Price Points: Heated throws

Selection of heated throws | H is for Home

In an earlier Price Points post we compared a trio of electric blankets. Sometimes you want warming up before you actually go to bed. This is where heated throws come into the spotlight.

Working from home like we do, I spend hours at a time sitting at a computer. In the colder months, instead of turning the heating on to warm up the entire house, or going to the lengths of getting the wood-burner started, simply clicking on a throw is a better option. Not only does it get you warm quicker, it’s cheap to run – one model claims to cost as little as a penny a day.

The three that we’ve short-listed are all around the same dimensions – double bed blanket size. They’re also all machined washable (essential if you’re a snacker and tip tea down yourself like I do!). All these heated throws look as though they’d do a decent job of keeping you warm. However, I think the faux Alaskan husky example would be so snuggly and soft – like curling up with a real husky… without any of the doggy smell!

  1. Luxurious monogram heated electric throw/overblanket, large size, 180cm x 130cm: £34.99, eBay
  2. Homefront electric heated throw / over blanket in chocolate (160 x 120cm) easy to use digital control – machine washable – ultra soft, cosy finish: £44.95, Amazon
  3. Dreamland Relaxwell deluxe faux fur heated throw, Alaskan husky: £99.99, John Lewis

Cushti number!

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'Newport' sofa from sofasofa

Happy October, ’tis the season approaching to hole up indoors! The weather’s getting chilly, the nights are drawing in… all we want to do is light the fire, eat hearty meals, curl up on the sofa and take it easy.

'Florence' sofa from sofasofa

Who wants to go out when all the good (and some of the bad!) stuff is back on the box? Strictly Come Dancing, The X Factor, Doctor Who, Downton Abbey, the Rugby World Cup – something for everyone.

'Montana' sofa from sofasofa

Lucky for you sofasofa is here to help you in your mission to lounge! They’re offering one of our readers £50 to spend on some comfy cushions of your choice. Pop across to their website and have a look at their range and come back and comment below telling us the one(s) you’d like. Get extra entries by following us & them on social media. Good luck!

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How to create hotel luxury in your home

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Mitre Linen bedding in shades of gold and claret

A little luxury can go a long way in driving a hotel business forward. At a time when reviews and recommendations have become so important to a successful company, ensuring a certain degree of luxury is essential in letting guest’s know that the establishment cares about their stay. Luxury does not necessarily imply expense, but just a little bit of extra effort can go a long way in creating good results, and this can be achieved at home as well as at hotels without the need to overspend. Here we’ll take a look at some affordable ways that you can add the luxurious aesthetic of a hotel room to the guest rooms inside your own home.

Mitre Linen bedding in red and gold

Firstly, change an uninspired setting

So what exactly is it about more generic hotel rooms that make them so generic? Well, more often than not they come with a certain starkness resulting from a lack of personal touch as there lack a design that will make them feel unique while representing the hotel’s identity. In reality it doesn’t take much to make some effective changes, but if you are struggling to get started choose an existing design pattern that you admire and then expand upon it with ideas of your own.

Mitre Linen bamboo towels

Towels are the secret luxury weapon

Towels are actually a good place to start, because they’re often the first and last thing a guest will touch in the room and perhaps more than anything else, towels communicate a physical level of comfort. Towels are an essential element of luxury, and consequently it’s best not to make any compromises here. The comfort on offer is sometimes sadly signalled by a hard, lonely towel in bleached white. A range of beautiful towels made from high quality material will give your home a distinguished appeal that your guests take notice of. Towels should also be consistently replaced with high quality material and there should always be more than enough provided. Towels also offer an opportunity to compliment the decor of your home, thereby creating an identity within your guest room that your guests will remember and separate their experience from previous stays in uninspired hotel rooms.

Mitre Linen green spotty duvet set

Brighten your room with linen

Linen that feels fresh and looks seasonal is another great way to offer a subtle hint of luxury. This is created through colour themes that help bring the room together by mixing and matching to correspond with a specific design palette that can develop a theme across the décor of the room. This is enhanced by the room’s soft furnishings, which include curtains, cushions and bed runners that work together to achieve a sense of luxury through a loving design that clearly shows deep consideration has been given to the guest’s well-being. A specialist hotel bedding supplier can help to create this effect; particularly when it comes to deciding which colours are best for the design.

Mitre Linen natural duvet

Find luxury in the little details

It’s often the little things that add up to luxury, so who not have a choice of duvets with different tog ratings to allow guests to choose how warm they want to feel. These may sound like trivial details, but they add up to a level of guest room that truly captures the tone and feel of a hotel experience, after all, your home should be somewhere that your guests want to stay. Once you perfect the little details of your guest room you’ll soon have guests dropping by on a regular basis.

Visit today to choose from a range of beautiful linen products ideal for your home.

Happy decorating!


Made to Match

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Lois cushion in orange plaid from | H is for Home

We bought two gorgeous vintage leather club chairs recently. They were looking a bit tired, but have cleaned up beautifully. We polished the leather, recovered the old seat pads in Hessian sacking – and have now found the perfect cushion just to complete the look.

Lois scatter cushion in orange plaid from MADE.COM on a vintage leather club chair

We received this Lois cushion in orange plaid from this week. The overall red/orange appearance works perfectly with the rich chestnut brown leather, whilst the subtle touches of green & blue in the tartan pick up on the lettering in the Hessian sacking.

detail of a Lois scatter cushion in orange plaid from on a vintage leather club chair

The fabric is very good quality and we’re also happy with the finishing in terms of stitching, zips etc. The cushion combines tradition with modernity which is just what we were after. We’ve put one of the chairs next to the window (and bookshelf) in our main bedroom. The perfect spot for a quiet – and now very comfortable read.


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