Price Points: Cold smoke generators

Cold smoke generators | H is for Home

A couple of weeks ago, we watched an ex-fireman show Nadiya Hussain how to easily and cheaply home-smoke food. All you need is one of these cold smoke generators and a cardboard box. I immediately thought I’d like to try my hand at it so investigated online how to get started.

The process of cold smoking is done without the need for actually cooking the food. This means it’s ideal not only for meats and fish but also – if you’re vegetarian like me – tofu, cheese, eggs, nuts and vegetables. Smoked almonds and garlic are amongst my favourite smoked foods.

There are lots of YouTube tutorials for making a cold smoker out of a cardboard box. However, if you’re not confident, ready-made ones are available from Hot Smoked. A variety of sustainable wood dusts are available to try when cold smoking such as alder, apple, beech, cherry, hickory, maple, oak and whiskey oak.

  1. 6”/12” stainless steel round pellet tube: from £6.59, eBay
  2. Jaeger Sparbrand stainless steel cold smoke generator: £24.46, Amazon
  3. Pro Q cold smoke generator by Hot Smoked: £34, Notonthehighstreet