Price Points: Natural room dividers

Natural room dividers | H is for Home

Room dividers are flexible items of furniture – they can provide privacy, shade from direct sunlight or simply add decorative interest.

Open plan living is many people’s preferred option these days. Dividers are perfect when it comes to creating zones within a room. You might have a comfy seating area, dining table and small office all within one large open space. Dividers give these zones their own identity without cutting them off from the others.

We’ve chosen three room dividers with a relaxed, natural style for this week’s Price Points.

  1. Folding raffia weave wicker privacy panels / room divider: £59.99, Amazon
  2. 179cm x 182cm Vernon 4-panel room divider: £104.99, Wayfair
  3. Vitro folding screen: £3,050.00, Clippings