Robert Carrier cook box

Vintage metal Robert Carrier cook box with apples | H is for Home

We mentioned these Robert Carrier recipe cards in a blog post just the other day – then lo & behold, we come across a set. Isn’t the Op Art tin box great? There’s something very Mary Quant about it.

Vintage metal Robert Carrier cook box with apples | H is for Home

We’d guess that this particular set dates from the early 1970s. Inside the tin are held a large number of cards divided into the various categories. Robert Carrier was a big name in cooking at this time with TV shows and accompanying merchandise. His style was quite theatrical and camp. American by birth, his wealthy parents went bankrupt in the 1930s Depression. They had to dispense with their servants, but maintained their social life by preparing their own elaborate dinner parties. This was no doubt an influence on young Robert – as was his French grandmother who also taught him to cook.

Initially, he trained and toured as an actor, but also began submitting cookery articles to magazines. He got a big break when given a weekly column for the Sunday Times colour supplement. This brought him fame and celebrity which then led to the books, TV shows and restaurants.

Recipe cards from a vintage metal Robert Carrier cook box | H is for Home

These particular recipe cards are very much of their time – the actual dishes, presentation, serving suggestions and so on. They pack a punch on the colour front, that’s for sure. There’s certainly something of the ‘fancy’ 70s dinner party about them. Abigail’s Party springs to mind – sardine stuffed lemons to accompany the Demis Roussos perhaps!

'Sardine stuffed lemons' recipe card from a vintage metal Robert Carrier cook box | H is for Home

We’ll be putting them into our webshop soon, but drop us a line if you want first dibs – £22 for the tin and recipe cards.

‘Preserved Children’ recipe

'Preserved Children' blog post banner

Vintage recipe tin

We usually post recipes on a Thursday, but we’ll make an exception for this one.

Recipe for preserving children from a vintage recipe tin

We added this 1950s recipe tin to the H is for Home shop today. On the inside of the box is this charming “recipe for preserving children”. All very quaint and Famous Five-ish!

Vintage recipe tin with cards and tabs

The tin itself is rather lovely with the utensil & ingredient design. It even has its original cards & dividers. Surely there must be space for a home-made ginger beer recipe, so that we can serve lashings of it to those excited, preserved children frolicking around the meadow on a hot summer day.