Price Points: Instant cameras

Instant cameras | H is for Home

It’s the 21st century and almost everyone may have cameras on their smart phones these days, however, there’s still a place for instant cameras.

They’re perfect for events like birthday parties, wedding receptions and stag and hen events. If you’re like Justin – one of those rare people in this day & age who doesn’t have a Facebook account – you won’t be able to see, share and tag images on there with friends and family.

My favourite is the most expensive one (and not the orange or purple one, for a change!). Being a hybrid, you get the best of both worlds. The photos are taken in a square, Instagram-like format and you can preview your shots before you print. Again, like with the Instagram app, you can add effects, create vignettes and adjust the brightness. You can save the last 50 images to print whenever and as often as you like. You can even export and save your snaps to a memory card.

  1. Polaroid instant film camera PIC-300, purple: £71.99, Viking
  2. Leica Sofort instant camera in orange: £224.00, Jessops
  3. FUJI Instax square SQ10 hybrid instant camera: £249.99, Selfridges