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Christmas Countdown: Selfridges

Wednesday, December 11th, 2013

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Selection of Christmas items from Selfridges

There’s a branch of Selfridges in Manchester city centre so it’s always a stop off point on our annual Christmas shopping trip to the city. Its food hall in the basement is very good for finding little Christmas Day morsels that you may not treat yourself to the rest of the year. Here’s a selection of other items that took our fancy…

  1. St Nicolas velvet Christmas stocking 60cm: £99
  2. Acqua di Parma Gold Berries candle: £72
  3.  Meri Meri nutcracker themed cracker kit: £21.95
  4. Philippa Craddock Classic door wreath: £175
  5. Adopt a Reindeer gift box: £19.99
  6. Victoria Eggs Christmas dinner mug: £11.95

Christmas Countdown: Selfridges

Thursday, December 6th, 2012

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selection of yellow gift items available from Selfridges

1. gift box | 2. wellies

3. welly socks | 4. satchel

5. candle | 6. notebook

Pantone 109, otherwise known as Selfridges yellow, is one of the most recognisable colours in luxury retail. We’ve assembled half a dozen items – many of them limited edition or exclusive to Selfridges – that would make fabulous Christmas gifts!

Wednesday Wish: Orange bath towel set

Wednesday, March 21st, 2012

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Lexington Original tangerine orange coloured bath towel settangerine orange Habitat Egyptian cotton bath towel set

Lexington Original towels | Habitat Egyptian towels | Ralph Lauren Player towels

Many, many years ago in the London sales, we bought an Yves St Laurent orange bath towel set from Selfridges. They were beautiful, soft & fluffy when we got them; but now, with constant use and laundering, they’ve become a bit faded, thin & threadbare.

We’ve been looking for replacements for a while now – but the ones we’ve been seeing in the shops have all been the wrong shade of orange. You know the hue – a bit salmon or terracotta – not that knockout tangerine that we love.

Now, just like the proverbial buses, we’ve found three shops that have examples that are just right!