Get their look: Log cabin-inspired bedroom

Log cabin-inspired bedroomcredit

A log cabin-inspired look won’t suit every interior however, in this new-build in London it looks spot on.

The rustic clap-board wall is a pretty simple job for an enthusiastic DIYer to accomplish in a weekend. All it would take to reproduce is a pallet of reclaimed pine floorboards, hammer & nails, tape measure, spirit level and sharp electric or hand saw. Just look out for hidden electric cables and water pipes when banging in the nails! We love the way the planks continue across the ceiling making you feel enclosed when snuggling up in bed.

The warm wood is picked up in the bed head, bedside tables, armchair and beautiful herringbone parquet flooring. The rustic feel is counterbalanced with industrial type wall, ceiling and table lighting. The huge sliding windows which look out over to mature trees help bring even more of an ‘at one with nature’ feel to the room.

  1. Beat wall light, black by Tom Dixon
  2. Buster + Punch Hooked 1.0 nude pendant ceiling light + small lampshade
  3. Deadstock Catherine table lamp by Castor
  4. Bed frame
  5. Fibreglass plant trough
  6. Natural engineered flooring, oak herringbone
  7. Striped throw, yellow/grey

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3 ways to add a rustic feel to any new home

3 Ways to add a rustic feel to any new home | H is for Home

Rustic home designs are very on trend – they have a relaxing quality and make you feel closer to nature. If you’re trying to create a rustic interior look, then think about natural materials like exposed stone walls, wood and wicker. Also incorporating earthy colour tones like browns, greens, creams, rusts and so on. If you’re looking for a rustic design but you’re a little unsure of where to start, then continue reading to discover tips for adding this feel to your home.

Rustic wooden desk

Add wood

If you have access to wooden pallets, there are many ways that they can be incorporated into rustic home décor. They’re inexpensive and yet have the perfect look and feel required. You can transform wood pallets into bed frames, tables or benches. Or perhaps use them to create a kitchen shelving or wine racks. They can be left rough hewn – or sanded, lime washed and stained whatever colour you like. If you’re looking for an even bigger project, you can attach large expanses of the wooden slats directly to the wall. The resulting clap-board effect will add texture and visual interest to a space.

Rustic wooden rafters and stone wall

Add stone to the interior or exterior

Stone is very adaptable and can be used for many purposes. It’s certainly got rustic appeal. It can be used both inside or outside – in the form of tiles or larger block pieces.

You can use interlocking paving stones for a patio, path or retaining wall. Pavers are extremely durable and come in a variety of finishes – various shades of grey, brown, green, and cream – even yellows and orange. Stone can also be used to create an outdoor barbecues or fire pits. If you’re thinking about adding a kitchen island, consider using stone to make it. It can be built to the exact size and shape required, the stone adding a elemental simplicity to the overall look. Stone kitchen worktops can continue the flow of the material if desired. Or, if you’re looking to add a naturalistic touch to a bathroom, try creating a natural stone feature wall or splashback – or perhaps an archway to frame and accent the bathtub itself.


Rustic interior decorated in natural colours

Natural hues

You can give any room an unfussy, neutral feel by adding earthy tones. Use paint colours like walnut, mustard, and spring green in combination with creams and whites. However, if you don’t want to go as far as painting, simply add some furniture with natural coverings. For example, a wooden chair with brown, rust or Hessian coloured upholstery can add country charm. Accessorise with accent pillows on other furnishings to create a warm, homely feel. Shop at flea-markets and second-hand shops to find a few pieces that add the all important vintage touch to your interior. Rugs can also quickly add a rustic look without making any permanent changes to your home. Seagrass, coir and bamboo matting are also recommended options. The colour and texture are perfect for this look.

Whatever the vision is for your home use the above suggestions to get started on your rustic makeover.


Get their look: Rustic porch

Rustic porch of Firefly holiday cottage in Mawgan Porth, Cornwallcredit

What a glorious place to spend a warm summer’s evening! Gently rocking back and forth with a cold beer or glass of wine, taking in the view and watching the sun go down.

This rustic porch (and indeed the cottage to which it belongs) ticks lots of boxes for us in terms of materials and décor.

We like the combination of natural wood and stone in a building structure – and the introduction of cane, rattan and weathered metal works perfectly with it.

The look is carried through the various connecting spaces – flowers, textiles and furs softening the harder edges.

If you’re equally taken by the idea of spending some time here – well you can! The cottage is situated in Cornwall and available to rent for holidays (dogs allowed too).

Hopefully we’ll be lighting that fire and rocking in those chairs one day soon!

  1. Franco Albini rattan rocking chairs
  2. Franco Albini glass-topped rattan table
  3. Tree branch tea light holders – set of three
  4. Large terracotta plant pot
  5. Storm lamp
  6. Natural woven straw seat cushions

Get their look: Rustic porch | H is for Home

Updating your home style for the winter months

Winter exterior

A new season is upon us and with it comes the challenge of transforming the home. For a season with a reputation for being boring, winter is often viewed as a tricky month to bring into the home. The blues & greys usually associated with winter are cold and uninviting, but it is possible to emulate the warmth and cosiness and sparkle and glamour of winter. Here are two easy to do themes that are guaranteed to bring a touch of winter beauty and character into your home this Christmas without leaving you shivering.

