Sleep tight with the S+ by ResMed

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Three of my all time favourite things are wrapped up into one with the S+ by ResMed – tech, stats… and sleeping!

Boxed S+ by ResMed | H is for Home

I was sent a sample to review and another to give away to one of our readers. As you may have seen in a previous post recently, I’m really interested in tracking my fitness levels and the quality of my sleep. I’m up for trying out any gadget that can help on either or both of those fronts.

Unboxed S+ by ResMed | H is for Home

As ResMed explains:

The S+ measures movements using ultra low power radio waves (less than 110 of Bluetooth®). The basic principle is similar to the echo location system used by bats to hunt insects. The S+ transmits a short pulse of radio waves at 10.5 GHz and then listens for the echo of the pulse. As you move, the phase of the echo changes and is converted into a signal that reflects your movement.

S+ by ResMed set up at my bedside | H is for Home

It may be ultra high tech, but was very easy to set up. Firstly, I plugged in the device, then downloaded the app to both my iPhone and iPad, I then linked them to the S+ by ResMed via Bluetooth. The app asked a few questions… height, weight, do I sleep on my back, front or side; do I sleep with a partner or pet; the size of the bed; type of mattress and pillows etc. I registered on the S+ website and then went through a dry run whilst lying on the bed in the dark. Just look at the difference between my breathing patterns on left and right!

S+ app monitor | H is for Home

The app works continuously throughout the night to record breathing and movement to analyse the night’s sleep.

S+ app showing my sleep history | H is for Home

Not only does it show all the different stages of sleep (and any disruptions) it reports – every 20 minutes – on the temperature, light level and any noise in the room. It also works out how much body & mind have been recharged overnight.

My nightly sleep details via the S+ app | H is for Home

It scores a night’s sleep out of 100 and shows where ‘points’ have been lost. On the night in question, it took me a long time to fall asleep, I had a coughing fit and I also had a mild case of restless legs which really didn’t help. I just didn’t get enough REM or deep sleep.

My sleep score | H is for Home

Each night before setting the app, it asks questions such as how many caffeinated or alcoholic drinks had been consumed during the day. As you can tell from the scores on the following night, my sleep improved by 7%. Was it due to the couple of glasses of wine I consumed? Perhaps it was because the dog didn’t wake up, circle around and reposition himself, crashing into the side of the bed as he does most nights.

My sleep history recorded by the S+ by ResMed device

I’ve been using the monitor for less than a week so far, but I’m already totally hooked. I knew that for years I’ve been waking up each morning feeling exhausted, but not recalling the disruptions in sleep that have clearly been happening. The S+ mentor gives pointers as to how to up your score and, in so doing, improve your sleep.

The S+ Mentor

ResMed is offering an S+ sleep monitoring system to one of our readers. Just leave a comment telling us what keeps you awake at night.

S+ sleep tracking system by ResMed

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Price Points: Fitness and activity trackers

Fitness and activity trackers

I’ve mentioned before that due to arthritic hips, Fudge can no longer walk as far as he once could. From around Christmas, our daily walks have been much shorter, and mainly along the flat terrain of Rochdale Canal. Since then, I’ve been noticing my fitness levels are slowly going down and my weight slowly going up.

Luckily, I’ve never had to watch what I eat – I love to eat! But I think the time has come that I either need to watch my portion control or do some extra exercise… or probably both!

I’ve started looking into fitness and activity trackers – I’ve no idea if I’m getting my recommended 10,000 steps per day. I do know that I spend quite a lot of the time that I’m not out walking the dog sitting on my behind with the MacBook on my lap.

I need to start setting myself some targets – but I need to know what my baseline is. We live in a 3-storey house and I know I’m up & down the stairs quite a lot but how many calories am I actually expending? I’ve no idea!

There are quite a few different fitness and activity trackers on the market and I’ve whittled my choice down to a short-list of three. Though most of them have no end of bells & whistles, there are a few features that I’d insist on having. I don’t necessarily need a watch or alarm – I have other devices that serve that purpose. I don’t want to know about how many calories I’m consuming, even if I should! I tend to graze during the day rather than having 3 square meals, I spend my entire day inputting food & drink data into tracker.

What I do want is one that has a decent battery life – I don’t want yet another thing that constantly needs charging (I’m talking about you iPhone!). I’d like it to track my sleep – sometimes I think my sleep isn’t as good as it should be – I often wake up exhausted after a full 8 or 9 hours. I want to know all about my movements – it has to track my steps, the distance travelled, heart rate (resting & active), calories burned… and how much of the day I spend sitting down.

They all come in different colours but I prefer plain black, I wouldn’t want it clashing with my clothes 🙂 The Jawbone UP3 would be my 1st choice. It does everything I need and I think it’s the most attractive of the trio. I’ve made a little chart below including each of their features.

  1. Withings Pulse Ox: £59.99, Currys
  2. Jawbone UP3 heart rate activity and sleep tracker – Black Twist: £61.41, Amazon
  3. Fitbit Charge HR wireless heart rate, activity and sleep tracking wristband, black: £99.95, John Lewis
 FEATUREPulse OxJawbone UP3Fitbit Charge
Watchgreen tick in a boxred cross in a boxgreen tick in a box
Battery life
2 weeks
up to 7 days
7-10 days
 Sleep trackinggreen tick in a boxgreen tick in a boxgreen tick in a box
 Stepsgreen tick in a boxgreen tick in a boxgreen tick in a box
 Distancegreen tick in a boxgreen tick in a boxgreen tick in a box
 Idle timered cross in a boxgreen tick in a boxgreen tick in a box
 Heart rategreen tick in a boxgreen tick in a boxred cross in a box
 Caloriesgreen tick in a boxgreen tick in a boxgreen tick in a box
 Alarmred cross in a boxgreen tick in a boxgreen tick in a box