Get their look: Dramatic bedroom

Dramatic bedroom with deep purple painted walls with orange & purple geometric painted featurecredit

We’ve chosen a dramatic bedroom space for this week’s Get their look post.

The bold colour scheme and geometric lines immediately grab your attention. They’re attained through both painted wall pattern and furniture form – with an off centre ceiling light adding a further twist.

The hard-edged patterns are softened by flowers, oriental floor rug and very comfortable looking bed with its cushions and woollen throw.

It’s a very interesting and clever design when you take it all in.

  1. Rope lampshade
  2. Blur palette from Dulux Colour forecast 2013
  3. Kartell Componibili circular storage unit, 2-tier, white
  4. Link Easy Chair armchair, by Tom Dixon
  5. Cream waffle throw
  6. Red side table
  7. PERSISK MIX oriental rug, low pile, handmade

Get their look: Dramatic bedroom | H is for Home

Home Tones: Mauve

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mauve living roomcredit

Mauve is French for mallow, an edible plant whose flower the colour is named after. A pinky grey shade of purple, mauve is warm, peaceful colour. Team it in interiors with dark grey, white and other complementary shades on the purple spectrum. It also looks great with various types of wood, both light and dark – beech being particularly successful in rooms we’ve seen.

attic bedroom with mauve painted feature wallcredit

Mauve roll top bath with marching towels and window blindcredit

L-shaped kitchen with mauve Aga and floating shelvescredit

mauve-painted girl's bedroomcredit

mauve bedding in a grey bedroomcredit

mauve-painted feminine bathroomcredit

mauve upholstered bar stools in a black & white open plan kitchencredit

Home Tones: Violet

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violet bathroom sink and cabinetcredit

This week’s Home Tones sings the praises of violet. It’s Adelle’s favourite shade of her favourite colour, purple – just the right balance of red & blue. It looks great against all shades of grey – so in addition to paint and wallpaper, it works well with natural stone, silvery wood, stainless steel, zinc and concrete.

A rich, regal shade – up until the Victorian era, it was so expensive to produce the dye, only royalty were allowed to wear purple clothes.

Pair it with metallics, grass green or brilliant white; canary yellow clashes brilliantly against it… in a good way!

violet velvet sofacredit

violet entrance hall in Scottish castlecredit

Large purple cane light shade and dining chair seatscredit

Glossy purple kitchen cabinet doorscredit

Purple-painted front door with green wreathcredit

Dining room with purple painted wall, lampshades and curtainscredit

Etsy List: Purple Haze

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'Purple Haze' Etsy List curated by H is for Home

Purple Haze
curated by H is for Home

Regular readers would be forgiven for thinking that my favourite colour is orange. We use it so much in our home décor, we sell a lot of orange vintage in our shop and I even wear orange on a regular basis.

Well, in actual fact, my favourite colour is purple – it has been for as long as I can remember! Unfortunately my favourite shade of purple, a deep violet, doesn’t suit my complexion at all so I don’t wear it. We have a few purple items dotted around our shop and we’ve used it as a colour in our home in the past. I don’t exactly know when and why it went; perhaps it’s time for a purple resurgence!

Tuesday Huesday: Obama daughters

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Sasha & Malia Obama at Barak Obama's presidential inauguration

In the days running up to Monday 21 January, when President Obama was being sworn in for a second term, all sartorial talk was about what colour and designer the First Lady would be wearing.

When the family emerged on inauguration morning, all eyes were focussed on Michelle – mine were distracted by the fabulous coat, scarf & glove combos sported by the Obama daughters – they’re growing into such elegant & beautiful young women! Apparently their coats are from Kate Spade and J.Crew.

Tuesday Huesday: Moss Phlox

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pink Moss Phlox growing in Ōzora, Hokkaido, Japan
photo credit: Club Tourism International Inc.

At first glance I thought this was the new Teletubbies set. It’s actually a park in Ōzora, Hokkaido, Japan. The pink is a natural carpet of Moss Phlox (known in Japan as Shiba Sakura) that blossoms every spring. What’s amazing is each flower is no more than 1.5cm across!

It’s a huge tourist attraction and people hold their weddings here too. Apparently though, its scent is very reminiscent of marijuana!