Price Points: Deep fat fryers

Selection of 3 deep fat fryers | H is for Home

We spent a lovely weekend with friends in Windermere at the weekend. When it comes to this wonderful corner of the country there are lots of attractions – walking, climbing, cycling, breathtaking views, country pubs…and of course, the large Lakeland store!

We had an hour’s mooch as we drove in. The store is full of useful things – some you knew you needed before entering the store – others that suddenly seem essential as you wander round. They always have a good selection of  kitchen appliances on display, and we got to mulling over the deep fat fryers. Our last one gave up the ghost a few years ago and we never replaced it. We used to use it for tempura, fried Camembert, crispy onion rings – and of course, delicious home-made chips.

There are all manner of fryers on the market – electric and stove top options – with various oil reduction, cleaning & filter systems. We’ve chosen three at various price points. What’s the first thing we’ll make when we get ours? Will it be the spicy vegetable tempura? Maybe… but probably not – the chips will no doubt win the day. We can almost smell the salt & vinegar!

  1. LOGIK L30PFS12 professional deep fryer – stainless steel: £19.99, Currys
  2. Premier Housewares enamel deep fryer – black: £32.99, Argos
  3. Sage™ The Smart Fryer™: £117.00, Lakeland

Price Points: Coffee machines

Three coffee machines to suit all budgets | H is for Home

Coffee is our morning brew of choice – double shot, flat white for both of us (soya milk, no sugar, for me – cows milk, sugar for Justin). I must confess, our first mugs of the day are usually instant (the horror!). Fiddling about with coffee machines when you’re only half awake is frustrating.

When I win the lottery (once I start buying a ticket!) I’ll travel ’round the world… and buy a top of the range Jura Bean-to-Cup. It’s the height of luxury having a coffee machine that you can control remotely from your phone. Pre-program your preferences into its memory and, at the touch of a button, it can grind and brew you your perfect cuppa… just to reiterate – that’s a double shot, flat white with soya milk, no sugar, if you’re asking!

  1. Dualit Multi Brew 84440 espresso coffee machine – chrome: £199,
  2. Sage Barista Express coffee machine – stainless steel: £ 599.95
  3. Jura E8 Bean-to-Cup automatic coffee machine: £1,195.00, John Lewis