Cakes & Bakes: Marzipan refrigerator cookies

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Home-made marzipan refrigerator cookies and mug of tea | via @hisforhome

I had a large lump of marzipan and some chocolate ganache left over from making last week’s petit fours. I HATE throwing food away so I decided to make a batch of marzipan refrigerator cookies.

Marzipan refrigerator cookie dough

It was a quick and easy recipe.

Slicing marzipan refrigerator cookie dough

They can be cooked off in small or larger batches – the dough can live happily in the fridge for a week or so – or freezer more indefinitely.

Cooked marzipan refrigerator cookies cooling on a wire rack

Nothing beats a homemade biscuit – and we loved the sweet, almond flavour of these. If you prefer your cookies to be soft & gooey rather than crisp, lower the heat of the oven to about 150ºC.

Luncheon seed cake
A Victorian slab cake
  1. 225g / ½lb flour
  2. 1tsp baking powder
  3. 85g / 3oz butter
  4. 85g / 3oz caster sugar
  5. ½tsp caraway seeds
  6. 2 eggs
  7. wine glassful of milkLuncheon seed cake ingredients
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  1. Pre-heat the oven to 150ºC/300ºF/Gas mark 2
  2. Grease a 15cm/6-inch loose-based cake tin
  3. Sieve the flour and baking powder
  4. Rub in the butter
  5. Add sugar and caraway seeds
  6. Stir in the eggs and milk
  7. Pour the batter into the greased tin
  8. Bake for about an hour
  9. Remove the cake from the tin and allow to cool on a wire rack
  1. It works well with a scrape of butter and is the perfect accompaniment to an afternoon cup of tea
Adapted from Borwick's Cookery Book
H is for Home Harbinger

Cakes & Bakes: Lemon refrigerator cookies

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stack of lemon refrigerator cookies

We needed a lemon last week for a gnocci dish. We didn’t have any in the house so I popped over to the supermarket quickly to get one. All they had were those string bags containing 4 lemons – they’d run out of the loose ones.

A week later, our fruit bowl still contained 3 lemons – just sitting there – what to do with them? I had a flick through some lemon recipes and saw one for lemon refrigerator cookies. The great thing about refrigerator cookies is that you can bake off just what you need. Say goodbye to stale teatime snacks!

If you fancy them again a few days later, just cut some more slices from the roll – fresh, warm cookies in 15 minutes flat!

Cakes & Bakes: Lemon refrigerator cookies

Yield: Make approximately 72 cookies

Cakes & Bakes: Lemon refrigerator cookies


  • 450g/1lb plain flour, plus extra for dusting
  • 2tsp baking powder
  • 225g/8oz butter, cut into cubes, plus extra for greasing
  • 350g/12oz caster sugar
  • 2 large eggs, lightly beaten
  • finely grated rind of 2 lemons


  1. Sift the flour & baking powder into a large bowl
  2. Add the butter and rub it with your fingertips until the mixture resembles fine breadcrumbs
  3. Stir the sugar and lemon zest into the mixture, add the eggs and combine to form a soft dough
  4. Turn the mixture out on to a lightly floured work surface and divide the dough in half
  5. Shape each piece of dough into a log shape about 3cm/1¼inches in diameter
  6. Wrap each log in baking paper and then in foil and chill in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours or until required (I put one of the logs in the freezer to use at a later date)
  7. Preheat the oven to 190ºC/375ºF/Gas mark 5
  8. Grease a large baking sheet (or a few if you're making a big batch)
  9. Slice the dough into as many 8mm/⅜-inch slices as required
  10. Place the slices on the baking sheet, spaced well apart
  11. Return any remaining dough to the fridge for up to a week
  12. Bake in the preheated oven for 10-15 minutes or until golden brown
  13. Leave on the baking sheet to cool slightly for 2-3 minutes before transferring to cool completely