March 2016

Collection of vintage collectables | H is for Home

Here’s a selection of this past week’s vintage buys – quite a blast of colour!

Two orange vintage West German fat lava vases | H is for Home

We’ll start off with the West German vases – in gorgeous, vibrant shades of orange. One has the classic bubbling, fat lava glaze and the other a more uniform pattern of impressed marks. We like both styles – and they look great together.

Full set of vintage English Ironstone 'Beefeater' steak plates | H is for Home

Next up, we have a set of psychedelic bull plates – not exactly subtle shades either! We do love this fun and eccentric range of dinner ware.

Vintage red & silver electric Metamec wall clock | H is for Home

This bright red clock is wonderful too – both functional and beautiful. Produced by Metamec in the 1950s/60s it would provide a real flash of vintage style & colour to a kitchen or office wall.

Three vintage metal waste paper bins | H is for Home

We’ve also picked up this trio of waste paper bins. The one with flowers is marked Worcester Ware – a company who produced some fabulous, everyday metalware. They’re perfect for kids bedrooms or nurseries.

Collection of vintage laundry and garden implements including wooden clothes pegs, washboard, watering can and hand fork | H is for Home

Less bright, but no less attractive, is this collection of garden and laundry items. Last week’s Get their look post featured a lovely traditional laundry area. It had a couple of the vintage washboards on the wall which looked great. We’re big fans of painted and galvanised metal, in general – our own garden is full of old dolly tubs, wash baths, florists pots, dustbins and watering cans. They look attractive, weather nicely – and don’t shatter in the frost!

Duckydora dinner party

'Duckydora dinner party' blog post banner

Salad and garlic bread served on Duckydora 'Sienna' tableware with 'Florence' tea towel

We’ve just received some lovely Sienna patterned tableware from duckydora.

Duckydora logo on the underside of a 'Sienna' side plate

It was put straight to use that evening as we were having pasta with some garlic bread and salad. It was absolutely perfect for serving.

Slices of garlic bread served on a Duckydora 'Sienna' plate

This range is pared back, clean and simple with a modern, rustic feel. The bowl & plates are glazed terracotta in a lovely, soft baby blue shade – hand decorated with a repeating raindrop pattern. It’s photographed here with the complementing Florence tea towel which adds pretty stylised flowers to the scene.

'Sienna' salad bowl with 'Florence' teatowel

This Sienna tableware is just one of a range of products available at the duckydora website.


Charity Vintage: Washington Pottery Aquarius fish plates

'Charity Vintage' blog post banner

vintage Washington Pottery Aquarius fish plates for sale by & in support of Sense
(end 4 Dec, 2014 20:35:24 GMT)

Sense currently has listed two lots of these fabulous vintage Aquarius fish plates – this set of three pictured and another set of four. A couple of the plates are duplicates;  so, if you wanted to bid on both lots, of the seven plates you can make a set of four and have two spares.

The going rate for one of these plates is about £12 to £25. This set of three is currently £8 and the set of 4 is £6.99 – so bargains!

They’re a great way to glam up your Friday fish & chips and mushy peas – or should we say sole de Douvres et pomme frites avec purée de pois? 🙂

*Sense is a national charity supporting and campaigning for children and adults who are deafblind. They provide information, advice and services to deafblind people, their families and carers. Their eBay stores aim to maximise the profits from items donated to their charity.

Flower power

Collection of vintage enamelware with flower decoration

Following on from the themes of fish & birds we continue to look at the influence of nature on artists & designers. This week it’s the turn of flowers.

detail from a vintage chopping board

detail from a vintage chopping board

floral fabric detail floral fabric detail

vintage fabrics – pillowcases, curtains, tablecloths etc

floral fabric detail

Initially we were going to combine fruit, flowers & foliage but felt that they each deserved their own space. We’ll return to the other two soon.

vintage pottery bowl with floral decoration Vintage Figgjo Flint egg cup

Wining & dining – everything gets given the floral treatment…

Trio of plates with floral decoration

Mismatched plates look great together.

Vintage soup tureen with floral decoration vintage milk jug with floral decoration

Cups, saucers, bowls, jugs, tureens, egg cups, tea pots, coffee pots etc, etc, etc…

Denby Arabesque design tea pot

Again, we’re using items from our vintage collection predominantly from the 1950s, 60s & 70s. We particularly like the stylised treatment given to flowers during this period. You’re not likely to see any of these flowers in your florists, gardens or hedgerows!

trio of vintage Hornsea pottery with floral decoration

small vintage Hornsea pots

floral decorated lidded pot Small vintage china pot with floral decoration

Vintage ice bucket with floral decoration

Interpretations range from the elaborate – almost psychedelic – to the paired down & simple.

green vintage pottery pin dish pottery pin dish

Vintage pottery egg cup

1960s/70s floral coaster vintage pottery hors d'ouvres dish

We love the way that artists & designers play with scale & perspective.

Vintage pottery plate

Vintage Meakin cup & saucer Vintage Meakin cup & saucer

Some designs became almost geometric…

Vintage cup & saucer

…others were more traditional representations.
The very nature of flowers means that colour is a given and their combinations are limitless. They add a real vibrancy to everyday objects!

vintage painted tin tray

We’ve got loads more gorgeous examples so we may have to do a ‘part II’ some day! Hope you’ve enjoyed the ones we’ve chosen to share.