Today is Blog Action Day

Blog Action Day is an annual, nonprofit event that aims to unite the world’s bloggers, podcasters and videocasters, to post about the same issue on the same day. Our aim is to raise awareness and trigger a global discussion.’

This year’s issue is poverty – What can each of us do, without much effort (or leaving our computer), to play our small part helping reduce it?

Visit, a nonprofit organisation that connects people with the charities & causes they care about. The UK equivilant is Charities Direct.

Visit Oxfam’s website and see what campaigns you can join to help end world poverty

If you’re in the USA, register at iGive. When you shop online at over 700 brand name stores, a portion of each purchase will be donated to a charity of your choice! Stores include Barnes & Noble, Gap, Staples and eBay.
In the UK, Everyclick allows you to donate to your favourite UK-based charity when you shop online at retailers such as Boots, M&S, Ebay, John Lewis and Tesco.

Surf the net
Everyclick also allows you to donate just for surfing the net and doing online searches. You can even add Everyclick to the list of search engines on your Firefox Google toolbar.

Have some fun – take part in quizzes!
Vocabulary quiz on the Free Rice website. For each correct answer 20 grains of rice are donated through the UN World Food Program.
Geography quiz on the Free Poverty website. For each correct answer 10 cups of water are donated.
Music quiz on the Save the World with Music website. Each correct answer provides 1 person in the 3rd world with clean water for 1 day.
For a list of other donation quizzes visit the Give for Charity for Free!! website.

To make a start, the easiest thing you can do is forward this blog or the Blog Action Day link to all of your friends!

We have a winner!

Congratulations to Kate Stuparyk of Ottawa- she’s the winner of our quiz. The Skinny laMinx apron & tea towel will shortly be making their way to her. They must be the most well-travelled kitchen textiles in the world – from South Africa to the UK and onwards to Canada!

For the rest of you, here are those answers:

  1. March
  2. Orange
  3. Thursday
  4. Fudge
  5. Grete Prytz Kittelsen
  6. Arabesque
  7. Granny Glittens
  8. Villeroy & Boch
  9. Mary Quant
  10. Fat Lava

Thanks for taking part, we hope you found it fun.

UPDATE: Here’s a photo Kate has sent us showing her modeling her prize!

Q is for… Quiz

Now we’ve got to the letter Q we realise that we should have saved our Jens Quistgaard blog for the ‘Q’ rather than use it up for the easier option of ‘J’. It’s a bit like saving the blank tiles for those special words in a game of Scrabble.

But it’s done now so we’ve decided to do something completely different today- hope you find it fun!

We’ve devised a quiz where you’ll find the answers in some of our previous posts. Like all quizzes, there’s a prize for the first correct submission.

When you’ve found all the answers email them to us at

Here goes then!

In what month did we launch our H is for Home website?

Screenshot of H is for Home website front page

We’ve got a particular soft spot for which colour?

Collection of vintage art glass vases

What day is the flea market on in Todmorden?

Stall at Todmorden flea market

What’s the name of our dog?

Our Weimaraner

Who designed these?

Collection of vintage Cathrineholm 'Lotus' enamelware

What’s the name of this range by Denby Pottery?

vintage Denby pottery coffee set

We’ve got a nickname for the lady that does our knitted items. What is it?

hand crocheted & knitted homewares

Which company produced this?

tall vintage pottery jug with green vertical leaf pattern

Which famous 1960s fashion designer was known to have sourced Welsh wool fabrics for her creations?

selection of vintage Welsh wool tapestry fabric & fashion

What two-word name is commonly given to mid-twentieth century textured West German ceramics?

collection of vintage fat lava vases

So, what’s the prize then? Well, we’ve just received some fantastic kitchen textiles by Skinny laMinx.

a corner of our kitchen

We’re stocking these screen printed aprons and tea towels in various designs & colours.

So we’ll put up for offer this matching cooks apron & tea towel – it’s the Orla pattern and you can choose to have it in this green chartreuse – or sharkskin colour.

Skinny la Mix 'Orla' apron Skinny la Mix 'Orla' tea towel

The prize goes to the first email we receive with all 10 questions answered correctly.

Good luck!!