Living room mantlepiece decorated for wintercredit

Winter wonderland

This winter theme is for those looking to inject a touch of class, sophistication and glamour into your home. It’s all about silver colours and sparkle, emulating the sparkle of the frost and the snow and capturing the sparkling beauty of the frosty winter months (not the cold, though!).

  1. The living room

Turn your living room into a winter wonderland by swapping your centre light for a beautiful chandelier. Get some gorgeous sparkly candle holders, light some scented candles and watch the light dance off the crystals. Silver scatter cushions with plenty of sparkles are great for creating a cosy, winter-themed sofa. Instead of bright lights this winter, use candles and lamps to create warmth.

  1. The bedroom

Snuggle into your very own winter wonderland. Swap drab boring furniture for beautiful mirrored furniture. There’s plenty of different styles to choose from – plain glass, or smoky coloured, depending on your style. Swap your bedspread for something glittering and beautiful. You don’t have to stick silvers and greys either; rich purples and royal reds also ooze winter sophistication. There are plenty of places to find bedspreads, including JD Williams.

Winter log cabin

Rustic log cabin

If you’d prefer a more home-made, cosy winter feel, the log-cabin theme is the one for you. It’s all about rustic colours, mismatched furniture, dim lights and rustic fashion.

  1. The living room

Swap heavy lights for lamps and candles to create a cosy, warm, rustic hue this winter. Snuggle up on a sofa that’s covered in comfy scatter cushions. There are plenty available this season in reds, greens and oranges – all with beautiful patchwork patterns or reindeer images. Nature themes are great for this time of year. The more handmade, the better. Drape a patchwork blanket over the sofa, ready to grab and snuggle underneath on those cold nights. Drape some multi-coloured lights across door frames and windowsills to capture the festivities of the season and add some much-needed colour and warmth to what would otherwise be a drab and cold winter.

  1. The bedroom

Carry on the theme of mismatched and rustic style into the bedroom by investing in a patchwork quilt, knitted throw and heavy curtains to block out the cold air. The best colours for the bedroom to instil warmth this season are reds and oranges. Candles and lamps create a beautifully warm and inviting glow. Christmas decorations are usually reserved for downstairs, but a couple of carefully draped strings of fairy lights will set off any bedroom. Swap modern furniture for antique pine to really create the feeling of a log cabin.


Get their Look: Modern rustic living room

Modern rustic living room

Interior decoration is all about achieving balance within a space, something that this modern rustic living room has perfected.

The backdrop of brilliant white walls with bare wood floor, ceiling and rafters act as the foundation of the room. This light coloured wood is picked up again in the handrails, skirting boards, door frame, Ercol nest of tables and log pile.

The Welsh wool tapestry cushions, playful moose throw and Bokhara rug soften the hard surfaces and provides comfort and colour.

The rustic feel is counterbalanced with touches of modernism via the sleek wood-burning stove and orange & stainless steel angled floor lamp.

  1. Westfire Uniq 15 DEFRA approved wood burning stove
  2. Anglepoise type 1228 floor lamp, orange
  3. Richmond armchair, indigo
  4. Scandinavian pure new wool throw
  5. Ercol Originals nest of tables
  6. Melin Tregwynt knot garden cushion
  7. Welsh wool tapestry cushions
  8. Bokhara rug in red

Get their Look: Modern rustic living room | H is for Home

Pick of the Pads: Country Contemporary

'Pick of the Pads' blog post banner

'Country Contemporary' article in the October 2014 issue of Country Living Magazine

We’ve chosen the wonderful Italian home of Marco & Francesca Constanzi for this month’s Pick of the Pads.

cover of the October 2014 issue of Country Living Magazine

It’s featured in the October 2014 edition of Country Living magazine.

stone patio

It’s a renovated lamia, a traditional stone-built building originally constructed to provide shelter for livestock. The couple have a wonderful tale to tell when it comes to finding the property. They were driving through the beautiful countryside of the Puglia region looking for the perfect retreat when they crashed (literally) into a local farmer – well, he crashed into them more accurately. They got chatting (as you do when you crash into someone) and he offered to show them properties that were for sale in the local area – all those hidden gems. Whilst they were looking, they came across the run down lamia – how about that for fate, destiny, divine intervention?

white-washed mezzanine floor

It was the perfect opportunity – a beautiful structure set in a truly idyllic location amongst the olive groves.

white-washed bedroom with star-shaped light fixture abouve the bed

We think you’ll agree that they’ve done a stunning restoration – Marco being an architect helps!! They reduced the thickness of the walls which were originally a metre wide – this provided enough space for one large central room with mezzanine, a bathroom and a kitchen. Obviously, with the climate of southern Italy to enjoy, there’s also the option of lots of al fresco living too.

stone patio

It’s stunning in its pared back simplicity, the beauty & integrity of the building shines through – the muted, natural colours are gorgeous – and the restraint shown by Marco & Francesco is amazing; the spaces being simply decorated with country furniture, vintage rustic finds & foraged keepsakes…

mosaic image with candle-lit rooms

…a few cushions & textiles here and there to soften the hard edges – a simple log fire, candles or fairy lights to warm it up.

rustic wooden kitchen countertop

The renovation has been sensitive to the original building, yet enhanced it – creating something magical. We just love it!! And of course, we’ll be heading off to the Lake District sometime soon to see if we can crash into a local farmer!

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