Get their look: Yellow-themed kitchen diner show home

Yellow-themed kitchen diner show homecredit

This yellow-themed kitchen diner was presented as a show home at the Grand Designs Live event a few years ago. Its splashes of bright primary colour draws the eye… and probably the visitors who were in attendance.

It was designed to give inspiration to first time buyers. It is furnished with affordable pieces from outlets such as IKEA, a few investment buys from independant designer makers and items that are easy to take with you when you move up the property ladder.

The yellow is paired with shades of grey and white which give balance and a muted background on which to contrast against.

  1. Tress wallpaper in grey by Sian Elin
  2. Hexagon ceramic wall tiles
  3. Kenwood kMix toaster
  4. DeLonghi kMix boutique drip coffee maker
  5. GLO by Bisley SoHo multi-drawer cabinet 10-drawer H590mm (yellow)
  6. IKEA PS 1995 clock, yellow
  7. View Quest Hepburn DAB+ radio & Bluetooth speaker
  8. DOCKSTA table, white
  9. Kylie bar stool by Riley Ave.
  10. Frame coffee table in oak
  11. HAY Kaleido trays
  12. BERNARD chair

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Five show home elements to incorporate into your interior design

'Five show home elements to incorporate into your interior design' blog post banner

sitting room with sideboard and parquet floor


Have you ever looked around a show home and thought, “Wow, this place looks totally stunning!”? If you’ve taken the time to visit a show home before, there’s a pretty good chance you would have said or thought something right along these lines. That is because developers and property managers put a lot of effort into the perfect presentation of their show homes; after all, these are the properties that will encourage people to move into another one on the development. There are plenty of techniques that developers use to get the best out of their show homes. In fact, there are companies such as Emblem Furniture ( who provide staging and furniture hire services to those who are in the trade. Of course, as a home-owner you want to make your home look great whilst still being functional. Therefore, it’s a good compromise to borrow some home show elements, without going the whole hog. Here are five suggestions that could be right up your street:

kitchen sink with industrial-type pull out spray tap

New appliances

When did you last update your kitchen and utility room appliances? Dishwashers, washing machines and fridge freezers can last a fair number of years, but it’s always worthwhile checking out what’s new on the market. This is because appliances can become outdated in terms of energy efficiency and features – it may surprise you, but a new appliance could actually cost you less in the long term. Not only that, but companies are always finding ways to present appliances in a more attractive way, really adding to the look of your home.

orange feature wall in our kitchen

Subtle colour themes

Another thing that show homes usually do well is colour. Whether this is in the walls, floors or furniture, show homes draw in your eye without making you flinch. You could consider incorporating some of these subtle colour themes into your own home such as using calming greens in the kitchen, or warmer colours in the living room. If you’re slightly afraid of colour, you could try starting with a feature wall to introduce yourself to the idea.

large, colourful painting in our sitting room

Feature decorations

Speaking of features, it isn’t just the walls that can make an impact. You can also look to decorations such as clocks and artwork to do the work for you. If your walls are currently a bit bare and barren, this could be a really good technique to bring some character and life into your rooms. Mirrors with interesting frames can also be another great option.

sitting room with chrome coffee table with shiny black glass top

Shiny materials

You can also use other shiny materials aside from mirrors to achieve a high-end finish in your home. Glass is a popular option if you want to create a feeling of spaciousness, and glossy cabinets are perfect for your upgraded kitchen. It’s well worth having a look around warehouses and showrooms in search of inspiration.

kitchen-diner with strips of inset ceiling spotlights

Bold lighting

Finally, check out what lighting options are available to you. If you haven’t been to the hardware store in some time, now might be the perfect opportunity. Show homes often use spotlights to good effect, and will regularly have a statement light fixture in the entrance hall or living area. Borrow these concepts to pull off your own brilliant show home feel.